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CB2 Review

CB2 serves as Crate & Barrel’s budget-friendly furniture and home brand, primarily emphasizing its online presence. Boasting 19 store locations, CB2 offers products that are frequently more cost-effective compared to Crate & Barrel. Despite the affordability, CB2 maintains contemporary and updated styles that complement modern living spaces. While many customers express satisfaction with CB2’s product range, there have been occasional concerns related to durability and delivery.

CB2 Specifics

CB2 stands out with its vibrant and modern furniture collection, making the shopping experience enjoyable for those seeking unique pieces to enhance any room’s appeal. Positioned as a younger and trendier counterpart to Crate & Barrel, CB2 offers chic designs at more moderate prices.

Customers find inspiration in CB2’s catalog, drawn to the fresh styling that sets the brand apart. However, there have been reports of challenges with delivery, and opinions on the durability of CB2’s products vary, contributing to mixed reviews in this regard.

Material Quality

CB2 is recognized as a more budget-friendly alternative to Crate & Barrel, although some customers note that prices may not be lower than certain budget alternatives. Overall, customers express satisfaction with the diverse array of distinctive designs offered by CB2. However, there are occasional reports of durability concerns over time and occasional issues with order fulfillment.

CB2’s Top Picks

Regarding the items that generate enthusiasm among CB2’s shoppers, certain products consistently stand out. We’ll explore some of their frequently searched and popular items below.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

CB2 provides a diverse selection of sectionals and sofas that align with their contemporary design ethos. These pieces are available in various sizes and predominantly feature neutral color choices. In terms of cost, some customers have noted that the furniture can be relatively expensive, while others accustomed to Crate & Barrel’s higher pricing find CB2’s rates more budget-friendly. However, certain shoppers have faced challenges with delayed deliveries, including replacement orders for in-stock items, and instances of missing hardware. Additionally, there are reports of durability issues with specific sofa and sectional models.

  • Pros: Attractive styles and suitable options for a range of living spaces.
  • Cons: Delivery delays experienced by some customers. Concerns raised about the longevity of certain couch models.

#2 Rugs

CB2 offers a diverse range of over 200 rugs, spanning from compact doormats and runners to expansive area rugs. These rugs showcase a variety of designs, including solid colors, subtle prints, and bold geometric or abstract patterns with vibrant hues. Prices for CB2 rugs range from $20 for smaller options to $2,000 and above for larger pieces. While customers generally express satisfaction with the attractive design choices, there is occasional feedback about certain rugs not being deemed pet-proof and some concerns regarding perceived quality relative to their price.

  • Pros: Extensive selection of appealing designs.
  • Cons: Some durability concerns raised by customers.

#3 Lighting

CB2 presents a diverse selection of over 150 lighting options, catering to shoppers in search of contemporary fixtures or lamps to illuminate their spaces. Featuring distinctively modern and unique designs, the collection includes table and floor lamps, pendant lights, flush mounts, wall sconces, and even light bulbs and switch plates to complement various preferences. While customers appreciate the stylish and modern designs of CB2’s lighting offerings, some have noted concerns related to construction and perceived quality.

  • Pros: Modern and stylish lamp designs, diverse lighting options.
  • Cons: Occasional concerns about the perceived quality of certain lighting pieces.

#4 Dining Furniture

CB2 attracts considerable attention from shoppers seeking dining tables and chairs, offering around 100 options for each category. The dining furniture exudes a modern aesthetic characterized by clean lines. CB2’s dining tables, priced between $180 and $3,500+, come in various materials such as wood, marble, concrete, glass, and metals. While customers generally appreciate the pricier dining tables, concerns regarding durability have been voiced for some of the more moderately priced options. CB2’s dining chairs, ranging from $90 to $900, boast unique designs that complement their dining table counterparts. While customers express admiration for the aesthetic appeal of the chairs, some note issues with stability or comfort for certain models.

  • Pros: Artfully designed, modern dining furniture.
  • Cons: Durability concerns mentioned by some shoppers for both dining tables and chairs.

#5 Beds & Bedroom Sets

CB2’s beds, along with matching nightstands, dressers, and wardrobes, are among the top choices for shoppers. Starting at $100 for a basic metal bed frame and extending to $2,000+ for sleek leather beds, CB2’s bed collection is well-received for its clean and modern design. However, some customers have reported issues with squeaky beds or durability concerns. As for nightstands, dressers, and wardrobes, CB2 customers generally express satisfaction with the aesthetic appeal of these pieces, appreciating the cohesive look they bring to bedroom design. Nonetheless, some customers have mentioned challenges with assembly.

  • Pros: Clean lines and stylish beds and bedroom sets.
  • Cons: Some customers mentioned issues with assembly.

More From CB2’s 2023 Catalog

In addition to the aforementioned top categories, CB2 provides an extensive range of other home products, including:

– Decor & Mirrors

– Coffee Tables

– Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

– Pillows & Throws

– Kitchen & Dining

– Bedding & Bath

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, CB2 offers a diverse selection of modern and stylish furniture and home decor, catering to those who appreciate contemporary designs. With a variety of products spanning categories like furniture, lighting, rugs, and more, CB2 has become known for its unique aesthetic. While customers generally express satisfaction with the stylish designs, some have reported concerns about durability, delivery delays, and perceived quality. The pricing, although considered moderate compared to high-end alternatives, may be on the higher side for budget-conscious shoppers. Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to carefully review customer feedback, product descriptions, and the return policy to ensure a satisfying shopping experience.


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