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Placeit Review: What Is Placeit? Features, Benefits, Pricing, Pros & Cons


Placeit is a simple yet smart design, logo and mockup tool which nearly anyone can use for any type of company or occasion.

Customers can purchase items on Placeit either individually, or download them via a paid subscription.

As an Elements writer, your items could be considered for sale on Placeit. This does not automatically mean they’ll be chosen available, but instead they’ll be chosen for Placeit based on what clients are searching for.

Placeit is a platform that provides logos, templates, animated videos, and mockups. If you are planning for a fabric selling platform, and therefore, you want some instant layouts to show off at a sensible in addition to a professional method. Then you can go for Placeit, and they cover a huge range of clothing mockups. Or you may need a logo for your business. Placeit comes with a readily operable emblem maker that will contribute a great deal to your e-commerce leading to your shop unique from remainder and which further influences your manufacturer.

Besides logos and designs, they also give covers, business cards, and a good deal more, where they offer you a wide collection of complimentary templates. Placeit ensures that their technology should lead to producing high-quality logos using an eye catching template that becomes an aid in making amazing powerful products and resources for your trademark.


All kinds of mockups, but popular categories are: apparel, print and electronic mockups.

Clients are also searching for layout templates, particularly t-shirt designs and societal media banners and stories/posts.

If your items have been chosen and published on Placeit, this info will be transmitted in a monthly Placeit email address.

Your thing can be edited slightly prior to being printed on Placeit in order to make it feasible for Placeit users to customize and interchange images, icons, fonts, backgrounds, etc..

Sometimes lines of text may need to be eliminated or elements reordered, but no substantial changes to the file will be made.


Favorable testimonials include comments such as:”The movies you’ll be able to make are amazing, alongside the mockups and societal networking posts.” …”They utilize high-quality photos and videos with versions to help give your products a more personal connection.” “PlaceIt is an excellent advertising tool.

As stated previously, Placeit is a notable online resource for internet retailers as it supplies you with a state-of-the-art and simple-to-use way to just create easy and quick item mockups for promoted clothing and other items.

Should you need a company logo for the brand, you have just found the right tool for that! Leverage some of their divergent templates to choose one that captivates your audience and captures your history.



You are able to test all of Placeit’s tools with their free trial. Next, in case you find it useful and you think it aids your business, you’ll have upgrade to one of the following options:


With this choice, you will enjoy unlimited access to all of Placeit’s style templates, video templates, mockups, and emblem manufacturers. You are able to download as many assets are you want, and maintain your subscription heading for as long as you like.

SINGLE PURCHASES: Do not want to commit? This option offers a’pay as you go’ type of buy, where you only shell out to find the services that you use. For instance, if you’re only making only one T-shirt or even just 1 mockup, you can pay for just those products. This is a great option if you don’t think you’ll use Placit often enough to justify a subscription, or for testing Placeit’s caliber and ease-of-experience without paying more than you have to.


  • Mockups: $7.95
  • Design template: $2.95
  • Logos:$39.95
  • Video mockups and single video:$9.95

FREE OPTIONS: As mentioned, you can elect for a free trial before committing. Besides that, Placeit occasionally has free download options in their selected pictures, so be on the look-out for those.

It must be noted that your monthly subscription will automatically renew; however, there is no minimum commitment, and you can cancel any time. You have to ensure you cancel in advance of the next billing date (at least a business day earlier ) to be sure that you’re not charged for the next month/year.

Placeit does not offer refunds for periods in which you do not use the subscription. On the other hand, the assets you’ve created will continue to be accessible for you to access after you cancel your subscription.



Placeit offers thousands of apparel, video, and graphic design templates you can download and edit in minutes. However not only do they offer a lot of stunning templates, but they also provide a number of other advertising and branding resources.

For example, do you need a new emblem to your business? If so, Placeit has an easy-to-use logo maker that is bound to generate something which sets your brand besides other e-commerce sites

Or, perhaps a t-shirt layout is what you’re looking for? Placeit offers thousands of apparel and digital mockups to choose from. You can design product that looks professional and reflects your business in just a matter of minutes.

