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Compra Certa Review

About the Right Purchase

The Compra Certa club is an exclusive shopping platform for subscribers. To register, you must be invited, by a friend, or by some company. Stay with me that in this review I will tell you if Compra Certa is reliable .

But calm down, if you don’t know someone who can refer you, it’s still possible to buy for the right purchase . However, to register without an invitation, you must pay a fee with a symbolic value of two reais.

Even with the registration done, if you were not invited, it is possible that you will pay fees at the time of finalizing your purchase, which can end up being disadvantageous for you, even more depending on your payment method.

At Compra Certa there are numerous forms of payment; credit cards, boleto, picpay, installments in up to 12 installments, but what really draws buyers’ attention is the discount for cash payments.

In addition to the consumer being able to buy directly from the Compra Certa website, the site is also dedicated to corporate sales, that is, companies buy a lot there.

Despite not being so well known, the purchase club is reliable and safe to make your purchases. In the past, the club was called Brastemp Utilities, however, with the arrival of other brands this changed.

Currently, Compra Certa works with the best brands on the market, from brastemp , also well known for all its quality, to KitchenAid, Motorola, Philco… there are many!

The Compra Certa website is super safe and simple! Everything is separated by sections, where you can directly find what you want. One of the best sections is the “sale” section.

If you don’t know, “sale” means promotion! In this section you will find the products with the best prices . So, if you need to save money, you already know where to look, right?

One more detail of the site that really caught my attention was the Compra Certa blog , where you can find short articles with different themes. Accessing the blog, you can learn how to choose a wine or how to save energy in your home. I found it super cool!

Compra Certa also has some benefits dedicated to club members. The more you refer people, the greater the benefit. By accumulating points, you can climb the seal, reaching gold level. With these stamps, you can earn free shipping and even cashback on purchases from numerous brands.

Compra Certa has almost half a million followers on its social networks. Following the same line as your website, the social networks of the right purchase have a lot of cool content for everyday life.

In addition to being a great way to stay tuned for club coupons and promotions, you’ll learn more about how the platform works.

To check all that I said, just access the site! Remembering that you don’t need any kind of registration to browse there, just in case you want to buy!

Compra Certa Purchase Overview

Compra Certa began its history in 1988, and was called Brastemp Utilidades Domésticas, a company that took the best brands to consumers’ homes through a consortium of home appliances.

Since then, Brazil and the world have changed a lot, and today they have become Compra Certa, a closed shopping club with the best brands of electronics and appliances.

There you will find the complete line of Brastemp, Compra Certa, KitchenAid and Sony brands. It is a great site for anyone looking for this type of product.

Compra Certa is part of the leading whirlpool group Brand and Product Leadership and Operational and People Excellence:

Take a look at the pros and cons of Compra Certa , which I have separated for you!


  • In general, the delivery time is super fast.
  • Attractive prices! Discount on cash payments.
  • Up to 12 interest-free installments
  • The right purchase will soon offer various types of service, from extension warranties to maintenance services.


  • To enter the Compra Certa Club it is necessary to indicate, if you don’t have it, you can access the club paying a symbolic fee.

Right Buy: Review

The right buy club has numerous offers and benefits! The platform works with the best home appliance and electronics brands on the market. Which provides a lot of quality to the consumer!

In addition to electronics, they sell bedding, cosmetics, everything!

One more detail of the platform is that they also sell spare parts. And soon they will offer various types of services that can be very useful for you, such as, for example, maintenance service or even home insurance.

On the Compra Certo website , there is an outlet section that is full of promotions. It is worth taking a look!

Compra Certa Air Conditioning Split 22000 btus Consul CBP22CBBCJ 220V

Choosing air conditioning is not always an easy task, there are many features that add up to make an air conditioner the best. And of course, it will also depend on your needs!

The split air conditioner 22000 btus Consul hot and cold max refrigeration and maxi economy is great, mainly because of its features.

In addition to this beautiful and minimalist design, the consul air conditioner has technology that helps when using it, as it saves energy. Its noises are very low and it also has the option of heating!

Overall, it has a four-year warranty, and is priced at R$2,558.35 .

Buy the Right Washing Machine Brastemp BWK12AB 12Kg

Every adult’s dream! The Brastemp washing machine has several fantastic features!

This washing machine has an advanced stain remover cycle, which makes it possible to remove more than 40 types of stains, from the most frequent to the most difficult, such as grease and sharpie, without damaging the fabrics, amazing, right?

It also has an anti polka dot cycle that has a special wash that prevents the formation of polka dots on clothes during the washing process, keeping them looking like new for much longer!

In addition, the brastemp washing machine has a duvet cycle, delicate clothes cycle, anti-allergy rinse and even long-lasting color cycle!

The brastemp washing machine is costing R$1,804.05 !

