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The 10 Best Allen Edmonds Shoes | Review and Buying Guide

About Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds makes some of the best executive shoes that you will be comfortable and confident wearing to executive meetings, important interviews, and to the office. They match your official dress and suits, and stepping out of your car in these classy shoes gives an aura of importance.

Did you know that there are also Allen Edmonds that you can wear with a casual dress? Stick with me to get the best of them too.

We have a list of the best Allen Edmonds shoes we have researched for you and add to your official and casual shoe rack.

Best Allen Edmonds Shoes

Allen Edmond shoes all look classy, but the list below offers you pairs with all the necessary features that you will love in an Allen Edmond shoe.

Let’s do a quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for the best shoes we found for you.

1. Allen Edmonds Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford Shoe: Best for Men with High Arches

Allen Edmonds Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford Shoe

These are low-profile leather shoes; whose fashion and time never fade despite the passing of time. Designed for men who already have a high arch, the classy shoe features welted 65 last.

First, the footbed has a light padding, which is soft to allow for foot cushioning and comfort.

Second is the sleek slightly heeled outer sole, which is a smooth single-oak leather outsole. The heel has reinforced rubber, which ensures your strides and walking style are steady.

Third, let’s see the upper part of the shoe. It comes in premium leather, with a brogue styling that brings out a lustrous outlook. It features a cap-toe from the football, which adds to the elegance of the shoes.

Fourth, the interior upper of the shoe is breathable, which prevents heat build-up despite the weather conditions.

Lastly, the shoes present the traditional lace closure system, which enhances its official outlook. For all these things. it is one of the best Allen Edmonds shoes.


  • A great choice for high arched men.
  • Highly durable piece of shoe.
  • Provides a sort of class that never lasts.
  • Glossy outlook.


  • Inappropriate sizing, which is narrower than in the size chart.

2. Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Oxford: Great Option for Dressing Up

Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Oxford

Dressing up for an official dinner, party, tour, or meeting? The Strand Oxford could be of great help. Suitable for all dress and suit colors and types, this shoe will present the elegance side of you. In any case, you have several official colors available to choose from, which will exactly match your dress color.

First off, the shoe is in an all-around-degree bench welt in construction, which brings forth the stability of the shoe. The upper is pure calfskin from Europe, which is notably durable. It is highly burnished to give the shoe an attractive and glossy look.

The shoe upper is highly perforated, which enhances breathability and aeration for those with sweaty feet, providing all-day comfort. On the other hand, is a cap-toe design, which enhances ease in walking.

Then, the sole of the shoe is single oak leather, which is sleek and durable. The heel is approximately 1 inch, which provides for walking stability and style.

With a simple lace-up closure system, the shoe fits as comfortably as you want it to be. What’s more is the cork insole, which molds the shoe to fit as it should, while ensuring that the cushion your underfoot requires is available.


  • Best for dressing up, bringing out your best outlook.
  • Durable pure leather construction.
  • Features perforations that enhance breathability while maintaining style.


  • Not really suitable for casual wear, as they will not match.

3. Allen Edmonds Men’s Turner Penny Driving Style Loafer: Classy Casual Loafer

Allen Edmonds Men’s Turner Penny Driving Style Loafer

Here is the best Allen Edmonds shoes that make your casual wear, road trip drives, and even bike commuting more interesting. With 100% leather material, durability is almost obvious with this pair.

This shoe is conspicuous for its two sole and upper shoe contrasting colors, which makes it all the more stylish. An instance is this suede red shoe, with its cute driver white sole. Not to mention the eye-catching color of the stitch around the shoe.

With a soft calfskin top, the shoe has managed a suede outlook, which goes well with all the colors available.

The synthetic sole is so flexible and lightweight that driving or walking for miles will not cause to foot fatigue. The soft mild tan inner lining and insole add to the cushioning you want for a whole day of comfort.


  • Easy to wear, slip-on design.
  • Durable leather material.
  • Flexible for walking and driving.
  • Stylish to complete casual wear with.


  • Not available for wide and large feet.

4. Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Wing Tip: Best for Extreme Sizes

Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Wing Tip

Do you have a foot that is too narrow or too wide to fit most standard shoes? The McAllister Wing Tip is for you. It ranges from 3X Narrow to XXW for the widest. The good news to the wide feet is that even these large sizes are larger by an inch, ensuring your foot fits snug.

First off is the catchy construction of this shoe. It has been decorated all over by pinking, piping, and also broguing to make the welch design more appealing. To top it all is the six eyelet lace-up system, which makes it easy to adjust the shoe to prevent hot spots when necessary.

