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Is Shopclub Trustworthy? Know the Details!

About Shopclub

Shopclub is an online store that sells products from Electrolux and Continental brands at reduced prices. It works like a shopping club, in which participants can purchase goods directly from the factory at a lower cost than the market.

But to enter, you must be invited to receive an access code, which works like a password to be able to register.

Is Shopclub reliable ? It is possible to buy a variety of products from both brands, such as washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, hoods and air purifiers, electric pressure cookers, wine cellars, vacuum cleaners, among others.

Shopclub has social networks, but Facebook is closed and Instagram has few updates, which may point to a strategic way of acting, since the club is exclusive and does not aim to compete with the very brands it sells.

Why is Shopclub reliable ? To understand the success of the shopping club, I have prepared a detailed review with some of the favorite products of the consumers. Check out.

Shopclub overview

With the proposal of being an exclusive environment to sell Electrolux and Continental products with discounts, Shopclub is a shopping club whose differential is the fact that it is not for everyone.

To participate and enjoy all the benefits and advantages, you must have an access code that can only be obtained through a recommendation from a friend who works at Electrolux or via the HR of an associated company.

But is Shopclub reliable ? Before showing you some products, how about some initial pros and cons?


  • Holder of the RA 100 Seal of the Reclame Aqui website , aimed at companies with excellent service rates
  • Great review Shopclub Reclame Aqui , rated 8.5 out of 10
  • Special discounts for shopping club members
  • Exclusive access, through the recommendation of a friend who works at Electrolux or via the HR of an associated company
  • Shopclub is reliable in terms of security, as the site has technology that keeps your financial information confidential.
  • Factory warranty on products
  • Payment of purchases in up to 12 installments on credit card


  • Virtually non-existent social networks, to the detriment of brands

Shopclub: Review

Shopclub is the Electrolux group’s shopping club , which sells products made by the Electrolux and Continental brands . Its headquarters are in Curitiba (PR).

In it, the customer can find various goods at special prices, such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, wine cellars, dishwashers, hoods and purifiers, domestic utilities, small appliances, parts and accessories.

Shopclub is reliable and all products sold are original, first class and factory direct, with no defects. Check out some options for sale to the consumer.

Electrolux Love Your Day 30 Coffee Maker (CMM20)

The Electrolux Love Your Day 30 Coffee Maker (CMM20) is the ideal model for families who love the drink and don’t give up on it.

With a modern design, it has a capacity for 30 coffees (50 ml) and a drip-stop system, which allows you to serve the coffee without having to wait until the end of the process.

The coffee maker also has a removable filter, refractory glass carafe and automatic shut-off.

The machine has an indicator light and an automatic shut-off system, a heating base that preserves the flavor and temperature of the coffee, a brushed steel detail and a place to store the electric cable.

Customer Erna D. bought and loved the coffee maker, leaving 5 stars as a review on the Shopclub website :

“Excellent product. I recommend it to all coffee lovers. It heats up the water quickly and gets the coffee ready in a minute!”

The Electrolux Love Your Day 30 Coffee Maker (CMM20) costs BRL 179.90 (or 4x of BRL 44.97 ) at Shopclub .

Electrolux Electric Pressure Cooker (PCE20)

The Electrolux Electric Pressure Cooker (PCE20) is a real hand on the wheel in the kitchen, in addition to being very safe when handling. With it, you can prepare that Saturday feijoada like a real chef.

It has a capacity of 5 liters, a 60-minute timer and a set of accessories that make cooking easier.

It has 9 safety devices, including automatic lid locking, pressure control, relief valve, anti-blocking cover for the limiting valve, thermostat and thermal fuse.

It has the “Beans” function on its panel, so that you can prepare one of the most traditional dishes of Brazilian daily life with all practicality.

In addition, the pan always keeps food warm thanks to the “Keep Warm” function. Comes with plastic shell and measuring cup.

Consumer Rodrigo A. rated the pan with 5 stars on the Shopclub website :

“Excellent product, very safe, easy to use. And much prettier in person! They are to be congratulated”.

The Electrolux Electric Pressure Cooker (PCE20) costs BRL 349.90 (or 8x of BRL 43.73 ) at Shopclub .

Electrolux Expressionist Toaster (TOP50)

With a modern and practical design, the Electrolux Expressionist Toaster (TOP50) makes it easy to prepare loaf of bread for breakfast.

The toaster comes with a digital panel and well-marked, touch-sensitive buttons. It has a DigitalVision countdown timer, which allows you to follow the toasting process accurately.

It has a superior support for heating bread, a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning easier and a system that allows you to stop and continue toasting at any time.

The appliance has the capacity to toast even the largest loaves, which increases your options at the time of preparation. In all, there are 7 levels of toasting.

