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Mobly Review – Is Mobly Trustworthy?

Mobly is a virtual store with more than 200 thousand products available to the consumer, all for commercial and residential environments, in addition to several options of decoration items, for all environments, including furniture, coatings and objects, for all tastes, budgets and profiles. But have you ever wondered if Mobly is trustworthy before you buy?

With each passing year, buying online has become a more common practice, and Brazilians are increasingly accustomed to this action. After all, the practicality of being able to search for prices, better payment methods and delivery conditions without having to leave your home is comfortable and quite appealing.

However, we know that the internet still generates a certain distrust when it comes to completing purchases. Especially because the news of people who have already been harmed by shopping on dubious sites or have been victims of online scams come up all the time.

If this has never happened to you, wonder. But you never know. Therefore, it is always good to check the reputation of online stores before completing your purchases. So if you’re in doubt about whether Mobly can be trusted, let us help you.

Check it out below!

A little about Mobile

Those who buy on the internet always end up fearing that the product will not arrive or be delayed within the stipulated period, come with a defect or be a deceptive advertisement, that is, something totally different from what was advertised. In other words, a tremendous loss for the consumer.

Therefore, researching a lot before closing any online purchase is essential to avoid regrets later. So, if you are looking to buy a product but you are not sure if Mobly is reliable or not, fear no more.

We will analyze Mobly together so that you can be sure that the store is not only reliable, but capable of making you save and purchase exclusive products very quickly and safely.

Mobly is relatively new to the market. It emerged in 2011 by the hands of entrepreneurs who, seeing digital businesses thrive, jumped at the opportunity to start selling furniture and decorative items online.

Today, the virtual store can already be considered a reference in the furniture and decoration sector throughout Brazil. From this we can get an idea that Mobly is reliable, yes.

Mobly’s reputation on the Reclame Aqui portal

If you have never heard of or have not yet come across the Reclame Aqui portal in internet searches, know that the site is a reference for those looking for information on companies and services provided.

The consumer accesses the page of the company in question and registers his complaint or annoyance, and the company has the responsibility to get in touch to solve the problem.

The site is very transparent in terms of information on calls and complaints and scores the company according to the number of complaints made, answered and resolved.

In the case of Mobly, we can see below that the store has a good reputation among its consumers (7.9/10), and of all the complaints made (3353), in the last 6 months, it responded to all of them, with an index of 88.0% solution. Furthermore, 63.6% of people who had a problem with the company would do business with them again, which indicates that Mobly is trustworthy.

Generally speaking, most of their complaints were about late delivery, products that were not received or wrong. Fortunately, its reputation according to the data on the site leads us to believe that the company usually solves its pending issues and does not let the consumer down. Positive point for Mobly!

Awards and Seals

Mobly was also evaluated on the E-bit website, responsible for analyzing the negative and positive points of various e-commerces in the market, as well as the reputation of virtual stores in terms of their services to consumers and their satisfaction.

Through the website, we could already see that its good reputation has only been increasing, with 92.04% of the goods being delivered on time and 83.48% of consumers would do business with the company again. Which proves to us that Mobly is trustworthy.

So much so that the company received some awards throughout these years of operation, see below:

  • Elected Bi-Champion of the “Época RECLAME AQUI Award”;
  • Elected the “Most Beloved Home and Decoration Online Store” by E-bit;
  • Comodo’s SSL security certificate (one of the largest certifying companies in the world), which guarantees the security of all personal data of customers never disclosed;
  • Gold Medal at E-bit.

See some comments from consumers within the E-bit website:

What can I find on Mobly?

Mobly offers a variety of products for your home and office, from furniture, accessories, coatings to decoration items, among a multitude of options.

After all, there are more than 200,000 items available to consumers, with news being updated all the time in the “News” option. The store also facilitates payment in installments of up to 10 interest-free installments on virtually all credit cards.

Its products usually cover several styles, from the most classic, urban, rustic to the most eclectic and modern, making it possible to find everything you are looking for very quickly and very practically, for all environments in your home or office.

