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Anacapri Review

About Anacapri

Anacapri is a Brazilian women ‘s fashion brand specializing in shoes and bags belonging to the Arezzo & Co Group. But, after all, is Anacapri any good? That’s what we’re going to find out in this review.

The company manufactures sneakers, mules, slip-on shoes, sneakers, espadrilles, moccasins, combat boots, boots, flats, handbags, and backpacks, among other items.

Anacapri works with a network of physical stores throughout Brazil. In addition, its products are sold in multi-brand stores.

The brand bets on the power of the internet and makes partnerships with artists and digital influencers, such as singer Manu Gavassi, who signed her first Collab with the bag and shoe brand.

Anacapri is present on social networks. Her Instagram is followed by 1.5 million people, while her Facebook fan page is followed by 521 thousand.

The site also has an inspiring blog, with articles related to the brand’s collections.

To better understand the style of the Anacapri brand and the products that are successful among Brazilian consumers, I have prepared a detailed review for you. Come on?


Overview of Anacapri

The brand Anacapri was born in 2008 with the proposal to offer consumers flat shoes with personality, without giving up comfort.

Is Anacapri good? Is it’s trustable? Before showing some products that, are loved by consumers, how about some initial pros and cons?


  • Collections in tune with the latest fashion trends.
  • The store sells both by credit card and by bank slip.
  • It has technology that protects customer data during purchases.
  • Network of franchised physical stores spread throughout Brazil.
  • Free shipping to the South, Southeast, Northeast and Midwest capitals on purchases over R$ 199 of non-marked products.


  • Some complaints of delays in the delivery of goods and difficulties in carrying out the exchange or return of orders.
  • Little information on the site for those interested in reselling Anacapri.


Anacapri: Review

Anacapri is a brand of women’s shoes and bags that stands out for its quality, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Its collections are inspired by the latest fashion trends and work with top quality raw materials.

Products such as mules, flats, slip-on sneakers, moccasins, sneakers and handbags are a hit with Anacapri customers, and are even commented on on social media. Check out some of them in this review from now on.

Anacapri Clutch Tote Bag

Anacapri Clutch Tote Bag

A minimalist, refined and super chic Anacapri bag that fits the most different looks, from urban to the most sophisticated. The Tote Clutch Bag is a wardrobe staple.

Medium in size and completely structured, the bag is made of technological material, has a square shape, has two smaller handles and a larger handle for crossbody use. Zipper closure and metal application with the brand’s name on the cover.

Available in black, brown, pink and red, it comes with two strap options so you can vary it according to the mood of the day.

The Anacapri Bolsa Tote Clutch costs BRL 199.90 (or 3 instalments of BRL 66.63 without interest) in the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Basic Silver Crossbody Bag

Anacapri Basic Silver Crossbody Bag

The metallic crossbody is the type of bag that goes well with almost everything: from work to outings, the Anacapri Crossbody Bag Prateada Básica is synonymous with style and sophistication.

The model has a square and structured shape, with a smooth and soft finish. Features a thin strip side handle, top zipper closure and strip puller.

Made in technological material and available in silver, the bag is tailor-made to rock all year round.

The Anacapri Basic Crossbody Bag costs BRL 179.90 (or 3 instalments of BRL 59.97 without interest) at the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Bucket Bag with Sash Strap

Anacapri Bucket Bag with Sash Strap

The Anacapri Bucket Bag with Strap is a super spacious bag style bag, with a sporty look that highlights everyday productions.

Made of technological material, it has a medium size and is fully structured, with a thick strap and grosgrain ribbon with the Anacapri brand stamped on it. Comes with a hanger type clasp.

Available in military green, black, caramel brown, white and red, the Bucket Bag is a piece full of personality to spice up your wardrobe.

The Anacapri Bucket Bag with Sash Strap costs BRL 219.90 (or 4 instalments of BRL 54.98 without interest) at the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Buckle Suede Mule

Anacapri Buckle Suede Mule

Mules were very successful in the 90’s and came back with everything. Today, they are practically mandatory items to create a tidier look without having to make any effort.

The Anacapri Mule Suede Buckle is made of fabric, comes with a strap on the vamp with a round buckle detail. It is suede, with an oval toe and a small heel, leaving the heel exposed.

Available in marsala and nude colors, the mule can be found in sizes 34 to 38, and can be worn with your favorite jeans and t-shirt for a comfortable and tidy home-office look.