In essence, Placeit provides users with the tools they have to create branded items quickly and efficiently, with no need for any technical or artistic skills.


From these templates, you can design and create:

  • LOGOS: Choose from a list of industries, then browse tens of thousands of logo templates — you are bound to find one that matches your market!
  • LAYOUT TEMPLATES: ” It doesn’t matter what you are designing — t-shirts, flyers, business cards, social media images, etc., you name it, you need to be able to find a decent layout template on Placeit.
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION MOCK-UPS: If you would like to create fashion items such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, hats, etc.. Or things like mugs, tote bags, pillows, telephone cases, etc.. There are a lot of HR mockups to peruse through!
  • A DRAG & DROP VIDEOMAKER: Use Placeit’s easy-to-use video maker to make product demos, Instagram tales, social networking advertising videos, etc..
  • GAMBLING: Brand your gambling station by creating assets to your Twitch profile — Placeit provides all you need to begin with this!

Now we’ve recorded the five chief areas Placit targets, let’s review each of these in a little more detail.


Logos are crucial for creating your brand’s aesthetic. Period.


Thus, you need to design something which’s creative, memorable, and relevant to your business- maybe do not create a symbol with a deer on it, even if you are selling cat food, for example.

Placeit can help you create a fantastic logo in just a couple clicks. Its interface is super simple and supplies over 8,000 professional-looking emblem design templates to pick from.


  • Click on the”Logos” tab on Placeit’s website.
  • Sort your brand name to the area under”let us create a symbol!”
  • Select your business category or search for your specialty.
  • Customize the colors of your logo *suggestion: be consistent with branding; if your manufacturer has a colour scheme, use that. Placeit will tailor its emblem suggestions based on your color choice.
  • Today you can tweak the components of your logo: font, text, frame, etc..
  • When you’re delighted with the layout, hit Save and download.


As we have already hinted at, you may utilize Placeit to design your first t-shirt, business cards, banners, flyers, social networking images, and more.

Here’s how:

  • Click on the”Design Templates” tab on Placeit’s website.
  • Select the strength you want to design out of Placeit’s extensive range.
  • Subsequently, simply click on the template you prefer.
  • Now, you can customize your template layout by adding text, changing the font, placing a featured image, and adjusting the framework to satisfy your requirements.
  • When you’re pleased with your final design, press save, and download.



With over 22,000 mockup templates to choose from, Placeit provides you plenty of scope to select a design that is right for you.

You may be wondering,”hang on; what is a mockup?”

If this describes you, not worry, a mockup is a pre requisite template to get a piece of product, for instance, a t-shirt. After that you can customize it by adding your own designs, text, pictures, etc., on it.

To create your own new mockup:

  • Click on the”mockups” tab located on the very top of Placeit’s website.
  • Select the kind of mockup design you would like to produce.
  • As soon as you’ve decided on the type of product you want a mockup for, then now you can navigate Placeit’s vast library of templates and layouts.
  • When you’ve selected your template, it is time to customize it by adding your own text and graphics. If necessary, crop the images to satisfy your needs.
  • Then when you are happy with your completed mockup, download it without a watermark.


Video content is an excellent way of engaging with your audience. There’s so much you can perform using a fast film. For example, businesses can promote their latest products, create a viral feeling, introduce themselves to potential clients — just to name a few!


In reality, data indicates that videos are better for capturing people’s attention than images independently. Interestingly, social media videos generate as much as 12 times the number of stocks than text or graphics combined. Additionally, but you’re very likely to get more traffic to your site using video than companies that don’t — 41 percent more likely really.

Some think videos are really useful because they need individuals to stop and pay attention, whereas, with images, it is a lot easier to scroll by mindlessly.

Thus, publishing professional-looking and captivating video content could be the key to enhancing your online marketing strategies.