Mobly has a huge selection of products for outdoor and indoor areas, leaving no space out. This just shows how reliable Mobly really is and cares about the needs of its consumers.

In addition to furniture and decorative accessories, Mobly has bedding, table and bath products, lighting, garden and leisure, renovation and garage, in addition to various domestic utilities and electronics. All products are separated by category, in order to facilitate your navigation through the site and even filter when choosing what you are looking for.

Delivery and payment methods

As we quickly mentioned, Mobly makes payments easy, and there are numerous ways to pay. That’s because its goal is to offer maximum ease when paying, including most credit card brands. In addition, it is also possible to make payments by bank transfer and PayPal.

Regarding the delivery of products, the entire process can be followed through the website, being able to track the delivery status throughout the process, from order approval, separation, transfer to the carrier, until receipt at the chosen address. Deadlines, however, may vary depending on the product and delivery region.

Exchanges and returns policy

And if you do not agree with what you received, you have up to 7 (seven) calendar days stipulated by the Consumer Defense Code, in Art.49, after receiving the product, to request the return of the product.

Just contact Mobly to find out how to return the product, return it and the company will refund your money, as agreed. It also shows that Mobly is trustworthy and respectful of the consumer.

In case the product arrives damaged, it is necessary to contact the store, send photos and information about the product, so that the company can identify the damage and give full support.

In this case, you have 90 (ninety) calendar days stipulated by the Consumer Protection Code, from the date of receipt of the goods, to contact the store and report the situation.

Mobly also offers some chargeback options, by filling out a form on the website. With regard to withdrawals or regrets, you can contact the store within 7 calendar days after receiving the product and request a return.

Generally, Mobly suggests as a form of refund, an exchange card to buy another item on the site, but you can ask for a refund of the amount paid. Mobly can schedule an appointment to pick up the product from your home or you can return it to one of the post offices, without being charged for it.

If you still have questions, Mobly provides a self-service page to answer your questions. Whether Mobly is trustworthy or not, now you know!

How to buy on Mobly?

You can already see that Mobly is reliable, so buying through the website is very uncomplicated and very simple, in addition to being super safe. All products are organized into sections: environment, category and style, for example, and news and promotions are also always clearly visible and easy to access.

To buy, just follow the steps below:

  • Access the Mobly page (click here).
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “My Account” button.
  • If you already have the registration, just access with your login and password, otherwise just register with your personal data.
  • Then confirm the registration using the link in the message received by the registered email.
  • Now all you have to do is choose your products on the website, searching for items in the search bar or browsing the different categories.
  • If you liked something, just enter your zip code to calculate shipping and click buy to automatically add it to the cart.
  • Finding everything you wanted, just access the shopping cart to proceed with the checkout.
  • Check that the information is correct and go to “Go to payment”.
  • Finally, enter your preferred payment method, the delivery address of the products and click on “Complete Purchase”. Ready!

Attention : Do not forget to verify that the delivery data are correct, so that the Post Office can deliver your product within the stipulated period. Stay tuned!

After all, is Mobly really reliable?

If you are still unsure as to whether Mobly is reliable or not, know that there is a page within the store’s own website designed exclusively to answer these questions from consumers.

She emphasizes your security within the site and ensures that everything is done within the rules so that your data is always safe and never disclosed.

Mobly is even considered the largest online store in Brazil in the furniture and decoration sector, making the online platform always act with transparency, presenting its data such as CNPJ and Social Reason clearly so that the consumer can check, if in fact, it exists, including on revenue verification sites. In addition, the company is always available to clarify doubts and divergences, demonstrating that Mobly is reliable.

So, based on our research regarding product diversity, affordable prices, favorable customer reviews, good return and exchange policy, as well as seals and awards, we found Mobly to be reliable.

If you are looking for quality products, fair prices, payment facilities and commitment to on-time deliveries, Mobly is a great alternative!



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