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Is Haggar A Good Brand?

Haggar brand is a growing and inventive brand specializing in men’s wear, and it has a long-standing culture and history. Their products are of high quality and can be very reliable.

Haggar produces, markets, and distributes a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories.

Haggar markets its fashion outfits to end users all over the united states, overseas and through online mediums. They are one of the most popular fashion brands in america and their headquarter is located in dallas, texas.

The haggar brand should be your preferred choice if you value high-quality clothes and accessories that provide value for your money.

Haggar represents a combination of craftsmanship, quality and style.

For over 125 years, haggar clothing has strived to make itself known to the fashion community as a reputable brand that anyone can trust.

Whenever you wear any attire from haggar, you’ll feel the incredible high-quality fabric and style on display.

What Clothing Products Is Haggar Famous For?

Haggar makes casual pants, dress pants, Boys’ pants, denim, Khakis, suits, shorts, sports coats, tops, accessories, and many more.

Are Haggar Pants Reliable?

Yes, Haggar pants are reliable. There are many types of Haggar pants that you can choose from and they are all fantastic and attractive.

They have pants of all sizes that are suitable for any occasion that comes to mind. They have casual pants, dress pants, Boy’s pants, big and tall, iron-free, active, and more.

Haggar pants are lightweight, which enables you to wash them easily. They look nice, and you don’t need to iron them. If you’re someone who sweats a lot, you’ll love them because they are breathable.

re Haggar Shorts Reliable?

Just like the pants above, haggar shorts also have a variety that appeals to many people. The shorts also come in all sizes, so no one is left out, and it’s suitable for any occasion that might come to mind.

Haggar shorts have expandable waists that offer you comfort. Also, it is casual, professional, and looks great.

Are Haggar Suits Reliable?

You can’t visit a local department store in america without finding a haggar suit on display. Haggar has been around since 1928, manufacturing high-quality on-demand suits for public consumption.

Haggar suits aren’t hand-sewn, and the reason is that if they were, it would be costly for many to afford them. If significant parts of your suits are hand-sewn, it will cost more.

Most of the famous brands you see today also don’t have hand-sewn suits, so it’s not just Haggar.

Meanwhile, the above statement doesn’t mean that machine-sewn suits are cheap and of low quality. It only means that they will be a more affordable and high-quality alternative to hand-sewn suits.

Haggar suit materials are usually low-quality wool which makes it an affordable choice by keeping the cost down. If you’re wondering if haggar suits are half canvass, full canvas or fused, they’re usually fused.

You can’t brag about haggar’s low-quality wool material; however, it doesn’t mean your haggar suit will wear off anytime soon. The technology behind the fused suit is state of the art, and it won’t affect its durability.

Haggar suits come in various colors to help you pick your favorite colors.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish suit that comes affordable, the haggar brand should be your first call.

What Makes Haggar Clothing Company A Good Brand?

There are many reasons why many people consider haggar to be a good brand, and they include the following;

Number One Dress Pant Brand

Haggar is an iconic men’s fashion brand loved and patronized by many all over America and overseas. It invented slacks and sold many of them. Haggar is a market leader in single-style dress and casual pants categories.

They Have A Wide Range Of Men’s Clothing

Haggar clothing company manufactures men’s ties, slacks, dress pants, suits, sports coats, and accessories. Haggar sells its merchandise through more than 10000 stores in Canada, the UK, Mexico, and the United States.

Committed To Quality

Haggar has enjoyed fame for more than 90 years and continues to stay relevant in the fashion industry by producing high-quality products. Haggar clothing is wrinkle-free and not too baggy.

Classy Fashion For Men

Haggar clothing brand has a long-standing culture, history, leadership, and legacy of being innovative, and their product validates this declaration.

Haggar is progressing because it continuously produces extraordinary fashion for the ordinary man.

Where Can One Purchase Haggar Products?

You can purchase Haggar products from their website, through their Amazon store, or at your nearby local department stores.

