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ASICS Running Shoes Review

ASICS is a global sports footwear and apparel brand known for its high-performance athletic products. The company was founded in 1949 in Kobe, Japan, and its name is an acronym for the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which translates to “a sound mind in a sound body.”

ASICS focuses on creating innovative products that enhance athletic performance, comfort, and durability. The brand caters to a wide range of sports and activities, including running, training, tennis, volleyball, and more. ASICS is renowned for its expertise in developing advanced technologies, such as GEL cushioning systems, seamless constructions, and lightweight materials, to deliver optimal performance and support for athletes.

ASICS is now one of the leading sportswear brands in the world. The company sponsors a number of high-profile athletes, including Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal, and Simone Biles. ASICS also has a strong presence in the running community, and it is the official footwear supplier of the Boston Marathon.

ASICS is committed to innovation and sustainability. The company has developed a number of technologies that improve the performance of its footwear, such as the GEL cushioning system and the FlyteFoam midsole. ASICS is also working to reduce its environmental impact, and it has set a goal of using 100% recycled materials in its products by 2030.

Products Offering

ASICS is a renowned brand in the sports industry, and their product offerings are designed to cater to athletes of various sports and activities. Here are more details about ASICS’ key product offerings:


ASICS is particularly known for its high-performance athletic footwear. Their running shoes are designed to provide optimal cushioning, stability, and support for different types of runners, whether they are training for a marathon or enjoying a casual jog. ASICS also offers specialized shoes for sports like tennis, volleyball, wrestling, and more. These shoes are engineered with specific features to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injuries. ASICS footwear incorporates technologies such as GEL cushioning systems, FlyteFoam midsoles, and Trusstic systems, which provide comfort, shock absorption, and lightweight responsiveness.


ASICS offers a wide range of sports apparel designed for comfort, functionality, and style. Their apparel collection includes tops, bottoms, jackets, shorts, tights, and sports bras for men, women, and children. ASICS uses moisture-wicking fabrics to keep athletes dry and comfortable during intense workouts or sports activities. The apparel is designed with ergonomic fits and strategic ventilation to ensure optimal movement and breathability. ASICS also incorporates reflective elements in their apparel for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions.


ASICS provides a range of accessories to complement their footwear and apparel. Their accessory line includes performance socks, headbands, hats, gloves, backpacks, duffel bags, and more. These accessories are designed with athletes in mind, offering features like moisture management, cushioning, and storage compartments to meet their needs. The accessories are often crafted using durable materials to withstand the rigors of sports activities and provide convenience for athletes on the go.

Sports-specific Gear

ASICS understands the unique requirements of different sports and offers specialized gear to cater to those needs. For example, they offer volleyball knee pads that provide protection and support during intense matches. Their wrestling singlets are designed to offer a comfortable and secure fit for wrestlers. Additionally, ASICS provides tennis racquets engineered for power, control, and maneuverability on the court. These sports-specific gear options showcase ASICS’ commitment to catering to the specific demands of various athletic disciplines.

Lifestyle Collection

ASICS also has a lifestyle collection that offers casual footwear and apparel suitable for everyday wear. This collection blends style and comfort, allowing individuals to showcase their love for the ASICS brand beyond their sports activities. The lifestyle collection features trendy designs, quality materials, and the same attention to detail found in their performance-oriented products.

ASICS continues to innovate and push boundaries in their product development, collaborating with athletes and leveraging advanced technologies to improve performance and provide exceptional experiences for their customers. They strive to create products that not only perform well but also inspire athletes to achieve their goals and enjoy their sporting endeavors to the fullest.

Best Asics Running Shoes

Gel-Kayano 29

This is a stability running shoe that is designed for runners who overpronate. It features a wide base and a supportive midsole that helps to control pronation. The Gel-Kayano 29 also has a comfortable fit and a responsive ride.

Gel-Nimbus 23

This is a neutral running shoe that is designed for runners who need a high level of cushioning. It features a thick midsole that provides a soft and comfortable ride. The Gel-Nimbus 23 also has a good amount of flexibility, making it a good choice for runners who need a versatile shoe.

Gel-Cumulus 23

This is a neutral running shoe that is designed for runners who want a balance of cushioning and responsiveness. It features a midsole that is made of a combination of GEL and FlyteFoam, providing a soft and responsive ride. The Gel-Cumulus 23 also has a good amount of flexibility, making it a good choice for runners who need a versatile shoe.

Gel-Kayano Lite 3

This is a lightweight stability running shoe that is designed for runners who want a more responsive ride. It features a midsole that is made of FlyteFoam, providing a soft and responsive ride. The Gel-Kayano Lite 3 also has a good amount of flexibility, making it a good choice for runners who need a versatile shoe.

MetaSpeed Sky

This is a carbon-plated running shoe that is designed for runners who want a fast and efficient ride. It features a midsole that is made of FlyteFoam Blast, providing a soft and responsive ride. The MetaSpeed Sky also has a rockered geometry that helps to propel you forward.

What to Consider When Shopping for Asics Running Shoes

When shopping for ASICS running shoes, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the right pair that suits your needs.

Pronation Type

Understanding your pronation type is crucial for finding the right shoe. ASICS offers different shoe models for neutral pronation, overpronation, and underpronation (supination). Overpronators may benefit from shoes with stability features, while underpronators may need more cushioning and flexibility.

