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Posthaus Review – Is Posthaus Trustworthy? Know the Details!

About Posthaus

I need to confess something to you: I’ve always been that suspicious person with online shopping. In fact, I believe it’s a very common fear in Gen X, isn’t it? I wondered: is Posthaus reliable? Are the products really good? Are they really quality?

Just knowing the possibility of receiving anything and everything in the comfort of my home is really a wonder, but a little fear has always haunted me. And that’s why I love coming here to tell you a little bit about my experience and always bring new tips.

Particularly, one of the things I always look for on a website is the variety at the time of purchase, and at Posthaus I can find everything! Here at home, there are many of us and I love shopping at Posthaus for exactly that reason.

I can find clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family. With Posthaus I can buy everything at once, not to mention the price, right? Which is a wonder! And there, low price is synonymous with a lot of quality, see?

Many don’t even realize it, but Posthaus is a pioneer in selling clothes in Brazil and has been in the market for over two decades. Winner of awards such as: Prêmio Conceito Varejista 2009, Prêmio Ebit 2017 and Prêmio E-Commerce Brasil. Posthaus has more than four million followers on social media and with each passing day it accumulates more praise!

On the Posthaus website, you will find more than sixty brands and among them, many are well known and loved by us, such as Colcci, Hering, Lilica Ripilica, Farm and many others. It’s really worth getting in there and check out the thousands of possibilities!

In addition to the multi-brands, Posthaus has numerous categories and subcategories, I think it’s amazing, because it makes it a lot easier for me when shopping. There in just one click, you can find Women’s Clothing, Evangelical Fashion, Women’s Pajamas, Men’s Fashion, Posthaus Dresses and much more. It’s very easy and it has everything!

Now I’m going to tell you a little more about my shopping experience at Posthaus . After all, what is the Posthaus website ? How do you buy on the Posthaus website ? It’s safe? It is worth it? Stay with me and I’ll explain everything in this review!

Posthaus overview

Even though I’ve been using Posthaus for years, I had no idea the brand has been around since 1983! Yea! Crazy, huh? A brand so old and that many still don’t know. Well, considering the amount of time on the market, you can imagine that Posthaus has a lot of quality, right? And this is one of the brand’s mottos: “to win more and more customers and create lasting bonds, to make the purchase of products at a distance a pleasure for everyone who ventures down this path”. Posthaus

was founded in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, and initially worked only as a sales magazine, it was then that, from 2007, they decided to enter the online sales market.

A curiosity that I found very cool is that, in fact, to this day they sell through the magazine and through a number of telesales. Just access the website and you will find more information about the magazine and telesales.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons?


  • You can find several renowned and quality brands on the Posthaus website.
  • Telephone sales (great for those who are not very familiar with online shopping).
  • Fashion for the whole family and variety in sizes.
  • Multiple forms of payment and installments on the card in up to 5 interest-free installments.
  • Beautiful and stylish pieces for all tastes!


  • Shipping is only free over a certain amount. However, the store sporadically releases coupons related to shipping. Currently shipping is fixed at R$4.99 . Very cheap compared to other brands.
  • Although the delivery time varies from region to region, on the website, the estimated delivery time is 8 to 30 days, that is, it may take a little while.
  • Deliveries are only made from Monday to Friday.

In the last month I did some shopping at Posthaus, and I’ll tell you a little about what I thought of the pieces, like quality, price, expectations, etc. Come with me!

Posthaus: Review

s I’ve mentioned a few times in the review, Posthaus has a lot of variety, and that’s something I see as soon as I enter the Women’s Fashion category.

As soon as you enter the Posthaus website, you will come across a flood of promotions, products and news! It’s maddening! Makes me want to buy everything!

Posthaus Quintess Women’s Blouse Puffed Sleeve Tie Dye Pink and Green

Remember when I said I made a purchase in the last month? So, this Pink and Green Tie Dye blouse is included.

I imagine puffed mango is not the first choice for most people, in fact, for some time now, I wouldn’t even have thought of buying it, but didn’t I love it? I got tired of just having the basics in my wardrobe and threw myself into trends!

Although the colors are very vibrant and this brings a more summery vibe, I’m going to use it any time of the year. The fabric is very light and super comfortable! It looks great wearing it with jeans. It’s a basic look, but at the same time nothing basic, you know? After all, puffed sleeves and tie dye are eye-catching compositions!

I paid R$49.99 for the promotion on the Posthaus website.You can find this and more women’s blouses on the website!

Posthaus Alma Doce Women’s Pajamas with Front Buttons Purple Llama Print

I’m in love with pajamas. For me, it is essential to have several, of different styles and different colors. It works like a ritual: get home, take a well-scented bath and put on some nice pajamas (preferably nice ones too).

When I saw these pajamas I was in love! The llama print is so beautiful! But it’s not just beauty, see? He’s super comfortable! I’ve used it, washed it and it’s still here, intact!

The Alma Doce Feminine Pajama with Front Buttons Print Llama Roxo costs R$119.99 on the website. You can still find other cute pajamas there!

Posthaus Rosalie Midi Skirt with Pockets Fashion Evangelical Floral Rust

When I said I decided to get out of the basics, I meant it, see? I left the comfort zone of fashion and it was so worth it. It allowed me to create much more fun and cheerful looks!