With that said, Haggar is a brand that continues to invent new products that appeal to its customer base in the men’s fashion world.

If you’re looking for top-quality slacks that are suitable for work and play, the Haggar clothing brand has your back. Their pricing is affordable, and they have a vast selection of styles to choose from.

Let’s Go Down History Lane With Some Haggar Backstory

The famous Haggar clothing brand we all know was established in 1926 by a Lebanese immigrant called Joseph Marion Haggar Sr.

Officially, when they started, it was called the Haggar Clothing Co. Haggar’s mandate from inception has been to produce high-quality clothing for hard-working men at a reasonable price.

The famous Haggar clothing brand started from a one-room office to what we now know to be one of the most recognized clothing manufacturing companies in America and overseas.

In 1938, Haggar made history by creating the first ready-to-wear pre-cuffed pant.

However, a crucial part of Haggar’s history occurred during the Second World War. Haggar kept its factories open 24 hours every day to manufacture and supply more than 10 million uniforms to the United States military.

Furthermore, Haggar invented the word “slack” so people could wear them during “slack time.” Slacks grew very popular that Haggar became the largest slack producer in the world.

In 1980, Haggar started producing vests, custom-fit suits and sports coats, enabling customers to buy pants and jackets separately. Thereby creating a new clothing category called “suit separates.”

FUN FACT: It will interest you to know that since 1981, Haggar has been the exclusive brand that provides the Pro-Football Hall of Fame “Golden Jacket.”

They also provide Hall of Fame Jackets for the highly coveted Hockey Hall of Fame and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Apparently, Haggar was the first brand to place an ad in Magazines and National TV by adopting EDI and UPC technologies.

In 1992, Haggar took it a step further by introducing one hundred percent wrinkle-free pants to the marketplace, and afterward, they further introduced moisture-wicking fabrics.

Meanwhile, in 2002, Haggar began to manufacture pants with elastic waistbands.

Then in 2009, Haggar progressed and started producing sustainable fiber pants, which saved more than 130 million water bottles from heading to the landfill.

In America today, Haggar proudly produces the number one selling dress pant style called the E-CLO™ Dress Pant, and the number one selling premium No Iron Khaki casual pant style.

Haggar Retail Lines

The Haggar brand has more than 80 retail locations, a dedicated consumer-focused ecommerce platform, and its merchandise is sold in 10,000 stores all over North America.

Away from the men’s clothing line, Haggar also manufactures high-quality clothing for women. Haggar is the owner of Tribal Inc., based in Montreal.

Tribal was established in 1971, and it has now become the most prominent women’s sportswear contractor that supplies various boutique markets all over North America with more than 2400 accounts.

Randa Apparel And Accessories Acquires Haggar Clothing company

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, Randa Apparel and Accessories, one of the biggest accessories brands, announced that it had entered a definitive agreement to purchase 100% of Haggar clothing company, making Randa the new owner.

Randa is a private company established in 1910.

Their product line includes wallets, belts, slippers, neckwear, headwear, neckwear, jewelry, and other fashion accessories under 50 brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s Dickies, Columbia Sportwear, and Kenneth Cole.

Randa is a big brand hoping to take Haggar clothing company to the next level. It distributes its products overseas by leveraging over 20,000 stores and employing 4,000 employees at 26 offices in 10 countries.

Randa hopes that by acquiring Haggar, the global fashion community will see it as a statement of intent to become more productive and continue toward the path of becoming the global leader in fashion and lifestyle.

Haggar Still lives On

Just because there is a change in ownership doesn’t mean that Haggar will go extinct. Haggar will continue to operate in Dallas and will be managed and supervised by Haggar’s current management.

Randa doesn’t intend to fix what doesn’t appear to be broken, which is why they intend to continue making top-quality Haggar merchandise without affecting the quality.

The Bottom Line

Haggar is a good brand that you can trust to provide value for your money. The brand management is now in better hands, and this appears to be going smoothly.


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