Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Snake Plant

Bulletproof plant for container gardens

This plant is commonly used as an easy-to-grow houseplant, but also thrives outside in select southern climates.

A striking succulent that practically thrives on neglect

Think you don’t know this plant? You’ve probably seen it everywhere. Snake plants have instantly recognizable leaves that “snake” straight up from the base of the plant—a modern, architectural shape that makes them extremely popular as houseplants.

Native to rocky, dry habitats, this plant has a reputation for tolerating low light but will live its best life in full sun. Grow it in a pot so you can move it around—in the summer it’ll enjoy living outside with other succulents or tropical perennials. It looks as great by a patio or pool as it does in that corner by the living room TV.

Sunlight Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Growing Rate: Moderate
Mature Height: 2-4ft.
Mature Spread: 1-2ft.
Bloom Color: Green, white

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