I’m in love with this midi skirt ! Its fit is wonderful, it fits the body well, and it still has a beautiful print! It doesn’t mark anything and has a very charming pocket.

Was she curious? Search the Posthaus website, silly. Just go into Evangelical Fashion – Midi Skirt – Rust Floral Skirt with pockets . You know the BEST of all? It only costs $34.99 . drooling!

Posthaus Moda Pop Men’s Shirt with Cava Raglan Black and Brown

Didn’t I tell you that for me the best thing about Posthaus is being able to buy for the whole family? Well then! In this purchase, my father received treats!

One of the blouses I chose for him was this men’s shirt. Of course he helped me with the choice, right? But I confess that I gave it a little push, because I thought it was beautiful and stylish!

I think the best person to talk about is him, right? And I guarantee he LOVED it! Now speaking for myself, I found the fabric to be super good, very soft and of good quality! I particularly love this mix of black and brown! And I love the price even more. I paid R$29.99 .

Runs on the Posthaus website and researches menswear – Moda Pop – Black and Brown T-shirt with Cava Raglan . It is worth checking!

Posthaus: What do customers like?

Before coming here to review, I always look for opinions other than mine so you can see that not only me, but also other people are passionate about the site, which in this case is Posthaus .

Just take a look at the comments I saw on Ebit:

“ I love shopping at the store… I always buy and recommend it. Shipping terms and delivery time are the best. They always arrive well before the deadline.”

“Products from well-known brands with good prices” “Shipping should be free at least for purchases over R$100,000.” “On-time delivery, easy-to-navigate website and store credibility!! I’ve already purchased several times and would definitely recommend…”

Posthaus: Claim Here

Do you believe that Posthaus has 100% of the complaints on Reclame Aqui answered? So it is. Not to mention that the brand’s score is 8.6 out of 10 there. Very good! I don’t know if you follow other brands on Reclame Aqui, but having a score above 8 is almost a find!

As I always take a look at the rating of the stores on Reclame Aqui before shopping, I can say that, in the case of Posthaus, the rating was always very good, see? Super reliable!

Is Posthaus good?

Posthaus, safe and secure purchase! Great prices and promotions! Fast shipping! Easy-to-navigate website with detailed parts information. Simple and perfect!”

I found several comments like this on Ebit, and I identify a lot! The Posthaus website is all that! It’s really worth shopping there, the prices are always amazing, even on products from famous and expensive brands. I always have good experiences. Worth TOO MUCH!

Is Posthaus Trustworthy?

I believe that, in order to say if any brand is reliable, it is necessary to look at some questions, such as: quality of the parts, delivery time, values, shipping… bought, right?

And as I always see many positive comments, I feel very comfortable to recommend them to you.

Yes, Posthaus is reliable! Posthaus has always delivered all this to me: low price, free shipping, quality products and fast and safe delivery. I have nothing but praise to give!

Posthaus discount coupon

Who doesn’t love a coupon, right? On the Posthaus website, they always provide some coupons, mainly related to shipping. Currently, using the coupon “MODA” on the website, you get shipping to all Brazil for only R$4.99 .

Shopping at Posthaus

THE has many categories and several segments! And on the website there is still a measurement table, which is very easy and intuitive, but even so, I will make a mini guide for you here.

For example: if you want to buy something in the Women’s Fashion category, or even more specific, like a Midi skirt, for example, just go to the Posthaus website, click on Women’s Fashion, then click on skirts > Midi skirt and tcharam! The magic is done! Thousands of options automatically appear!

The Posthaus website also has something that I find very helpful for consumers, which is the measurement and size chart. In addition to helping a lot at the time of purchase, I think all sites should have it. Oh! And there at the very end of the site, there is also a measurement guide. It is a space dedicated to helping you take your own measurements and not make mistakes when shopping. Cool huh?


Who created Posthaus?

Posthaus was born when the Loghaus group entered into a partnership with the German group OTTO Versand, which is the largest distance fashion sales group in Europe. The Loghaus group has been in the market for over 30 years selling fashion items from a distance and the Otto Group is the leader in fashion E-commerce in Europe.

What forms of payment does Posthaus accept?

Posthaus offers several payment methods :

  • They accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Elo and Hipercard) and pay up to 5 interest-free installments.
  • Virtual Debit Cash. This payment method is exclusive to those who have an account with Caixa Econômica.
  • Bank slip. When you complete your order, the system will generate a bank slip on your screen and you can pay the way you prefer.
  • pix. When you complete your order, you can copy the code generated on the screen or even scan the QR Code to pay for your order.

What is Posthaus’ delivery policy?

Posthaus ships all over Brazil and shipping is free for orders over R$199.99, however, only for those sent to the South and Southeast regions.

Something very cool at Posthaus is the possibilities of Free Shipping, Fixed or Single, with application of a coupon, which vary according to the promotional action they are doing. Delivery time is 8 to 30 days and this may vary depending on your region.

What is Posthaus’ return policy?

Their exchange policy is wonderful! Nothing much bureaucracy. It makes people feel more comfortable shopping there. Regardless of the reason for the exchange, the procedure there is very simple, in addition to being free.

Just go to the Posthaus website and click on “exchanges and returns”. On this page, they give you all the steps to make the exchange.

It is important to remember that you have up to 7 days after receiving the purchase to initiate the exchange or return process.


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