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Blueground Review

About Blueground

There’s nothing more convenient than finding an apartment for rent that can provide a home-like experience. Wherever you stay and whenever you need to spend your nights, a cozy apartment will do wonders for you.

As of today, there is one trustworthy brand that offers beautifully furnished apartments for those of you who are searching for a home-like apartment rental. Who is it? Well, the name of the brand is Blueground.

This brand is a leading property tech company in providing comfortable, furnished, and modern apartment rentals in various major cities around the world.

1 Blueground Review

Currently, the brand has more than 25.2k followers on Facebook, 61.8k followers on Instagram, and 2.3k followers on Twitter. Additionally, there is also a YouTube channel with 1.67k subscribers. You can follow all of their social media to get the latest information and offers that they have to offer.

Do you want to discover more about this brand? If you do, then you should read this Blueground review. Here, we will help you reveal the brand’s history, apartment options, customer reviews, discounts, and more. So, keep reading!

Overview of Blueground

This year, 2023, is the year Blueground turns 10 years old. Yep, that’s right. The brand has been in the real estate industry since 2013. The founder is Alex Chatzieleftheriou, with other co-founders namely Alexis Maragkos, Andreas Nezeritis, and Penny Papakonstantinou.

Starting from a vision to create apartment rentals that are easily accessible online, move-in-ready, easy to book, and comfortable like home, the brand was established to fulfill this vision.

Over the years, the brand has hosted 32k guests and 4k trusted companies, such as Google, Uber, Tesla, BCG, and Netflix. Whether you are a businessman, a traveler, or a college student, you can enjoy a comfortable, furnished, and modern apartment through this brand.

Currently, Blueground is headquartered in New York, United States, and boasts over 12k apartments across 27 major cities in 15 countries. With this, you have a huge selection of apartments to rent wherever your journey takes you.

Due to its success, the brand has also been featured in many well-known media publications, such as USToday, Washington Post, Forbes, NYPost, Thrillist, ArchitecturalDigest, and many more. This fact shows that the brand is trusted by both guests and media publications.

The above is a slight overview of the brand. Then does this brand have any shortcomings? To find out, let’s understand Blueground’s pros and cons below.

Blueground Pros

  • Offers comfortable, furnished, and modern apartments
  • Boasts over 12k apartments across 27 major cities in 15 countries
  • Hosted more than 32k guests and 4k trusted companies
  • Featured in many well-known media publications
  • 30 days cancellation policy
  • Excellent customer service

Blueground Cons

  • There is no detailed information about customer reviews on the official website

Blueground Review

Just like what we mentioned earlier, Blueground has more than 12k rental properties spread across 27 major cities. Indeed. These major cities are NYC, Chicago, Bellevue, Istanbul, Copenhagen, London, Barcelona, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Deigo, and many more.

With this brand, you have a huge selection of apartments to choose from according to the city you want to stay in temporarily. Whether the duration of your stay is a month, 6 months, a year, or even more, this brand can offer you the perfect apartment for you.

With so many apartments to choose from, we’ve found that there are three cities where many internet users are inquiring about the availability of apartments.

Blueground Review: Three Cities with the Most Apartment Searches

  • Renaissance, 100 John St, New York City
  • Filikis Eterias XII Athens
  • Vera Residences Apartment XII Dubai

Without further ado, let’s break down these three apartments!

Blueground Renaissance, 100 John St, New York City Reviews

2 Blueground Review

Are you planning to stay in New York temporarily? If so, you might want to book a room at this Blueground Renaissance, 100 John St, New York City. Located in the Financial District close to One World Trade Center, the South Street Seaport, and Bowling Green, it is perfect for those who love downtown activities.

More than that, you can also get easy access to delicious restaurants and beautiful landmarks. There are also skyscrapers that can be your scenery during your stay at this New York City apartment.

This apartment is also spacious for you to live alone. With a size of 619 sq. ft., you can comfortably stay as if you are at home in this apartment. The facilities available are also fully equipped with a queen bed, fully equipped kitchen, linen & towels, WiFi, and home office setup, air conditioning, bathtub, live TV, dishwasher, heating, and even a balcony.