Luckily for you, Placeit offers hundreds of video templates for various kinds of videos.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Click on the”movies” tab on Placeit’s web site.
  • Choose the video format that you would like to make: slideshow videos, Instagram tales; intro templates; product demonstration videos; Instagram movies, etc.,
  • Browse Placeit’s library of movie templates and choose one that works for you
  • Customize your own video to fit your brand: text, images, colours, playback rate, etc..
  • Audio is an essential component to your movie, so jump using cringey ringtone-style sound and choose something which’ right for your business’s image. Placeit has a vast audio library, with over 1,300 audio tracks to choose from, which range from alternative beats to jazz. So, at this phase of the video-making process, utilize this source!
  • When you’re ready, download your video!



Throughout the past ten years, online gaming has exploded in popularity. For some, streaming videos of their gameplay has even become a career… and a rewarding one at that.

Sites like Twitch and Youtube let people to live-stream as they match to an audience and possibly earn money by doing this. There is a significant audience for this kind of content. That’s an amazing number of people!

So, if you’re a gamer, then branding your channel is incredibly important if you want to stick out in the ever-growing audience of live-streamers. It’s no easy thing to do today, and that means you need to look the part by simply reflecting a professional yet distinctive image.

Placeit can help you make fabulous templates to your gaming station, most notably to your emblem, assets on Twitch, and product that you want to market.

Here’s the Way to kickstart the production procedure:

  • Click “Gaming” tab on top of Placeit’s website
  • Choose the kind of templates you wish to look: For instance, all gaming websites; logos; animated trademarks; Twitch banners; Twitch overlays; video intros, etc..
  • Once you’ve decided the class, browse through their selection and pick the option that best suits you
  • Customize the template’s text, colours, etc. *Suggestion: designing a logo? Inject a little bit of motion into your design by opting for an animated logo.
  • Subsequently download when you are read.


Create all your branding and advertising digital resources directly from your browser without downloading complicated software.

Begin with your emblem , then introduce it to the planet with a skilled and lively intro movie. Create and download a t-shirt design in moments with our design templates. Test it out on one of our t-shirt mockups or apply it to other products such as tote bags. You’ll download high-resolution pictures ready to upload to your attire store!

So now you understand, we are the ally to save money and time! Would you require t-shirt designs, business cards, book covers, or flyers? Placeit has your back with thousands of design templates! Additionally, we’re adding more templates every day!


Sure thing! When you buy from Placeit, you get the right to use your designs on any platform you choose for commercial, advertising, or marketing purposes.

For more comprehensive information, please read the full licensing provisions.



In other words, Placeit easy to use, and also those with no technical or design experience can easily create mockups and videos by using one of their thousands of templates.

Simply choose the template image you’re searching for, ensure the picture you want to drop inside matches the dimensions the template requests, and that is all it takes.

User reviews have been largely favorable. As one person said,”that I was looking for such an app but never knew it existed until I eventually stumbled on this wonderful site. I’m not that great in Adobe Photoshop and these men make all the heavy lifting fade off. Really impressed. Will definitely subscribe to the services because what they have created is a one-of-a-kind service”

And yet another added,”I have been utilizing Placeit for my business for almost a year now and I have nothing but great things to say! Since I am not experienced with Photoshop and do not have a developer on staff, Placeit makes it very easy for me to make quick product photographs for my business.”


While Placeit is simple to use for new designers and online store owners seeking to create custom made goods, it does not have the expert features like integrations, advanced editing, and personalization that experienced designers search for in different applications. Users also noted that it was lacking in advanced cropping, realistic blur, colour background choice, and gif support.

There were also a few drawbacks, one being that the models were not as diverse as they’d have chosen and of the more than 3,000 graphics available. Some noticed that many of the pictures are old and look dated.


Yet another noted that downloads may run on the slow side, and more than one user stated that. ”They keep charging your credit card after the compulsory three month membership, so be certain that you be sure to cancel your subscription”


  • A Big template library upgraded regularly
  • Effortless to use for people without picture design knowledge
  • High-resolutions mockups and templates



  • One-off purchases are quite pricey
  • Limited mockup customization options
  • No branding colour scheme presets
  • Struggling to upload custom fonts.


If you seek my recommendation, then I’d strongly urge you Placeit. The main reason not only it has a diverse number of categories, but in addition it includes a massive amount of mockups that more than your requirement. It is easy to use, and in precisely the exact same time, it comes with modern design.


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