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Madeira Madeira Review

Madeira Madeira is a furniture and decoration online store founded in 2008 by Marcelo and Daniel Scandian.

The Madeira Madeira store has years of existence in the Brazilian market, and today it is one of the largest marketplaces in Brazil, competing with retail giants such as Americanas, Submarino, and Magalu.

If you’ve ever needed to buy furniture online, you’ve certainly come across Madeira Madeira, a highly visible Brazilian online store.

With a complete catalog and physical stores spread across Brazil, Madeira Madeira received an investment of R$190 million in 2021 and is currently valued at just over R$1 billion. Today we will see Madeira Madeira’s successful trajectory, how to buy in the store and how to get a Madeira Madeira discount coupon.

Madeira Madeira – What is it?

Madeira Madeira is a furniture and decoration online store founded in 2008 by Marcelo and Daniel Scandian. The will to undertake came after the fall of their father’s flooring company. At the time they had to learn how to sell online to get rid of the remaining machines from the old store.

With the commission money from the sale of these machines they founded Madeira Madeira. Rumor has it that the duplicate name comes from calls where customers asked if laminate floors were really wood and salespeople said it was real wood. Over time, customers themselves began to ask how the wood was going, and so the name remains the same to this day.

The beginning was not easy at all, the family had no bank credit and their name was dirty. At that time, they had the help of former suppliers from their father’s store, who already knew them. Madeira Madeira started as a kind of virtual catalogue, products were delivered by suppliers. When the person chose the product and placed the order, Daniel and Marcelo would call the suppliers to deliver the product in question.

In the first year, the store got its own cash, in the second year they got a loan, but in the third year, after fraud and a loss of R$300 thousand, Madeira Madeira was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. At that moment a loan was what saved the company, but for the brothers it was clear that they needed investors.

The store got investors and with programmers working 18 hours a day, it managed to win through resilience. In 2019, Madeira Madeira, a virtual store that was now a marketplace, received a contribution of US$110 million from Softbank.

Madeira Madeira Brasil, in 2021 received a contribution of R$190 million to expand its activities. Today, the virtual store has a catalog of around 1 million products, and serves the entire Brazilian territory.

If you still have doubts about what Madeira Madeira is, know that it is a marketplace, that is, suppliers from all over Brazil can register to sell their products through the platform, this model is extremely profitable, as the store does not need to invest in stock, needing to manage only virtual operations and supervise registered suppliers.

Is Madeira Madeira reliable?

The Madeira Madeira store has years of existence in the Brazilian market, and today it is one of the largest marketplaces in Brazil, competing with retail giants such as Americanas, Submarino and Magalu.

In addition, Madeira Madeira has many service channels and offers good support and service to the customers of the virtual store. For these reasons, we can say that the Madeira Madeira store is reliable.

Madeira Madeira Reclame Aqui

Reclame Aqui is a well-known website in Brazil for evaluating and ranking companies based on their problem-solving ability.

Madeira Madeira reputation

Registered for 12 years on Reclame Aqui and more than 718,000 views, Madeira Madeira has a score of 7.6 out of 10 on Reclame Aqui.

  • 97.4% is the store response rate
  • 58% would do business again
  • 88.1% is the solution rate
  • 6.23 is the consumer grade

Madeira Madeira complaints and resolutions

Madeira Madeira takes up to 13 days and 16 hours to respond to a complaint on Reclame Aqui, remembering that this time is average and can vary more or less.

In addition, analyzing the complaints posted on Reclame Aqui, we noticed that the Madeira Madeira customer service team seeks to understand and solve each of the problems as quickly as possible, most of which are resolved right there by Reclame Aqui and always leaves the service channel open for your customers to call you whenever necessary.

Madeira Madeira main problems

The main problems of the Madeira Madeira store in Reclame Aqui are:

  • 18.66% delays in delivery, product not received, wrong product, and reversal of the amount paid.
  • 31.84% problems with furniture, problems with tables and chairs, problems with sofas and upholstery, and problems with office furniture.
  • 59.03% had problems with furniture in general, problems with lighting and electricity, problems with rugs and carpets, and problems with dishes and metal.

Madeira Madeira Reviews

The Ebit website is another platform for evaluating stores and companies. Ebit accepts that compliments, criticisms, testimonials, and shopping experiences are posted on the platform.

At Ebit, Madeira Madeira has a diamond seal. 84% of people who reviewed the store would buy again, 92% indicated that their purchases were delivered on time and 50% would recommend the store to friends. All this data together proves that Madeira Madeira is reliable.

