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SimbaSleep Hybrid Mattress Review

The Simba Hybrid mattress is SimbaSleep answer to the modern hybrid. With almost double the number of pocketed springs of your average hybrid and a price that is tough to rival the Simba Hybrid offers luxurious comfort for an affordable price – and across a full size range of mattress, inclusive of single beds.

Some five different layers go into making this fully hypoallergenic mattress. The machine washable cover and supportive, responsive memory foam all combine to create an end product that speaks of high quality and fine attention to detail… but is the Simba Hybrid mattress everything that they make it out to be? With such a young company and less industry experienced mattress manufacturers – does the Simba Hybrid really keep up?

Using a collection of customer reviews, our own experience and a spattering of honest reviews. We have put together the best review and guide to the SimbaSleep Hybrid mattress available on the internet today. Don’t believe us? Read on to see for yourself!

SimbaSleep Branding

6 Simba Sleep Review

Simba offers a delightfully bright and refreshing website and corporate colours. That suggest a relaxed, trustworthy company. Their website gives an accurate overview of their product range and even offers free delivery and returns to suit the consumer. We like their placement, their images and the good feeling you get from browsing their pages.

Unlike their corporate colour scheme, Simba marketing campaigns are a little more sparse than other brands we have reviewed. With only a few noticeable adverts and a corporate image that, although solid, is not instantly recognizable. We can only assume that more money spent on marketing would be no bad thing. Considering this is a mattress company coming out of England since 1979. We would have expected to know the brand and logo a little better than we do.

SimbaSleep were only established in 2015 and do not have any shops. Their own, although their products are occasionally available through John Lewis. This helps them keep overheads low and spend more on the research and development of their mattress technology. We are excited to see where they go in the next few years as some of their ideas. Such as their micro-coils, are innovative and promise more invention to come.

Although we are not immediately familiar with this brand we do know a good product when we see one. We gave the Simba Hybrid a 9 out of 10 for branding. Their adverts need more reach but their product speaks for itself.

You will like the Simba Mattress if you:

7 Simba Sleep Review

  • Love the best of both worlds option that a hybrid mattress gives you. This one has lots of bounce and hundreds of coils to keep you springing!
  • You don’t want a full memory foam bed – they can envelope you and it can be a horrid feeling for a stomach sleeper.
  • If you have trouble regulating your temperature while you sleep.
  • You are a stomach sleeper… you will have no complaints here!
  • Like a slightly harder than medium feel mattress.
  • You want an affordable bed or need to buy multiple mattresses at once while still retaining comfort.
  • Share a bed – motion reduction on this mattress is fantastic.

You might not like the Simba Mattress if you:

8 Simba Sleep Review

  • Like your mattress to be either very soft or very hard, another model might suit you better.
  • If you want a full memory foam bed then a hybrid model won’t be right for you.
  • If you like to fully sink in to a bed then the Simba Hybrid won’t allow for that.
  • Don’t want to wait thirty days to be able to return the mattress if you don’t like it.
  • If you prefer a more luxurious top cover than what polyester can provide.
  • Prefer a more Eco-friendly company.

Comfort & Feel

9 Simba Sleep Review

The SimbaSleep Hybrid comes in at slightly to the firm side of medium on the hardness scale – so if you are looking for an excessively soft or firm hybrid then it may not be for you. The whole model is nearly ten inches thick which provides a luxurious, plush finish to an already good product. The addition of the memory foam in this hybrid allows for a little sinkage, while the springs retain a good bounce for those that like it. The SimbaSleep truly represents the best of both worlds here.

There is huge edge support to this bed and a firm but soft assurance you won’t slip or roll off. It is a temperature neutral bed so is also comfortable for those that sleep cold. One thing we did not particularly love about the SimbaSleep Hybrid is the stretched polyester cover. The stretching allows it to hold the shape of your mattress as it conforms to your body – but we would have liked to see a little more thought into the breathability and sustainability of the fabric choices. Plus polyester is not known for its soft finish.

Delivery and Set-up

10 Simba Sleep Review

Delivery of the SimbaSleep Hybrid mattress is often free, as are returns through defective product. You mattress will come sealed in a vacuum packed wrapping and rolled up inside a box. We recommend that you take it to the room that you want to place it in before you start to unwrap it since it is fairly easy to manoeuvre while in this state.

Once you have the mattress where you want it all you need to do is cut away the box using a sharp tool. Next, carefully cut away the wrapping being cautious not to damage the fabric of the bed. Once it has been freed of the wrapping the mattress will start to expand – so stand clear! Within no more than 24 hours the mattress will be fully expanded but you will be able to sleep on it before then.

SimbaSleep do not let you return the mattress before a 30 day minimum trial period. This is to give you a full impression of the bed – but does earn them a mark off. Consumers hate to wait.

Motion transfer

11 Simba Sleep Review

Since this is a firm mattress with a fair amount of bounce in it the Simba Hybrid presents ample opportunity for good motion isolation already…. But when you add in all those conical coils it triples its capacity for support and movement reduction. Simba seem to have gotten the balance between the conforming qualities of the memory foam with their own brand Simbatex Synthetic Latex to produce bedding that doesn’t suck you under – but that still means you don’t wake up if your partner tosses and turns.

As an additional bonus in the motion reduction category the SimbaSleep Hybrid also ensures the noise made by your partner moving around in the night is very limited. There are no creaks of springs since the coils are micro sized, allowing for noise and motion dispersal all night long.

Off gassing

12 Simba Sleep Review

To us, off-gassing is a very misleading term. Any new product that you bring into your home is likely to have some sort of smell to it; even if that smell is simply picked up from where it has been stored. If your mattress does smell when it arrives then it is highly unlikely that any scent will be dangerous. The scent will be similar to the smell of a new car or new shoes and is really nothing to worry about.