Buy the Right Microwave Brastemp Mirror 32 Liters BMS45CR

The Brastemp mirrored microwave has an amazing design, and it will become the shine of your kitchen! In addition to becoming a plus in your decor.

This brastemp microwave has a capacity of 32L, which gives you plenty of space to make your recipes!

In addition to the defrost function, it also has the option of pre-recipes, with the power time already set!

It costs R$816.05 on the Compra Certo website.

Buy the Right Refrigerator Consul Reserve Frost Free 397 Liters CRE44AK

The Consul Frost Free Duplex Refrigerator is super modern! Its interior space is well divided, offering greater comfort when storing food.

By having the freezer part underneath, it ends up being much simpler to use the fridge on a daily basis. Without having to bend down to check what you have, in addition to making it easier when cleaning too.

This refrigerator has a turbo freezer, which helps to freeze food faster. It has frost free operation, which means that there is no accumulation of ice in the freezer.

Another feature of this refrigerator is the Evox finish. By having a layer of zinc and a waterproofing film applied over the steel, this finish protects the refrigerator from rust and corrosion.

It costs R$3,514.00 in cash, but can also be paid in up to 12 interest-free installments!

Buy the Right Stove Brastemp Inox 5 Burners BFS5PCR

The Brastemp 5-burner stove has a touch timer, and with that it is possible to have greater precision in the preparation time of your best recipes!

In addition to the timer, it has a turbo flame, great for those who want more power and speed in food preparation.

This stove has a super elegant design, its buttons are removable, which makes cleaning easier.

Buying in cash at Compra Certa , you get a discount, and the stove costs R$1,984.60 , but if you prefer installments, you can buy it in 12 interest-free installments.

Right Purchase: What do customers like?

The Ebit website is a platform for consumers to post comments about their purchases, complaints and brand suggestions I

researched Compra Certa at Ebit and the result was great! At Ebit, Compra Certa has a diamond seal, indicating the brand’s high standard.

Compra Certa is reliable , and to show you a little more about the brand, I separated some comments from Ebit for you! Check it out:

“Safe purchase, great after sales if we need assistance.” “A store with excellent value for money in the case of cash payment, with excellent recommendations and guarantee that you are shopping in a safe online environment.”

“Congratulations. I always compare prices before buying and most of the time you guys have the best price. A safe site that I have been buying for many years and has never caused me any inconvenience. I always recommend it to all my friends.” “I’ve already bought my appliances and now a tablet at a much more affordable price than other websites and stores. Not to mention the shipping is free. Arrived on time and quality products. I love shopping at Compra Certa!”

Right Purchase: Claim Here

Compra Certa has been at Reclame Aqui for 14 years. The overall score of the brand in all these years is 7.7 which can be considered good.

However, analyzing only the last six months, the score increased to 8, being considered a great score!

Of the 839 complaints, 837 were answered! More than half of consumers who shop at Compra Certa would do business with the company again!

Is Compra Certa Good?

Clear. It’s good and worth buying there. I always recommend it to everyone I know!

Is Compra Certa Reliable?

Compra Certa is reliable !

Although the name of the site is not well known, it belongs to a super group, which works with several renowned brands in the market.

Some of these brands are: Consul, Brastemp, KitchenAid

Buy Right Coupon

Compra Certa offers some coupons, and you can find them on their website.

A nice tip is to register your email on the site, so you will always be on top of active promotions and coupons.

Where to buy Compra Certa

Compra Certa is an exclusive platform, that is, your purchases are made only through the

website. Accessing it is super simple. Just type in your browser of choice.


Who created Compra Certa?

Compra Certa is part of the world ‘s largest home appliance manufacturer, the Whirlpool group .

What forms of payment does Compra Certa accept?

At Compra Certa you can buy in installments or in cash.

Regarding payment in installments, the following methods are accepted: credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express and Hipercard), PayPal, Mercado Pago and PicPay.

As for the cash payment method, the options of bank slip, bank transfer – ABN Real, Banco do Brasil, Itaú Banks are accepted.

It is also possible to use the account balance of one of the following digital wallets: PayPal, Mercado Pago, PicPay and Spin Pay.

What is Compra Certa’s delivery policy?

Deliveries can be made from 7 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Therefore, it will be valid that you schedule to receive your product, thus preventing it from returning to the distributor, delaying its delivery.

The shipping cost will be calculated at checkout, if you have any free shipping promotions available, you can add a discount coupon to your cart. The Compra Certa

club delivers throughout the country, and the delivery time will vary according to the region where you live.

What is Compra Certa’s return policy?

Compra Certa values ​​the best shopping experience for its customers . But, if at any time you want to cancel or give up your purchase, regardless of the reason,

to request an exchange or return of the product received, you must contact us through the Compra Certa service channels .

For the exchange or return to be made, it must necessarily be requested within seven calendar days after receiving the product.


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