Interested in staying in this apartment in NYC? If so, you can rent it for $3,940 per month.

Blueground Filikis Eterias XII Athens Reviews

3 Blueground Review

Athens has always been a historical and beautiful city to explore. Do you have a business that requires you to stay temporarily in Athens? If you do, you might come to this Blueground Filikis Eterias XII Athens to rent one of its rooms.

This apartment is located in Glyfada, which is only 15 kilometers away from the city center. Near this apartment, you can find breathtaking boutiques, trendy cafes, upscale restaurants, sandy beaches, and other city entertainment. With these neighborhoods, you can bet that you’ll have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at this apartment.

Aside from the neighborhood, the facilities available in this apartment are also fully furnished, ranging from a queen bed, fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, and linen & towels to the washing machine, pest net, air conditioning, double-glazed windows, shower, and even balcony. There is also an outdoor shared pool for those who love swimming.

If you are interested in staying at Filikis Eterias XII apartment, you may need to prepare a budget of €1,190 for the monthly rent.

Blueground Vera Residences Apartment XII Dubai Reviews

4 Blueground Review

Do you have any matters in Dubai, be it for business or leisure? If so, you will probably love staying at this Blueground Vera Residences Apartment XII Dubai. Why? Because in this apartment, you can have a bird’s eye view of the Burj Khalifa right from your room.

Besides, this apartment is located in Business Bay, a multicultural area that is mostly visited by couples, travelers, and professionals. Near the apartment, you can already find Dubai Mall, Dubai Design District, and Bay Avenue shopping center, which you can visit for a walk.

The area of this apartment is around 890 sq. ft. which comes with two bedrooms that each feature a king bed and queen bed. Not only that, but this Vera Residences Apartment XII apartment also has a fully equipped kitchen, linen & towels, WiFi, washing machine, oven, refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave, and also a balcony.

Are you interested in renting this apartment? If you are interested, you can spend AED12,800 to rent it for a month.

How Does Blueground Work?

Are you interested in booking an apartment through this Blueground? If so, we have summarized how this brand works.

  • Search

Browse and find thousands of apartment listings available on the official website. You can find suitable apartments by understanding availability, pricing, and photos.

  • Book

If you have found a suitable apartment, you can immediately book it online with one click.

  • Check-in

Once you have booked one of the rooms from this apartment brand, you can digitally schedule your check-in via confirmation email.

  • Settle-In

Now, it’s time for you to move in and live in your chosen apartment.

Who is Blueground For?

If you are traveling abroad and searching for a comfortable and furnished apartment rental, then Blueground is definitely for you. This brand is suitable for businessmen, employees, travelers, college students, or guests looking for a temporary home rental.

With thousands of apartments available in 27 major cities in various countries around the world, you have a wide selection of apartments to choose from to suit your needs. Regardless of your destination, the brand will provide you with the most comfortable and home-like apartment living experience.

Blueground Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

5 Blueground Review

As a brand engaged in property rental, it is essential to understand the reviews and testimonials from customers who have used the brand’s services. We understand that completely. For that reason, this section exists.

In our search, we found that Blueground has been reviewed by two trusted review websites, Trustpilot and Yelp. Here are the details,

  • Trustpilot: Receive a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 473 reviews
  • Yelp: Get a rating of 4 out of 5 from 105 reviews

After you know the rating obtained by this brand, now it’s time for you to know how the testimonials from its customers are. Let’s start with the first testimonial.

Awesome interior design and is super clean! Fully equipped apartments, detailed instructions for check-in, use of the internet, and appliances.

In his testimonial, this customer expressed that he was extremely satisfied with the apartment he rented from this brand. The stunning interior design, clean rooms, fully equipped apartments, and ease of checking in are the factors that make this customer happy with this brand.

A similar statement was made by the customer below.

The location is great. The apartment is lovely and exactly like in the pictures. Communication and instructions were extremely smooth and helpful.

According to her experience, she revealed that this brand managed to provide her with a comfortable apartment that was exactly like the one in the picture. Moreover, this customer was also satisfied with the seamless and helpful communication and instructions provided by this brand.

The last testimonial comes from a happy customer who expressed her satisfaction with the brand for providing her with a beautiful and well-located apartment.