The buckle detail on the upper adds delicacy to the model.

The Anacapri Mule Suede Buckle Costs R$69.90 in the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Rasteira Isis

Anacapri Rasteira Isis

The flat sandal is no longer a shoe associated only with comfort. The Anacapri Rasteira Isis is full of style due to the large resin spheres applied to the upper, which give the piece a super fun look.

The model is made of vegan material, has a round toe and brown soles, with two wide straps. It is open, leaving toes, sides and heel showing.

Available in black, gold, silver and pink, the flats can be found in sizes 33 to 40, to compose varied looks with dresses, midi skirts, jeans, shorts and whatever else your imagination allows.

The Anacapri Rasteira Isis with Sash Strap costs R$119.90 (or 2 instalments of R$59.95 without interest) in the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Bow Slingback Sneakers

Anacapri Bow Slingback Sneakers

Think of a cute and delicate sneaker to compose romantic and well-groomed looks. This is the concept of Anacapri Slingback Bow Shoes.

The sneaker is made of velvety fabric, with a slingback and a bow closure on the peak. It has a closed pointed toe, a flat sole and a light heel, and a smooth insole with the brand’s name.

The pointed toe and the bow form a romantic combo that goes well with a midi skirt, dress, tailored pants and even cool jeans.

Available in pink, ocher orange, sapphire blue and black, the shoe can be found in sizes 34 to 39.

The Anacapri Laço Slingback Sneakers costs BRL 149.90 (or 2 instalments of BRL 74.95 without interest) in the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Loafers Animal Print

Anacapri Loafers Animal Print

Jaguar print never goes out of style, even more so if it’s on a comfortable moccasin. Depending on the combination, it adds a bold touch to a more serious look or even enhances an everyday urban look.

The Anacapri Moccasin Animal Print is a classic revamped with a modern touch.

It has a fur texture, a rounded toe, a reinforced heel, a flat heel and a brown rubber sole. Partially exposes the instep.

Available in sizes 33 to 40, this moccasin is all about comfort and style.

The Anacapri Mocassim Animal Print costs BRL 219.90 (or 4 instalments of BRL 54.98 without interest) at the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Slip on Sneakers Matelassê Zig Zag

Anacapri Slip on Sneakers Matelassê Zig Zag

The Anacapri Tênis Slip on Matelassê Zig Zag is the type of shoe that is perfect all the time when composing everyday looks.

Slip – on sneakers in black technological material, it has a varnish finish and has light padding with Zig Zag seams throughout the upper. The Anacapri sneakers are manufactured with a flat sole in white and a rounded toe.

Available in black, brown and beige, the sneakers can be found in sizes 33 to 39, to combine with more classic pieces, such as tailored pants and shirt for a cool and chic effect at the same time.

The Anacapri Slip on Black Matelassê Zig Zag Sneakers Costs R$79.90 in the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Alpargata Bicolor Canvas

Anacapri Alpargata Bicolor Canvas

Alpargatas have always been synonymous with comfort. The Anacapri Alpargata Bicolor Lona stands out for its topstitched natural color sole.

Ideal for enjoying a walk in the park with the family and rocking the look with jeans, dresses or sportswear.

Available in white with black, the espadrilles can be found in sizes 33 to 39.

The Anacapri Alpargata Bicolor Lona costs BRL 129.90 (or 2 installments of BRL 64.95 without interest) in the Anacapri online store.

Anacapri Large Tote Bag

Anacapri Large Tote Bag

Think of a super spacious bag, ideal for carrying every woman’s world. The Anacapri Large Tote Bag is super stylish and has divisions and pockets perfect for organization.

It is rectangular, all in fabric, with reinforced grosgrain straps. It has a green body and blue details. On the straps and on the front cover, tags bear the brand’s name.

The Tote Bag is made of fabric and has two handle options. It has a wide side and stands out for its ample space.

Available in green, brown and animal print, the bag is light, versatile and has several charming details.

The Anacapri Bolsa Tote Grande costs BRL 349.90 (or 6 installments of BRL 58.32 without interest) in the Anacapri online store.


Is Anacapri good?

Anacapri is good, yes. The products stand out for their wide variety, cost-effectiveness and quality.

There are footwear options for all types of style and budget, which makes the brand a democratic brand.