Customer Sandra M. approved the toaster and rated the product 5 stars on the Shopclub :

“Modern design, easy to use, all functions are clear, manual with accurate information. I loved! I recommend”.

The Electrolux Expressionist Toaster (TOP50) costs BRL 389.90 (or 9x of BRL 43.32 ) at Shopclub .

PowerMop Steamer for Electrolux Floors (MOP10)

The Electrolux PowerMop Floor Vaporizer (MOP10) is a device that eliminates up to 99.9% of fungi and bacteria, keeping any environment hygienic.

The model can be used to clean hard floors, laminates, rugs and carpets, restoring their shine and appearance again.

The steamer removes grease in kitchens and bathrooms, cleaning windows and accessing those more specific points, eliminating difficult-to-clean dirt.

It is recommended for places with children and pets, because, by sterilizing the environment, it eliminates the proliferation of microorganisms that harm health, as well as unwanted odors.

It has 3 steam intensity options to adjust to each type of surface.

The tank has a capacity of 350 ml, with autonomy of up to 25 minutes of continuous steam per water tank.

Comes with 3 meter electrical cord, with cable wrapping support and vertical parking. Comes with 2 microfiber cloths, supply cup and carpet accessories.

Customer Sulla M. rated the vaporizer 5 stars on the Shopclub website , but made one note:

“Excellent product, only the wire that could be 5 meters long, the one that comes from 3 meters is very short”.

The Electrolux Floor Steamer PowerMop (MOP10) costs BRL 239.90 (or 5x of BRL 47.98 ) at Shopclub .

Electrolux Easyline Steam Iron (SIE60)

The Electrolux Easyline Steam Iron (SIE60) is an essential product to leave clothes well ironed quickly and practically.

The model has a vertical steam system, which smoothes clothes while still on the hanger, leaving them smoother and without visible wrinkles or creases.

With a capacity of 250 ml, the reservoir is one of the largest in its category and allows you to monitor the water level in real time.

The base is non-stick, which slides easily through the fabric and keeps clothes always well ironed and ready for use at any time of day.

Attached to the top of the iron, the built-in spray eliminates wrinkles and creases more easily, optimizing your ironing time.

The iron comes with a button-saver edge, which facilitates the process of ironing the fabric located between the shirt buttons, ensuring greater precision in the finish.

It has a temperature selector and you can even choose between 2 levels of steam or use the iron in dry mode.

Consumer Lucilene gave the iron 5 stars on the Shopclub website :

“Lightweight, beautiful product, heats up quickly and slides over clothes, providing a super well ironed outfit”.

The Electrolux Easyline Steam Iron (SIE60) costs BRL 89.90 (or 2x of BRL 44.95 ) at Shopclub .

Professional Car Vacuum Cleaner 1300W Electrolux 20 L and Exclusive Accessories (GTCAR)

The Electrolux 20 L Professional Car Vacuum Cleaner 1300W and Exclusive Accessories (GTCAR) has professional performance and vacuums liquids and solids with 1,300 W of power. It is recommended for automotive cleaning.

The model has a Protect Power filter, which protects the engine from the finest particles and makes it possible to vacuum water and dust simultaneously, without the need for a dust bag.

The hose is resistant and is 2 meters long, being 30% longer to reach all corners and a 20L capacity in the barrel. If it reaches the maximum capacity, intelligent suction interruption takes place.

The vacuum cleaner also has the “Blow” function, ideal for removing dust and dirt from corners and crevices of the vehicle and 360º wheels for better movement and handling, facilitating transport and your daily life.

It comes with 2 extension tubes, turbo nozzle, extra long and flexible nozzle for corners and crevices and upholstery nozzle.

Customer Márcia P. gave the product 5 stars on the Shopclub website and made a comment about the vacuum cleaner:

“Great product, sucks up all the dust even in the corners. Because it is heavy at the top and light at the bottom, it falls easily. But just be careful. I loved it and recommend it.”

The Electrolux 20 L Professional Car Vacuum Cleaner 1300W and Exclusive Accessories (GTCAR) is priced at R$559.90 (or 12x of R$46.65 ) at Shopclub .

Washer and Dryer 11Kg/7Kg Electrolux White Perfect Care Inverter with Hot Water/Steam (LSP11)

The Wash and Dry 11Kg/7Kg Electrolux White Perfect Care Inverter with Hot Water/Steam (LSP11) brings together in one product technology to wash and dry clothes in a practical and safe way.

It is equipped with SensiCare technology, which washes in the right measure, without wearing clothes, adjusting time, water and energy consumption.

AutoSense measures the temperature and humidity of clothes and dries them accurately, without drying out.

The washer and dryer also has Vapour Care technology, which reduces up to 30% of wrinkles on clothes, making ironing easier. And it also eliminates 99.9% of germs and allergens.