The leather sole adds to the stability and style of this shoe, with a tinge of modern style enriching the traditional design.


  • Great for wide and narrow feet.
  • Impressive 360 degrees brogue decoration.
  • Leather sole to improve shoe stability and style.


  • Less durable than expected of Allen Edmonds

5. Allen Edmonds Men’s Nashua Moccasin: Best for Versatility

Allen Edmonds Men’s Nashua Moccasin

Are you lost for what to wear with your jeans or khaki trousers, and still get away with the same pair on a Friday at work? Something you will just slip your foot into whenever you are in a hurry, regardless of your clothing style? These Nashua Moccasins are an easy solution.

Being true to size, you can rest assured that the order you made will not disappoint you.

With a top that is made from pure leather, the shoe is not only durable but presents some class. The shaft measures approximately low top, providing quite an arch support to your feet.

Not forgetting the soles, which are flexible rubber to enhance ease in walking, driving, and a little dance at a party.

Amazingly, the shoe features a single shawl at the forefront, complete with several tassels.

The overall construction is handsewn in 114 Last, hence presenting exquisite handwork on your footwear.

Lastly, we cannot forget the soft insole and upper shoe lining, which will give your foot comfort, while cushioning it against impact and excessive heat.


  • Classy for casual and official party wear.
  • Great for walking and driving, given the rubber sole.
  • Handsewn, complete with a shawl and tassels for decorative finishes.
  • Easy to wear, since it’s simply a slip-on pair.


  • The sole has too much flex for some buyers’ liking.

6. Allen Edmonds Men’s Dalton Fashion Boot: Boots for Arch Support

Allen Edmonds Men’s Dalton Fashion Boot

If boots are your style, or you have some fallen arches, why not try Allen Edmonds Dalton fashion boots? The best part is that you can wear them to the office and for official meetings without compromising the recommended dressing code. Better still, is the opportunity to remain warm on your feet all the way up during the cold seasons.

The boots are pure leather, from top to bottom. When well taken care of, you will remain dry even after walking in occasional rainy weather.

With a shaft that measures approximately ankle-high when taken from the arch, the boot assures you of arch support. You can improve this by adding some insole that guarantees arch support if your need is really dire.

It features a heel that is about 1.25 inches high, allowing you to retain acute walking style in the boot’s leather sole.

You will get a vamp and brogue perforations styling all the way up the boot. This is coupled with a lace-up closure system that can fit various tying options to bring a contemporary look to the traditional boot design.


  • Provides arch support and allows for insoles that enhance it.
  • Decorative perforations also act to allow for perforations.
  • Best for cold seasons.


  • Lighter color shade than in the pictures, which could be disappointing.

7. Allen Edmonds Men’s Delray Oxford: Official Shoe with Tapered Split Toe Design

Allen Edmonds Men’s Delray Oxford

We all want a shoe design that looks at least different from the rest, different from the other pairs on the rack. So, Delray Oxford offers exactly this satisfaction. With a tapered split toe design, I guess you will always find yourself wearing it whenever you want to stand out.

The USA makes, this shoe will go with both casual and official dressing. With a single pair, you can comfortably park for a short trip without worry.

Technically, the shoe is available in all sizes, catering for even the wide feet.

It is made of leather on the top, which is polished to bring out a lustrous look. With little maintenance of normal shoe shine, the shoe maintains this look in all its lifespan.

The full leather linings in the interior of the shoe ensure the shoe is comfortable, regardless of how busy your day maybe. This is more so due to the 1-inch heel, which facilitates easier walking on pavements and on the stairs. The leather outer sole enhances a semi-rigid feel, which is comfy in the office.


  • Unique tapered split toe design.
  • Leather linings for foot comfort.
  • Glossy outlook for office and smart outlook.


  • The sizes are larger than the true sizes.

8. Allen Edmonds Men’s Boulder Slip-On Loafer: Easy to Wear Pair

Allen Edmonds Men’s Boulder Slip-On Loafer

When you have some shoes that you can easily slip in whenever you are in a hurry or are late, your mind will always be at peace. This shoe is in a design that repels dirt, leaving your shoe looking great even after a walk.

The rubber sole that the shoe features allows you to easily walk, drive and even carry out other activities while minimizing hot spots and blisters.

The construction is handsewn in 145 Last with calfskin. The contrasting stitching makes the shoe stand out with more style.

It features a small heel that measures approximately one inch, which will add to the foot stability.

Get the shoe in your true size, available in almost all the sizes possible, not to mention the array of widths you will get for an ideal fit. Additionally, the shoe comes out great both with official and casual wear.