Blueground is absolutely brilliant. The apartment was gorgeous, and the location was excellent. The system of check-in and check-out was ridiculously easy and hassle-free. Their app is one of the absolute best.

In her testimonial, she also shared her satisfaction with the Blueground app. She said that the check-in and check-out system through the brand’s app was ridiculously simple and hassle-free.

Overall from this section, we can easily conclude that Blueground has succeeded in facilitating people to find a comfortable, home-like feeling, furnished and modern apartments.

From the three testimonials above, it can be concluded that the brand has succeeded in satisfying many people through the quality of the apartments and the ease of checking in.

Is Blueground Legit?

There’s no question about it, Blueground is legit. Established for almost 10 years, the brand has hosted 32k guests and over 4k companies, which ensures that the brand is trusted by people and companies around the world.

Plus, the brand has also been featured in many well-known media publications such as USToday, Washington Post, Forbes, NYPost, Thrillist, ArchitecturalDigest, and many more. So, it’s easy to say that this brand is legitimate, ensuring that you can book your apartment easily and safely.

Is Blueground Worth It?

6 Blueground Review

Is this brand worth it? Based on the quality of fully furnished apartments the brand provides and the positive testimonials received from customers, this Blueground review agrees that the brand is worth it.

Here, you can explore and find thousands of apartments that you can choose to live in temporarily. Plus, the brand also offers easy booking for its customers through the Blueground app, which you can download from Google Playstore and AppStore.

Blueground Cancellation Policy

According to Blueground’s cancellation policy, the brand offers 30 days for you to cancel and get a 100% refund. If you have a problem before 30 days of settling into your apartment, you can make a cancellation with a 100% refund.

However, if you cancel within 0-29 days, your 1-month rental fee will be credited for future bookings starting between 30 days and 180 days.

How To Contact Blueground

Having some questions about this brand regarding apartment rentals? Not to worry, this brand offers different contact in different cities. Here, we’ve compiled several Blueground contact below. Check them out!


  • Phone Number: +30 210 70 08 610 and +30 210 89 83 651
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 27 Agiou Thoma Str, 15124, Marousi


  • Phone Number: +1 773 863 3917 and +1 872 810 2851
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 448 North LaSalle Drive, 9th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654


  • Phone Number: +971 44 272 217 and +971 45 813 693
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Business Central Towers, Tower B, Al Sufouh, Al Sufouh 2, Dubai, Office: 2205B


  • Phone Number: +90 212 803 33 64 and +90 212 803 3364
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Esentepe Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd. No:175, Ferko Signature, Assembly Kat: B4, Custom Suite 4, Şişli, İstanbul

New York

  • Phone Number: +1 917 508 5326 and +1 718 362 6090
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 101 5th Ave, New York, NY 10003 – 7th Floor

For other cities, you can get information about their customer service contacts directly on the “Contact Us” page available on their official website.

Where to buy Blueground?

Have you decided to book an apartment from Blueground? If you have, then you can immediately head over to the official website.

Blueground Coupon Codes & Promos

Discounts are wonderful, and we understand that. For this reason, we have compiled Background discounts and promos that you can use when booking an apartment at this brand.

  • 30 days cancellation policy
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get exclusive deals

In addition to these two, we also have coupon codes saved in the buttons below. Hit it and use it to save on your purchase!

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Blueground in other countries.

Blueground Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Blueground reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who Owns the Blueground?

This brand was founded by Alex Chatzieleftheriou, Alexis Maragkos, Andreas Nezeritis, and Penny Papakonstantinou in 2013.

How much does Blueground salary?

The average Blueground salary range is around $71k per year or $34 per hour.

How much funding has Blueground raised up to now?

As of today, this brand has raised $256.7M for the total funding amount.

Where is Blueground headquarters?

This brand is headquartered in New York, New York, United States.

Conclusion of Blueground Reviews & Ratings

There’s nothing better than having an apartment that’s homey, fully furnished, and has a gorgeous interior design. Amazingly, you can get all three of these things through Blueground, a property technology company that provides a place for you to rent an apartment.

Are you already interested in renting an apartment from this brand? If you are, then you can immediately visit the official website.


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