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Is Lojas Renner reliable?

Many of our readers came to ask us whether Lojas Renner is reliable or not.

With that in mind, as one of the largest female review sites in Brazil, we decided to talk about the brand in today’s article.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying there, I recommend that you read today’s article!

I promise I’ll be as brief as possible!

As you know, my job is to be as objective as possible, showing readers – briefly and clearly – the advantages of buying online.

Many women end up having a huge fear of this, preferring to put it aside and spend much more in physical stores.

But this is not necessary!

You can save a lot with Portal da Diva coupons and still become a Greek goddess because you are so beautiful.

Being afraid to buy online is a thing of the past.

Now, with the abusive prices of physical stores, it has become more than necessary!

So stay with me here to find out if Lojas Renner is reliable!

The store is responsible for selling various garments.

Literally, you can find any type of clothing there!

They are feminine, masculine, childish and so on.

There are so many options that I was even lost!

In short, the website still has the modern and innovative design.

I really enjoyed browsing there and when I realized it, I had already spent more than 4 hours just looking for clothes.

Seriously, there were so many options that I didn’t even see the time pass.

Best of all, they are very cheap.

At least here in my city, it was terrible to find dresses and pieces with such quality and so cheap.

Therefore, I will now bring you the opinion of other buyers on sites like Ebit and Reclame Aqui.

That way, you won’t want to miss out on this exclusivity, will you?


In short,  Reclame Aqui is one of the largest customer complaints sites.

In this way, one can say the reason for being dissatisfied with the brand.

After making the complaint, the company must contact you to resolve the situation.

So, solve the problem.

Reclame Aqui then averages the number of problem resolutions and says whether the company has good customer service or not.

I know this may be difficult to understand. But, I’ll show you in practice with the brand.


lojas renner

As you can see, around 94.6% of the complaints were answered.

And of all those that were answered, 81.4% were resolved.

This shows a great service since it is more than half of them.

Of all those that were resolved, 66.4% of customers still returned to buy from the store.

So, imagine that even if you have a little problem, the store is so good that people still prefer to buy from it.

In short, I can confirm this since after I met him, I never left!

I thought it was amazing, for the price it’s really worth it!

Furthermore, still not satisfied with just this proof that Lojas Renner is reliable, I decided to look for other complaint sites.

This time, I joined Ebit.

Therefore, read on to find out a little more about Renner’s reputation and whether it’s worth buying online!

Don’t run away from reading yet because we have a super discount coupon coming soon!

Ebit Site Reputation

In short, I also decided to go to the Ebit website to find out what the store’s reputation and customer ratings were.

There, you can find a pretty cool chart that assesses the likelihood of repeat purchases and on-time deliveries.

Take a look so you can get an idea:

lojas renner

So, as you can see, around 93.22% of deliveries are made on time and 90.95% of customers would buy again.

Therefore, it shows that Lojas Renner is reliable since if it wasn’t good, the numbers would be terrible.

If the numbers were not enough, I found several very interesting testimonials.

Most praise the brand’s free shipping and very fast delivery.

I also agree, these are their main differentiators.

Check out two reports that I found very interesting!

lojas renner

As stated above, the products are of excellent quality.

What caught my attention the most is that the fabrics do not fade or stretch.

Only women know how hateful it is when that happens!

Even drying clothes in dryers , I had no problem with loss of quality.

They continued as if they were new.

But, now that I’ve shown you that Lojas Renner is reliable, how about learning how to shop on the site?

That’s what I’m going to talk about in the next topic.

So stay here with me!


First of all, how about getting a super discount from Portal da Diva ?

That’s right!

I, worried about the economy of my readers, decided to go in search of a partnership.

So click below if you want to get a special store discount!

Don’t forget that all of them will already be included in the final value of the piece, see?

After clicking the button, your screen will look something like this!

lojas renner

Just search for the desired product and the site will direct you.

As I was looking for some dresses, I decided to buy directly from the website.

The value was super into account.

After finding what you want, just click on the product and you will see the following screen:

lojas renner

Now, click on “add to bag” and voila!

Simply log in to purchase.

If you don’t have one, creating it is very simple and fast.

I prefer to connect with Facebook.

But, there are those who prefer to create a registration with the email account.

This is up to you, of course!

But, after filling in the address and other data, all future purchases will have the data saved.


You don’t have to be afraid to buy on the site because Lojas Renner is really reliable.

Furthermore, according to the Reclame Aqui website, more than 85% of customers were satisfied.

It is also worth mentioning Ebit, in which many praised the fast deliveries and free shipping.

There is no lack of sites that prove that Lojas Renner is reliable.

I’ve bought many things myself, I thought they were amazing!

The pieces don’t fade and even washing them in dryers , I managed to make them look like new.

I literally became a loyal customer of the brand, for sure!

I’ve never found a store that was so worth it.

My pocket and my self esteem thanks you!

Now I can walk in fashion and without investing much.

I always love saying that, since as a professional writer for women’s websites, I always have to be well dressed, don’t I?

Also, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Also say if you have already bought there and if you recommend it!

I’m looking forward to hearing what your testimonial is!

Oops, don’t forget your coupon, see?

Look at him here!


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