  • Rubber sole to ease walking and other foot-involving activities.
  • Slip-on pair, easy to wear and get off.
  • Suitable for different dressing styles and designs.


  • A lighter color, especially the brown ones, than in the pictures.

9. Allen Edmonds Men’s Cavanaugh Penny Loafer: Business Casual Wear

Allen Edmonds Men’s Cavanaugh Penny Loafer

Wondering what to wear on weekends during a business tour to look different, while maintaining a semi-official look? Because this is what the gap that Cavanaugh Penny loafer seals.

This executive loafer has a stacked heel, which blends well with the toe moccasin toe box. It has been crafted in the USA, with both local and imported materials to bring out a great shoe.

The sole and upper shoe are both in pure leather. The further features a heel, which is only one inch in height, whose function is to increase the traction of the shoe. Hence, walk and climb staircases confidently, without the fear of slipping off.

The best part is that the shoe is so easy to put on and remove, you don’t even have to bend to apply it. whenever you feel too tired to do anything, this is the shoe for you.


  • The best shoe for an official and semi-official outlook.
  • Takes care of traction with a heel.
  • A blend between loafer and moccasin designs, hence a unique outlook.


  • Weak binding between the upper shoe and the sole.

10. Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue: Interested in an Array of Colors? Here You Go

Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue

Tired of the obvious black and brown official shoe colors? We have a better idea. Park Avenue features a spectrum of official color shades that will surprise you.

The supreme quality shoe has its origin in the US, with materials from the states and from abroad.

The upper shoe is pure leather, in a welted construction that enhances support.

Next is the footbed, which is in cork shapes to shape the foot and provide the best walking structure.

With a timeless cap toe oxford that features subtle seam details, the shoe makes up the best shoe you will prefer for the office, meetings, and other important errands.

The leather sole, which has a substantial heel, gives you traction, walking style, and the support you want in an official shoe.


  • So many colors for an official pair.
  • Stability, traction, and support provision.
  • Cork-shaped footbed for comfort and foot structure enhancement.


  • Quite narrow and uncomfortable for wide feet, yet not indicated.

Which Things Do You Consider When Looking for Best Allen Edmonds Shoes?


Allen Edmonds are brand shoes that have gained clients’ trust over the years. Sadly, there are fake shoes that look and are branded exactly like the original Allen Edmonds. Therefore, it is of essence that you be vigilant of the shoe you take. Ensure that it is a pure material, mostly leather, to avoid disappointment.


Most Allen Edmonds shoes differ in design, which may actually be very slight. Hence, it is good to check the various types available, to have a rough idea of the shoe you would love most.

This will prevent disappointments, especially when you purchased the shoes online.


Keep in mind the role you want the shoe to play. Of course, for footwear, you will argue. True, but where will you mostly wear the shoe too. There are shoes that are perfect for the office, semi-official outlook, casual outlook, and even for people who often walk. Better still, you can get a versatile pair if you are a jack-of-all-trades kind of a person.


Are Allen Edmonds shoes good?

Yes, they are good. They are not only legendary for their high quality but also provide the exact features you may be looking for in a traditional shoe that incorporates some modern features.

Are Allen Edmonds shoes worth the money?

Yes, they are, as long as you get the original shoe. The sizing may be narrower or wider, or even true to size depending on the shoe, which is why you have to confirm to minimize disappointments.

Not all of them are expensive anyway; the price ranges, as with most shoes. You can get a value shoe, even with Allen Edmonds.

Why are Alden shoes so expensive?

They are usually in pure leather, which is expensive. It is however worth it, given that the quality and durability are impressive.

How long will Allen Edmonds last?

This will largely depend on the shoe usage, given the different customer reviews. One person may have the shoe for years, while another says theirs lasted months. Maintenance is also key to a shoe’s life span.

Is Allen Edmonds comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable. If you get the right pair for specific functions, then you will get the shoes rewarding. For instance, there are pairs that favor driving, some are favorable for the office, and so on.

Do Allen Edmonds shoes fit tight or loose?

Most Allen shoes fit loose. For this reason, the company recommends people go half a size lower, especially for narrower feet. However, not all shoes fit loose, which is why you should confirm the specific shoe you want to pick. Some people have complained that a true size fitted narrower for some shoe types.

Final Verdict

Allen is a brand that allows you to venture into the exact outlook you are looking for. If a shoe is official, you will never get a dispute. In short, all the best Allen Edmonds shoes play the part they should.

Now it’s your turn to make some traditional outlook with a blend of modernization your new look.


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