The machine is equipped with a silent inverter motor and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Consumer Thalita L. approved the washer and dryer, and rated it 5 stars on the ShopClub website :

“Very complete, excellent size and super light, which makes cleaning the place easier as well. The machine is super silent and does its job well.”

The Wash and Dry 11Kg/7Kg Electrolux White Perfect Care Inverter with Hot Water/Steam (LSP11) costs BRL 3,149 (or 12x of BRL 262.41 ) at Shopclub .

Washing Machine 13kg Electrolux Turbo Economy, Silent with Jet&Clean and Lint Filter (LAC13)

The 13kg Electrolux Turbo Economy Washing Machine, Silent with Jet&Clean and Lint Filter (LAC13) is indispensable for the care of clothes.

It has an intelligent dilution system, which protects your pieces from stains, as the products are completely diluted before falling on clothes.

The 13 kg washer is made with Jet&Clean self-cleaning technology, which makes the dispenser perfect for the next cycle. It also comes with a lint filter, which takes six times longer than other models.

The machine has a special program for sneakers, duvets and bed and bath items, which allows a particular treatment for them, leaving them clean and preserved.

It has the option of “Turbo agitation”, which maximizes washing performance for those clothes with difficult to remove stains.

Customer Breno L. gave the machine 5 stars on the Shopclub website :

“Very good, huge, washes are silent, I’m loving it”.

The 13kg Electrolux Turbo Economy, Silent Washing Machine with Jet&Clean and Lint Filter (LAC13) costs BRL 1,869 (or 12x of BRL 155.75 ) at Shopclub .

Shopclub: What do customers like?

Shopclub has social networks, but Facebook is closed and Instagram has few updates, which may point to a strategic way of acting, since the club is exclusive and does not aim to compete with the very brands it sells.

Is Shopclub Trustworthy ? The consumer reviews found were taken from Reclame Aqui , where the brand has a great reputation.

The client Luciana, for example, complains about the delay in the delivery of a refrigerator purchased via Shopclub :

“I bought an Electrolux refrigerator through the Shopclub website for my mother who lives in João Pessoa (PB), they promised to deliver on 02/22/2022. The purchase was made on 01/31/2022. On 02/24/2022, I got in touch and they informed me that there was a problem with the logistics and that I would no longer receive my product. What do you mean if it has already been paid up to the first installment?”

About the case, Shopclub reported that the order is listed as canceled and that the amount paid was reversed.

Customer Deborah said that she canceled a purchase, but did not receive a refund:

“I made a purchase for a washing machine and on the same day I canceled it, but until today I have not received a refund for the purchase, which was on my credit card. I need the refund to buy another product.”

Electrolux reported that the customer ‘s chargeback has already been carried out.

Is Shopclub Trustworthy ? Consumer Karem complained about the carrier’s excessive haste when delivering a refrigerator, which did not wait for her to come down to receive the product:

“I stayed at home for 3 days to receive, having problems because of my work. Today they call me from the concierge to inform me that the refrigerator has arrived. I put on some clothes to go downstairs, but there’s not even time to receive a call that the delivery man tells me he’s leaving, because he’s been waiting for me for 3 minutes”.

And he adds: “I live in a building in the last tower and on a high floor. He can’t wait any time for Electrolux ‘s order ”.

Upon learning, Electrolux apologized for the inconvenience and informed that it has forwarded the case to delivery management, so that it can be reviewed with the carriers.

Consumer Valdenise criticized the quality of the vacuum cleaner she bought at Shopclub :

“I made a purchase of an Electrolux vacuum cleaner . It’s only been 15 days since I received the product, I was vacuuming the house and out of nowhere the cable came loose. I saw that the plastic part that holds the cable opened. I contacted Electrolux and was told it would be misused. What do you mean if the only thing I did was vacuum the house?”

Electrolux informed that according to the policy published on the website, the deadline for exchange in cases of damage is up to 72 hours after receipt of the goods, which had already occurred.

Shopclub: Claim Here

Shopclub has a great reputation with consumers on the Reclame Aqui website , where it scored 8.5 out of 10.

On the platform, the brand holds the RA 100 Seal, intended for companies with excellent service rates.

The company responded to 95.9% of complaints registered on the platform, with a solution rate of 92.2%, which is considered excellent.

Among the problems reported on Reclame Aqui Shopclub are late delivery, goods not received, crumpled product and problems with checkout.

Is shopclub good?

Is shopclub good? The advantage of participating in this shopping club is having access to more attractive prices than those charged in large retail chains.

Shopclub is safe and the customer also has the credibility of one of the biggest home appliance brands in the world, which is Electrolux . In addition, it is possible to buy Continental products for special values.

Is Shopclub Trustworthy?

