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What is TeamTreehouse? What types of courses does Treehouse offer?

What is Treehouse?

Treehouse, which you may also know by the name Team Treehouse, features a variety of coding education resources.

Treehouse learning content is divided into three basic types:

  • On-demand, expert-led video courses for the most in-demand careers in tech, with quizzes and code challenges to keep you engaged
  • Tracks are guided curricula, composed of courses that teach you a particular set of skills
  • Techdegree programs are Treehouse’s version of online bootcamps, covering a full curriculum of interactive course videos, workshops, quizzes, code challenges, coding peer reviews, Treehouse Slack community access, and hands-on projects. There are currently four Techdegrees to choose from: Front End Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, UX Design, and Python Development.


How does Treehouse work?

The exact steps involved in studying with the Team Treehouse platform depend on whether you choose to subscribe to its “Courses” plan or one of its Techdegrees. I signed up for a Techdegree, which entailed the following steps:

  • Enroll in a free trial
  • Familiarize yourself with the Treehouse platform
  • Start learning
  • Review other students’ projects
  • Ask questions
  • Play around with code
  • Take a final exam

What types of courses does Treehouse offer?

The TeamTreehouse platform offers a wide variety of courses. You can find courses in the “Library” section of Treehouse, and you can sort courses by topic. Here are some (but by no means all) of the topics you’ll find:

  • Android (i.e., Build an Interactive Story App, Create an Options Menu, and Testing in Android).
  • C# (i.e., C# Basics, C# Collections, and Intermediate C#)
  • Javascript (i.e., Introducing JavaScript, Callback Functions in JavaScript, and CSS Selectors Quickstart)
  • Python (i.e., Basic Math for Data Analysis, Introducing Dictionaries, and Object-Oriented Python)
  • HTML (i.e., HTML Basics, HTML Dialog, and HTML Forms).
  • Quality Assurance (Introduction to QA Engineering, Introduction to Selenium, and Intermediate Selenium WebDriver)
  • Ruby (i.e., Build an Address Book in Ruby, Introduction to Bundler, and Practice Ruby on Rails Basics).
  • APIs (i.e., Build a Chatbot with Watson APIs and Introduction to GraphQL)
  • Design (i.e., Adobe Illustrator for Web Design, Brand Identity Basics, and Creating User Experiences).
  • Computer Science (i.e., Introduction to Algorithms, Introduction to Data Structures, and Algorithms: Sorting and Searching).


By the way, not all courses are related to tech. TeamTreehouse also has business courses, in case you want to go freelance or start your own company but have no idea how to go about doing that. It also offers courses that fall within the “21st Century Skills” topic and include things like “How to Land Your Dream Job,” “Imposter Syndrome,” and “Ethical Design.”

Treehouse Features

By now, it is common knowledge just what features an e-learning platform can offer. You have your simple courses, video tutorials, interactive courses that allow you to work on your own projects while learning along the way, etc. etc. We all know and expect an online course provider to have and offer these and similar things – it’s just how this business works.

However, if a MOOC-based platform wants to stand out, it has to offer its students something unique and interesting. This can be a scholarship opportunity, degree-earning programs, a chance to earn university credits, and so on.

As we can see from multiple Team TreeHouse reviews, the platform offers the user a chance to earn a “Techdegree”. People can choose to study one of four (Python web development, iOS development with Swift, Front-end web development and Full-stack Javascript development) career paths, and start learning with TeamTreeHouse.

These sets of courses are aimed at creating a professional that would bring competitive skills with him or her into the job market. Since tech-related jobs are so popular nowadays, these four programs are probably handpicked for maximum success.

Pros Treehouse

  • Treehouse has a diverse library of training with coding topics such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, iOS development, Android development and JavaScript. There’s also content on web design, business, marketing, Photoshop and much more.
  • Content meets a high standard of quality because it’s all crafted by a team of in-house expert teachers.
  • Treehouse takes a project-based approach, helping you learn the practical skills you need to create real products like websites, web apps, and mobile apps.
  • Treehouse goes the extra mile to help you start a career or business. A section of the library is dedicated to this very area, with courses on how to establish a business and how to start a coding career.

Cons of Treehouse

  • Treehouse’s training is primarily based on videos, so it might not be ideal for people with other learning styles.
  • No lifetime access: If you stop paying, you lose access to courses.
  • There are no student reviews/ratings you can read through before taking a course.



Choosing the right e-learning platform that will actually help you in learning technical skills is kind of a difficult task.

Not only the quality of content matters but undoubtedly other things like time and cost management, skills being taught, and the learning environment should also be taken into account.

From the above analysis, we can say that Treehouse is one of the best platforms for coders who want to start their tech careers.

The free trial makes it worth trying, as you can switch it off anytime if it doesn’t make sense to you.

Treehouse is one of the few platforms out there that offers a mix of reasonable price and high quality.

If you follow through the content consistently, as Treehouse inspires you to do, on your own schedule, it could take a maximum of 6 months for you to find your first job. This is great, indeed.

You can start with their regular subscription and courses… but looking at the Techdegree program is going to be the most helpful.

If you were looking for a Treehouse review to help you decide to enroll in one of their courses, we’ve done our part. Look no more and give it a go. You will certainly not regret it.

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