Cushioning Technology

ASICS incorporates various cushioning technologies in their shoes to provide comfort and shock absorption. The most notable is the GEL cushioning system, which uses gel units in the midsole to attenuate impact forces during running. Another popular technology is FlyteFoam, a lightweight and responsive cushioning foam.

Foot Shape and Width

ASICS offers shoes in multiple widths, including standard (D) and wide (2E or 4E) options. It’s important to consider your foot shape and width to ensure a proper fit and avoid discomfort or potential injuries. Some ASICS models are designed specifically for narrow feet or have broader toe boxes to accommodate different foot shapes.

Arch Support

ASICS provides shoes with different levels of arch support. Neutral shoes suit runners with medium arches and a neutral pronation pattern. Stability shoes offer additional support for overpronators with low to medium arches. Motion control shoes provide maximum support for severe overpronation and low arches.

Running Terrain

Consider the type of terrain you usually run on. ASICS offers shoes designed for road running, trail running, or a combination of both. Road running shoes focus on providing cushioning and responsiveness for smooth surfaces, while trail running shoes have rugged outsoles and enhanced traction for off-road conditions.

Weight and Flexibility

Depending on your preferences and running style, you may prefer lightweight and flexible shoes for a more natural feel and agility. ASICS offers a range of shoes with different weights and flexibility levels to cater to various preferences.

Fit and Comfort

Proper fit and comfort are paramount for an enjoyable running experience. When trying on ASICS shoes, pay attention to the fit around the heel, midfoot, and toe box. Ensure there is enough room for your toes to move comfortably without feeling cramped. Walk or jog around to assess the overall comfort and responsiveness of the shoes.

Durability and Quality

ASICS is known for the durability and high-quality construction of its running shoes. Consider the materials used, such as breathable mesh uppers, durable outsoles, and reinforced overlays, to ensure longevity and performance.

Reviews and Recommendations

It can be helpful to read reviews and seek recommendations from experienced runners or reputable sources. This can provide valuable insights into specific ASICS models and their suitability for different running styles and preferences.

ASICS Promotions & Discounts

ASICS offers a variety of promotions and discounts throughout the year. Here are some of the most common promotions:

  • Sign-up discount: You can get a $10 discount on your first purchase when you sign up for the ASICS email newsletter.
  • Referral discount: You can get a $10 discount on your next purchase when you refer a friend to ASICS.
  • Student discount: Students can get a 15% discount on their purchase by verifying their student status with UniDays.
  • Sale: ASICS has sales throughout the year, with discounts of up to 50% off.
  • Gift card: You can purchase an ASICS gift card and give it to someone as a gift. Gift cards can be used on the ASICS website or in select retailers.

ASICS Shipping & Return Policy


  • ASICS ships to most countries around the world.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the country and the shipping method.
  • Standard shipping typically takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Express shipping typically takes 3-5 days.


  • ASICS offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Items must be returned in the original condition in which they were received.
  • Shipping costs for returns are not covered by ASICS.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ASICS is a reliable brand with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality sports footwear. By choosing ASICS, you can expect a combination of performance-enhancing features, comfort, and durability, allowing you to focus on your sport or fitness activities with confidence.


Are ASICS running shoes good for beginners?

Yes, ASICS running shoes are suitable for beginners. They offer a range of models designed for different foot types and pronation patterns, providing the necessary support and cushioning for a comfortable running experience.

How long do ASICS running shoes last?

The lifespan of ASICS running shoes can vary depending on factors such as mileage, running style, and terrain. On average, they can last approximately 300-500 miles or 4-6 months of regular use. It’s important to monitor the wear and tear of the shoe and replace them when necessary to maintain optimal support and performance.

Are ASICS running shoes suitable for long-distance running?

Yes, ASICS offers running shoes specifically designed for long-distance running. These models usually provide enhanced cushioning, support, and durability to help runners maintain comfort and performance over extended distances.

Can I use ASICS running shoes for other activities besides running?

While ASICS running shoes are primarily designed for running, many people find them comfortable and supportive for various activities such as walking, gym workouts, and casual wear. However, it’s important to note that using running shoes for other activities may affect their lifespan and performance.

How do I clean my ASICS running shoes?

To clean ASICS running shoes, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions specific to the shoe model. In general, you can remove excess dirt or mud with a soft brush or cloth. For more thorough cleaning, use mild soap or detergent, lukewarm water, and a soft brush to gently scrub the shoes. Allow them to air dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources.

Can I replace the insoles of ASICS running shoes?

Yes, many ASICS running shoes have removable insoles, allowing you to replace them with custom orthotics or additional supportive insoles if needed. This can provide personalized comfort and support based on your individual foot needs.

Are ASICS running shoes true to size?

ASICS running shoes generally follow standard sizing, but it’s recommended to try them on or refer to the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure the best fit. Keep in mind that foot shape and individual preferences can also influence the perceived fit of the shoes.

Can I use ASICS running shoes for trail running?

ASICS offers specific models designed for trail running, which have features like durable outsoles, increased traction, and protective elements to handle uneven terrain and outdoor conditions. These shoes are recommended for optimal performance and safety during trail running activities.


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