Is Shopclub Trustworthy ? The brand holds the RA 100 Seal of the Reclame Aqui website , reserved for companies with excellent service rates on the platform.

Shopclub received 344 complaints in the last 6 months, responded to 95.9% and generated a total of 194 reviews. Of these consumers, 79.7% indicated that they would do business with the brand again.

In terms of security, Shopclub is reliable because its website is protected against card theft and cloning.

Shopclub discount coupon

There is no Shopclub coupon to get a discount in the online store. Being a member already entitles you to offers, which are exclusive.

Is Shopclub Trustworthy ? To have access to attractive offers from the shopping club, the person must have a code to be able to enter the virtual environment, even without a Shopclub discount coupon .

You can get the code from a friend who works at Electrolux or from your company’s HR if your company is associated with Shopclub .

If this is not your case, you can use the code QUEROENTRAR to register on the site.

In this case, you can buy in the program, but you do not benefit from exclusive offers from partnerships or friends of employees.

Shopclub offers free shipping on many products. See the list of offers onwebsite .


Who created Shopclub?

Shopclub is the Electrolux group’s virtual shopping club , which sells products from the Electrolux and Continental brands directly from the factory with special discounts.

As a shopping club, to buy in it you need an access code, which works like a password to register.

If you do not have this code, Shopclub offers you an initial code so that you can register without difficulties.

In this shopping club, participants can buy products at a lower cost than the market.

Is Shopclub Trustworthy ? Between buying on the manufacturer’s website and at the Shopclub , discounts are more attractive in the shopping club.

All products sold in the shopping club are original, first-rate and come straight from the factory, without damage.

At Shopclub Electrolux you will find several products at special prices, such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, wine cellars, dishwashers, hoods and scrubbers, domestic utilities, small appliances, parts and accessories.

About the Electrolux group , the brand was born in Sweden, in 1919, and is present in 150 countries, with more than 60 million products sold annually. It has been in Brazil since 1926.

Are Shopclub products imported?

Shopclub products are produced by Electrolux and Continental in their own industrial units in Brazil.

The Electrolux group has 7 production plants in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Chile, with around 11 thousand employees.

In Brazil, the group has 2 manufacturing plants in Curitiba (PR), one in São Carlos (SP) and one in Manaus (AM).

What payment methods does Shopclub accept?

Shopclub accepts payments via bank slip, Pix , AME , PayPal and Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Elo and Hipercard credit cards .

Credit card purchases can be paid in up to 12 interest-free installments .

If you choose to buy in boleto , the amount must be paid in cash. The clearing period can take up to 3 days.

If you want to pay with AME , you get 8% cashback .

Payments on Pix are 5% off.

If you pay with PayPal , you get 3% OFF .

What is Shopclub’s return policy?

Shopclub advises the consumer to refuse delivery of the goods if the order is in disagreement, whether in voltage, color, model, price, missing or even damaged parts, justifying the return on the back of the invoice.

If you receive the goods without noticing the mistake, contact the service center. Contact must be made within 72 hours after receipt, with the order number or CPF of the holder of the purchase, by phone or email.

For a product with a malfunction (technical failure), the customer must claim the warranty, through the technical assistance of the authorized network.

For other cases, such as regret , withdrawal or exchange , the customer must contact the service center with the order number or CPF of the purchaser to request the exchange or return .

To request a return and/or exchange , it is essential that the product:

Be accompanied by the 1st copy of the invoice

Completed exchanges and returns form

In original, unused packaging.

No signs of damage from misuse

Be accompanied by the manual and all accessories (cable, installation kit, parts)

The customer has 7 calendar days to request the exchange or return of their product from the date of receipt of the goods.

For this, it is necessary to contact the service center to request a return due to regret , withdrawal or exchange of the product within 7 calendar days, counting from the date of receipt (except in cases of damage, where the deadline is 72 hours ).

The central will send the carrier, who will collect the product at the place of delivery. The pickup address must be the same as where the product was originally delivered.

The return will be effective only after the physical receipt of the goods at the distribution center, and after analysis of the product by an Electrolux technician .

The period for analysis is up to 2 business days, counted from the receipt of the product at the distribution center.

After analysis, the customer will be informed via e-mail about the dispatch of his new order or about the cancellation of the order.

What is Shopclub’s refund policy?

Shopclub refunds the consumer in two ways:

Current account credit: if the payment was made by bank slip or debit, the refund will be made via DOC in the current account indicated by the customer. It is necessary that the CPF of the account holder is the same that made the order (CPF of the person registered on the site). Electrolux does not issue refunds to third parties. The credit can be viewed in an account within 10 working days after the technical analysis report of the product

Credit on the card invoice: if the payment was made in this modality, the cancellation will be made with the card administrator and the visualization of the value can occur in up to 2 subsequent invoices, after the technical analysis report of the product


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