How to know if a Madeira Madeira seller is reliable?

To find out if a Madeira Madeira supplier is reliable, the platform has a system for evaluating purchased products. Buyers can post reviews, testimonials, compliments, and criticisms about the products, in this way it is easier to know if the supplier and the product sold are reliable.

Is the Madeira website Madeira safe?

The Madeira Madeira website has security seals such as the armored site seal. This seal indicates that the site in question underwent a strict audit that looks for vulnerabilities in the system that could put customers and platform users at risk.

In addition, Madeira Madeira has Google’s safe navigation seal. This Google technology searches for unsafe websites and reports them in Google searches. If you are interested, you can search there if a site is safe or not or check a list of sites considered unsafe.

Madeira Madeira Review

So far, we have seen that Madeira Madeira is a complete and very intuitive platform, offering variety, and quality in products and services. It is also worth remembering that on the internet it is possible to find reviews of purchases made in the store, in some cases there are people who post vlogs with the complete shopping experience in the virtual store in question, showing from the act of purchase on the website or app, to receiving and opening the product at home.

How to buy Madeira Madeira?

The purchase process on Madeira Madeira is similar to that of other marketplaces. Start by looking for the items you want to buy. You can do this by browsing through the site’s many categories or by looking for a specific word in the search box.

When accessing the product, you will have access to a lot of information about it, such as technical specifications, descriptions, and reviews from other buyers. In this section, there will also be an area to enter the zip code.

By choosing all the items you want to buy and accessing the shopping cart, you will have access to the purchase summary, and the payment options available and you will also see an area destined to insert a Madeira Madeira coupon.

To proceed with the purchase, it is necessary to log in if you already have a record in the store or register on the platform, entering information such as a full address, email, and some personal data. If you want, you can register with your Facebook account.

To finalize the purchase in Madeira Madeira, it is also necessary to register a valid payment method for processing the purchase in the store. After confirming the purchase and payment, you will be notified by email about each step of your order, until it arrives at your home.

Madeira Madeira Payment

In Madeira Madeira, you can buy and pay with Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, Elo, Hipercard, and Amex credit cards in up to 12 interest-free installments. In some suppliers, it is possible to buy credit cards in up to 24 interest-free installments. Also, you can buy with 2 cards, bank slips, and transfers via PIX.

Madeira Madeira Delivery times

Shipping costs and delivery times for Madeira Madeira are calculated based on the zip code entered at the time of purchase. Normally, the platform only offers one shipping option.

Madeira Madeira Return and Exchange

If you want to cancel your purchase and get a refund, you can open a request on the Madeira Madeira website within 7 calendar days of receiving the product. After the request, just wait for the service team to contact you to confirm your details and the amount to be refunded.

In the case of an exchange, the process is the same, it will be necessary to fill out a return and exchange request, which will be analyzed by the store’s service team, and later you will receive more information on how to proceed.

Madeira Madeira, how does it work?

On the Madeira Madeira website, you can find a section of jobs currently available on the platform. To access this area, just click on the “career ” option located at the footer of the Madeira Madeira website.

Another very interesting feature of the Madeira Madeira website is its blog, which publishes several articles with tips, tutorials, trends and news about the newest and most technological features in the world of furniture and decoration.

Madeira Madeira official website

Madeira Madeira’s official website is

Madeira Madeira APP

The Madeira Madeira app makes it possible to buy furniture online with one click and with much more comfort and convenience, offering everything you need in the palm of your hand. You can find the Madeira Madeira app for IOS devices on the Appstore and for Android devices on the PlayStore.

Madeira Madeira Coupon

The Madeira Madeira coupon is the possibility to buy furniture and decoration products in one of the largest marketplaces in the country with discounts on the cost of shipping or on the total purchase price. Therefore, get your Madeira Madeira Offer Ideal coupon now.

Is it safe to buy in Madeira Madeira?

It was clear that Madeira Madeira is a safe and reliable virtual store to make purchases. The platform has been operating in the Brazilian market for over 10 years, has a great score on Reclame Aqui and good recommendations from store buyers. Madeira Madeira offers good service to its customers and whenever possible announces discounts and promotions in the store.

The Madeira Madeira website also proved to be reliable, having several security seals and a privacy policy, which guarantee that its customers’ bank and personal data will be stored in a 100% secure environment and will only be used to process purchases made in the store.

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