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Review: Carrefour’s My Rewards Program

In the My Rewards program, we have three purchase targets to beat. With each goal reached, we earn a supposed coin, which will be exchanged for rewards. It was a great achievement for Carrefour and, for me, an incredible novelty from Meu Carrefour, which is my favorite supermarket.

You know, I feel that Carrefour is a supermarket that not only wants to serve me with purchases for my home, but it’s also a store that cares about me.

For example, when I enter the store, I feel that a new moment in my life is happening.

Faced with such a turbulent economy that we are going through and in which we increasingly see our money being devalued, Carrefour offers us rewards. What’s more, they are rewards that I choose myself.

In addition, Carrefour stopped setting a day to buy something or other. Now, every day is market day, there is no longer that particular day for us to buy and if we couldn’t buy on that exact day, we would lose the offers.

Not today.

Carrefour gives me the opportunity to take advantage of offers for longer periods in every store.

Just like the fair every day, the offers last all week. All this, not to mention the number of offers that exist with Carrefour’s own brand, which, by the way, is excellent.

But getting back to our topic, I’m loving the “My Rewards Program”. It’s all so simple.

So I can redeem my products, just go to the gondola and pick it up.

At my time of purchase, I can do this with ease. Then I just go to the cashier and show my right to that coins, that product, on my cell phone.

As the cashiers always invite us to enter our CPF, everything is very easy.

Once validated by the cashier, the discount will be applied to the redeemed product.

I always work with two apps: one is ‘Meu Carrefour’; my credit card where I see my limits, my expenses, my purchases, my best day of purchase, and my detailed invoices, among other services. The app is super simple. It’s all right, there’s no way to go wrong or get confused.

Another very interesting thing is that, as we made our purchase with the Carrefour credit card and paid correctly – I love to pay before the due date – the store realizes that I am a hardworking ‘customer’ and always gives me a limit increase.

So suddenly I open my app and I see a higher limit there. Wow, it’s very good.

Now, I also have another application, referring to the “My Rewards Program”.

It is another simple and very easy-to-use application.

In this application, I can follow the benefits that range from a rewards program, such as a product on the shelves, to access to exclusive discounts and services.

And for those who still don’t know, the “My Rewards Program” gives me the right to use any functionality, from all of Carrefour, in all its store formats, such as

  • hypermarket
  • market
  • Carrefour neighborhood
  • gas stations (I’ve filled up too much using my pretty coins)
  • drugstores
  • Carrefour online store

Another very important thing is that the My Rewards Program is extended.

That is, it is possible to accumulate coins and exchange them for benefits, which can be used in the network itself, as I said, or in program partners, such as

  • The boticario
  • outback
  • mobile
  • Chilli Beans
  • corner shop

In addition, when paying with the Carrefour Card, Banco Carrefour accelerates the benefits program and gives the customer an additional currency.

That’s why at the beginning I said it was real because the impression it gives is that everything is just a pure illusion.

Trust me: there are more than 2.2 million products. See just a few of them:

  • the purchase of services – gift cards, mobile recharge, extended warranty, etc.
  • the purchase of medicines
  • the purchase of tobacco/smoking-related products
  • Carrefour product purchases made in partner stores
  • the use of vouchers obtained by the Minha Recompensas Program
  • the shipping cost of online shopping
  • the payment of bills
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