When the SimbaSleep arrives it should not have any noticeable smell. If there is one however, place a mattress protector and sheets over it as normal and any smell should be barely noticeable. Any scent will not linger longer than 36 hours. Incidentally, it is organic or natural mattresses that smell the most due to their materials… but there is no need to worry about this with the SimbaSleep Hybrid.

We gave this mattress a 10 out of 10 for off-gassing, we noticed no smell except that of a clean new product.

Edge Support

13 Simba Sleep Review

The Simba Hybrid responds fabulously to the challenge of providing good edge support in a part memory foam bed. Traditionally memory foam has very little structure and sees you slipping off the edge of the bed when you try to sit up – but not with a hybrid. They combine the best of contouring memory foam with pocketed conical coil support to ensure you don’t keep falling when you sit down.

The Simba is a medium firm mattress anyway, so already there is more bounce than sinkage. When you couple this with the highly durable base foam there is no way for you to sink all the way through this mattress.

Simba Mattress Construction

14 Simba Sleep Review

We already mentioned the stretchable polyester cover and the multiple layers of the Simba Hybrid; but let’s take a closer look under the cover at the construction. The first layer is made up of that Simbatex designed and patented synthetic latex at 4cm thick. Underneath this there is a transitional layer of memory foam that is a further 3.5 cm thick and helps to shield your form from the coils.

The coils themselves are actually micro-coils instead of true coils. This not only means that they are smaller – but also means they can fit more in! It stops the bed from being a ‘proper’ hybrid – but we think it is close enough to be counted! These make for supported sleeping with the added benefit of being much quieter than a normal hybrid. The coils are surrounded and encased in a high resilience, high density memory foam that is 15.5 cm deep. This makes a thick, full mattress with brilliant support for those suffering aches and pains.

Although we are not certain that the materials used in the making of this bed are one hundred percent premium quality. We are sure that they will 100 percent satisfy the customer. According to Amazon the Simba Hybrid is the most reviewed bed in a box in Europe, having amassed some 35k positive, five-star reviews. Since Simba were only established in 2015 and don’t actually have any bricks and mortar establishments of their own, we think this is a feat most companies would struggle to achieve.

1 Simba Sleep Review

Simba Mattress Cover

Polyester and Tencel blended fabric mated to a reinforced Polyester Elastan blended material for maximum durability

2 Simba Sleep Review

Simba Sleep Foundation

The Simba Mattress will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

3 Simba Sleep Review


4 Simba Sleep Review

The Simba Hybrid goes out of its way to account for temperature regulation. Advertised as ‘temperature neutral; the Simba one of a hybrid group of beds made for both hot sleepers and cold sleepers alike. The stretch polyester cover – although not the best choice for material – allows for a cover that moves with the memory foam of the bed, allowing the shape to change without anything clinging to you.

As well as the cover, which is machine washable and has a zipper for easy removal, there are up to 2,500 conical springs in the bed depending on the size you buy. These individually pocketed coils allow for maximum airflow in between, coupled with added airflow under the bed while you sleep through the separate layers of the bed.

We adored that Simba took breathability and airflow into account without inserting any cooling layers. It not very often we come across a bed made for both hot and cold sleepers and it a tricky thing to get right. For this reason we awarded the Simba Hybrid a 10 out of 10 for temperature.

Adjustable Base Performance:

Although we didn’t film the Tulo yet on a base you can be sure it will work fantastic on an adjustable base.

Simba Mattress Price

5 Simba Sleep Review

Simba Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 120 nights
  • Discounts – coming soon

The Yaasa mattress comes with a trial period of a hundred nights (just over three moths). So you should have plenty of time to decide whether it’s the right mattress for you.

The Yaasa mattress (both the firm option and the soft option) come with a ten year warranty that will cover you in case you encounter any defects in the product or experience any issues that compromise your ability to use and enjoy your mattress and the sleep experience it’s designed to provide. If you have any serious concerns, all you need to do is contact the Yaasa customer service department and they will work hard to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

15 Simba Sleep Review

We all know that reading the reviews of other customers is an important part of the decision-making process. When it comes to choosing a new product to try; reviewing other peoples’ feedback is especially critical. When you’re making an investment in something as important (and as expensive) as a new mattress. With this in mind, we’ve collected here for you some of the more informative reviews pertaining to the Yaasa mattress and its qualities.

What are Customers saying about the Simba Hybrid? Well verified buyer Reena S. says:

“I struggle to sleep due to the pain and discomfort I receive from my fibromyalgia and lack of sleep really causes my wickedly moody side to come out. However, since purchasing my Simba mattress I have been sleeping beauty and able to sleep the pain away. It offers great comfort and support without being too hard that is causes discomfort. I adore it. It’s revolutionary.”

While Ashley G also gave a positive review:

“Love that you don’t disturbed when sleeping next to someone! Also its super comfy, have to give it some time to soften up but totally worth the wait!”

And Steve H added:

“Needed a new mattress for a long time and Simba came highly recommended to me so finally decided to bite the bullet and try one out. I not disappointed at all! Within a week my back pain had subsided and I was once again sleeping the whole way through the night. Best purchase I’ve made!”

So overall the reviews are extremely positive!


Overall Summary

Ultimately, the Yaasa mattress is a good choice if you want a hybrid mattress made out of high quality materials that will provide you with both body-contouring comfort as well as firm support and excellent pressure relief. It’s also a fabulous choice if you want something with great edge support, motion isolation, and temperature regulation.


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