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Are Aldo Shoes Good? Key Benefits And Features

Aldo Shoes Review

It is impossible for there to exist a shoe brand that is ‘flawless’. After all, we human beings are not perfect. When you look up Aldo shoe reviews online, you will find a lot of mixed opinions.

There are some customers who praise the shoes for their impressive style and design. Other reviews are quite discouraging and touch on how uncomfortable Aldo shoes are.

To anyone interested in getting a pair from Aldo, you may be confused about which course of action you should take. And that’s where this review comes in.

Below, I am going to lay out the good, the bad, and the ugly about Aldo shoes and the brand itself. For those who are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the whole review, here is what you need to know about Aldo.

This brand makes the most affordable niche shoes. That is, the kind of shoes you wear occasionally.

Their shoe designs are quite good, even though there have been claims that they copy styles from popular brands. They don’t last that long and the level of comfort their shoes offer is average.

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What is Aldo?

This is a popular footwear and accessories brand that was founded in 1972 in Montreal. The Aldo brand is popular for its affordable prices and stylish shoe designs. It is the go-to brand for anyone who is interested in getting a pair of nice shoes but is on a budget.

As you browse through their footwear catalog, you will realize that Aldo has an eye for style and modern trends. Most of their footwear is fashionable and they have a wide variety of shoes to choose from.

It’s also worth mentioning that Aldo also makes accessories for women and men. You can also get belts and bags from this brand.

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Do They Use Real Leather in Manufacturing Footwear?

For centuries leather has been a key feature when it comes to identifying quality shoes. The reason being, leather is strong and will ensure your shoes are durable.

In their early years of operation, Aldo used faux leather when making footwear. However, as the market changed, in 2010, Aldo introduced the use of real leather in their production.
This brand uses high-quality leather that has been treated and dried for an extended period. At Aldo, you can get shoes made from both real and fake leather.

Of course, the latter is cheaper but it won’t last long. So you need to be aware of this factor before making a purchase.

While we are still talking about leather, you should be able to differentiate between fake and original leather. Original leather will always have some slight imperfections when you run your fingers on it.

Fake leather is designed to look perfect and there is no such thing. Real leather also has a musty natural smell which is quite different from synthetic leather.

Being able to distinguish between the two is crucial when shopping for footwear.

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Do Their Shoes Run True to Size?

On their website, you will find Aldo’s shoe size chart. On that chart, you will realize that the company adheres to the foot size measurements in various countries.

Because of this, Aldo manufactures footwear as per these measurements to ensure they run true to size.

So, irrespective of where you are making your purchase from, make sure you pick the size depending on the country’s measurements.

Word on the internet is that Aldo shoes run smaller. I always advise my readers to go ½ a size bigger.

They mostly use European sizing and if you are not from this area, you should use the chart to convert it into the size for your particular country.

Bear in mind that these shoes aren’t made for wide feet. So, for those with wide feet, you may want to go a size bigger.

Be as it may, Aldo has a favorable return policy and will refund or exchange footwear within 60 days after purchase.

Remember, their policy strictly says that the shoes shouldn’t be washed or worn when being returned. Breaching this policy might lead to disqualification of your refund or exchange.

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What about Comfort?

For a shoe brand that has been in existence for nearly 50 years, Aldo has done a commendable job at keeping up with the latest footwear fashion trends.

At the same time, they have really struggled in ensuring their shoes are comfortable enough for you to engage in light walking.

Aldo shoes feature a considerable amount of padding to ensure your feet remain comfy when you have their shoes on.

However, from what I have gathered is that some of their shoes offer more comfort than others. For instance, their moccasins and flip flops are way comfier than their boots and heels.

Well, I have never really come across heels that are super comfortable because of the shoe’s design. And with boots, especially if they are made of leather, you have to break them in before they conform to the shape of their feet.

Even though Aldo doesn’t invest much in high-quality materials, their shoes are averagely comfortable. And you can wear them to the office, beach or evening party.

But, hey for the price you pay for Aldo shoes, the level of comfort offered is substantial. You should know that Aldo shoes are quite breathable.

So, they are perfect for hot weather and people who get sweaty feet. You also get heel support when you buy their moccasins, boots, and sports shoes.

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Are Aldo Shoes Budget-Friendly?

Other than having the most fashionable designs on stock, Aldo doesn’t put a high price tag on its footwear. Their shoes are both stylish and affordable.

Being the kind of shoe that doesn’t leave a dent in your bank account, this means that you can get as many designs or shoes that you may want.

They also offer regular discounts and you can take advantage of that to save some extra cash and also get your hands on some of the latest designs from Aldo.

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How Long Do Their Shoes Last?

Ideally, a good shoe should last you for a couple of years. And because of that, when determining if this is a good shoe brand, we must evaluate the lifespan of their shoes.

According to statistics, Aldo shoes can last for 2 to three years, if worn regularly. However, if worn occasionally, they can last for much longer than that.

They may not be the most durable, but according to their price tag, they will offer you value for your money. Of course, you have to take care of your Aldo’s if you want them to live longer.

This includes regular washing, waxing, and polishing. You also need to be careful about how you handle shoes from this brand.

Not unless the manufacturer says so, Aldo shoes shouldn’t be subjected to harsh conditions such as water or snow. Also, these are not the kind of shoes you should go hiking with.

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The Team Behind Aldo

Now that we know a great deal about their shoes, we should also look into the brand in general and the team behind the scenes.

This is very crucial because it is this team that is responsible for the brand’s shoemaking process. And if they are talented and experienced, then their shoes would definitely be great.

For starters, Aldo, the name of the brand is an Italian word meaning old and wise. Looking at when this company was founded we can see that it is true, they are wise and old.

For the decades that they have been in the shoemaking game, most of Aldo’s footwear is manufactured in China.

This is a move that we have seen in most footwear companies because of its cost-effective advantages. The company also makes its shoes in Italy, Europe, and Brazil.

Despite being a brand of Canadian origin, Aldo has chain stores worldwide. They have many manufacturing centers because their shoes are in high demand. The brand is named after its founder Aldo Bensadoun.

And even though it can’t be defined as a luxury brand, Aldo has made a mark in the fashion world. Because of their footwear impressive design and styles, Aldo shoes are highly sought after by both men and women.

Not to mention, the company is dedicated to bettering society in terms of responsibility and fashion.

Aldo is a popular footwear company that is into fast fashion. This refers to the designing and manufacture of trendy high volumes of clothing/footwear and selling them at affordable rates.

Let’s face it, we all want to look good and don’t want to run our bank accounts dry. Its companies like Aldo that bring us inexpensive styles.

Through the efforts of the company’s CEO David Bensaduon who is the eldest son, the company has devised better manufacturing and marketing strategies that ensure their clients get the best.

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Aldo – Bringing You Stylish Footwear at Affordable Prices

Aldo Shoes is a good shoe brand. Not only do their footwear meet current fashion trends but they are quite affordable. This shoemaking company offers a wide range of shoe designs and styles for men and women. They also cater to people of all ages.

Final Words

We know all the nitty-gritty about this brand. Starting from its origination, its products, customer reviews, discounts and promo codes, delivery system, and customer care services.

So, is ALDO a good brand? After taking a look and researching everything, we have concluded that it is indeed a good brand. You can shop for yourself as much as you want and you will not be disappointed with the things you buy.

Image Source: Aldo shoes website and their Facebook page


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