The flats and slip -ons are Anacapri ‘s face and are a hit with Brazilian consumers, who are looking for comfortable shoes without losing their elegance.


Is Anacapri reliable?

Anacapri is reliable, yes, above all for the quality and comfort of the products it delivers.

Its online store is highly rated by consumers on the Reclame Aqui website. In general, registered complaints refer to delays in deliveries or exchanges and returns.

In addition, the Anacapri website has a security certificate in which all information provided is encrypted and kept confidential.


Anacapri discount coupon

The online store offers free shipping to the South, Southeast, Northeast and Midwest capitals on purchases over R$ 199 of non-marked products.

There is currently no discount coupon in effect, but you can follow the news on the website, where promotions and sales are announced.


Where to buy Anacapri

Anacapri products can be purchased at and also in multi-brand stores.

If you want to go to a physical store of the brand, use this locator to find the unit closest to your home.



Who created Anacapri?

Anacapri was founded in 2008, in São Paulo, by shoe designer Alexandre Birman, current CEO of the Arezzo & Co Group. The brand name refers to a city located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The brand sells women’s fashion shoes and bags. It works with franchises and also distributes its collections in multi-brand stores across the country.

Anacapri is a brand of the Arezzo & Co Group, which also controls the brands Arezzo, Schutz, Fiever, Alme, Alexandre Birman, Vans, Reserva, Oficina Reserva, Reserva Mini, Reserva Go, Reserva Ink, Eva, ZZ MALL and Troc.

The Anacapri brand is well known and in demand, distributing superior quality products, combined with a competitive price in the footwear market.

The brand stands out for the quality, comfort and fair price of its pieces.


What are the forms of payment accepted by Anacapri?

Anacapri accepts payments by bank slip and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Hipercard and Elo.

Card purchases can be paid in up to 10 instalments, depending on the administrator and the minimum instalment of R$45.

Ticket purchases are in cash and payment confirmation is automatically made by banks within 3 business days.

What is Anacapri’s delivery policy?

Anacapri makes deliveries by contracted carriers or by the Post Office.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

In the Express Shipping modality, the delivery time may be extended until 20:00.

Carriers make up to three delivery attempts, on different days and times. In case of failure, the product is returned to the Distribution Centre.

The shipping cost varies according to the delivery address, the number of items in the cart and the chosen delivery method.

You can calculate the shipping cost for your order on the shopping cart page. Just enter the zip code in the Calculate shipping field.


What is Anacapri’s return policy?

You can request exchange or return due to withdrawal or numbering within up to 7 calendar days after delivery of the order.

Due to the pandemic, the company is accepting exchanges and returns within a period of up to 30 days after receipt for orders placed after 05/03/2021.

If the purchased product or its packaging shows evidence of damage, the customer must contact us within 72 hours of receipt.

If the product is defective, the deadline for the customer to contact is up to 90 calendar days after delivery.

To make an exchange or return, you must complete the Exchange or Return Form available at the Anacapri Service Centre, at the link

The online store does not carry out exchanges and returns of products purchased in physical stores, multi-brand representatives and vice versa.

How to resell Anacapri?

Shopkeepers and entrepreneurs can become Anacapri resellers if they acquire the collections to distribute in an authorized multi-brand.

If you wish to resell Anacapri products, go to the Call Center page ( and in the Services and Promotions section, choose the option How to be a Reseller.

In it you will find the form to be filled out.

The company will contact you after receiving your form.

How to have an Anacapri franchise?

If you want to open an Anacapri franchise, send an email to [email protected] or call (11) 2132 4300.

With more than 150 stores throughout Brazil, Anacapri works through a franchise system.

The architectural design of the brand is signed by (Bel Lobo and Bob Neri), which allows the customer to interact with the products, facilitating the purchase decision.

Anacapri is endorsed by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), with the seal of excellence in Franchising since 2018.

Requirements to have an Anacapri franchise

  • Initial investment: from BRL 450,000.
  • Payback time: 36 months.
  • Royalties and advertising fund: included in the cost of the product.
  • Franchise fee: BRL 30,000.
  • Initial stock: from BRL 150,000.
  • Expected average monthly revenue: BRL 100,000.
  • Cost with an approved supplier: from BRL 3,000 /m².
  • Cost of civil work: from R$ 2,000 /m² (direct negotiation with the investor).
  • Installation area: 35m² to 50m².


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