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Brastemp Refrigerator: The 5 Best of The Year

Brastemp Refrigerator

The Brastemp refrigerator is synonymous with quality and in the home appliance market thanks to the brand’s reputation. Therefore, when choosing one for your home, it is common for you to have doubts, since, in addition to quality, the manufacturer’s catalog has varied options. To help you choose, we have put together a selection of the best Brastemp refrigerator models of the moment. All of them have Frost Free defrost, Inverse, Duplex or French Door and white and stainless steel finish. Take a look at our list and choose yours!

1. Brastemp BRM44HB/BRM44HK Refrigerator

Brastemp BRM44HB

With a total capacity of 375 liters, the Brastemp BRM44 refrigerator is a great option for homes with three or four people. It is available in two different colors: BRM44HB is white and BRM44HK is stainless steel. Of its total capacity, 288.5 liters are reserved for the refrigerator, while 86.5 liters are for the freezer. Its interior has several compartments that make this Brastemp 375 liters refrigerator even more organized. Among them, stands out the beverage compartment with capacity for three long neck bottles or six cans that can be fitted both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.

Brastemp BRM44HK

Another special compartment is the extra-cold compartment, made to chill drinks faster and preserve dairy products and cold cuts. With this Brastemp Frost Free refrigerator, you still have access to a drawer for fruits and vegetables, an egg holder and a removable shelf. At the door, it is possible to control the temperature and other functions through the electronic panel.

Features of the Brastemp BRM44HB/BRM44HK refrigerator

  • Defrost: Frost Free
  • Door Type: Duplex
  • Finish: BRM44HB – White | BRM44HK – stainless steel
  • Total capacity: 375 liters
  • Refrigerator capacity: 288.5 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 86.5 liters
  • Features: dairy compartment, fruit and vegetable drawer, bottle and can holder, egg holder and removable shelf
  • Dimensions: 176 x 62.1 x 75.5 cm (H x W x D).

2. Brastemp BRM56AK/BRM56AB Refrigerator

Brastemp BRM56AK

The second Brastemp refrigerator option on our list is the BRM56. With Duplex doors, it has a total capacity of 462 liters, 353 in the refrigerator and 109 in the freezer. Of special features, the model has the Turbo Ice function, which offers ice at any time of the day. Just press the button and it will be ready in a few minutes and beep to let you know. Like the first model in the selection, it is available in a white finish as BRM56AB and in Evox under the code BRM56HK. Even though it looks like stainless steel, Evox has a layer of zinc applied over the steel that increases the brightness and durability of the electro.

Brastemp BRM56AB

As an extra, this Brastemp Frost Free refrigerator has Turbo Control, a special compartment with two sides to freeze food faster. It also has temperature control, bottle holders, can holders, egg holders and removable shelves for easy organization inside.

Features of the Brastemp BRM56AB/BRM56AK refrigerator

  • Defrost: Frost Free
  • Door Type: Duplex
  • Finish: BRM56AB – White | BRM56AK – Evox
  • Total capacity: 462 liters
  • Refrigerator capacity: 353 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 109 liters
  • Features: extra-cold compartment, vegetable and fruit drawers, bottle holder, can holder, egg holder, removable shelves
  • Extras: Turbo Ice, Turbo Control functions
  • Dimensions: 184 x 72.5 x 70 cm (H x W x D).

3. Brastemp BRE57AK/BRE57AB Refrigerator

If you are looking for a Brastemp Inverse refrigerator, the BRE57AB or BRE57AK is worth a look. With a refrigerator above and a freezer below, this refrigerator has a total capacity of 443 liters and is therefore suitable for large families with four people or more. Can be found with white or Evox finish, it is one of the most popular on the market. With basic features, this Brastemp Inverse 443 liters refrigerator has LED lighting and temperature control through an electronic panel. The electro still has compartments for eggs, spices, bottles, fruits and vegetables.

Brastemp BRE57AB

One of its standout technologies is the Turbo Ice mode, which guarantees ice at any time of the day. It is also worth mentioning the Cooling Control technology, responsible for ensuring a homogeneous temperature throughout its interior. To close, this Brastemp Inverse refrigerator has a special compartment for cans and bottles that can be placed both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.

Features of the Brastemp BRE57AK/BRE57AB refrigerator

  • Defrost: Frost Free
  • Port Type: Inverse
  • Finish: BRE57AB – white | BRE57AK – Evox
  • Total capacity: 443 liters
  • Refrigerator capacity: 308 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 135 liters
  • Features: vegetable and fruit drawers, bottle holders, can holders, egg holders, removable shelves, ice maker, quick freeze compartment
  • Extras: Turbo Ice, Cooling Control
  • Dimensions: 184 x 72.5 x 70 cm (H x W x D).

4. Brastemp BRO80A/BRO80AK refrigerator

Brastemp BRO80A

If you need a big fridge, this is a great option. With 540 liters of capacity, the BRO80A/BRO80AK has compartments divided into 374 liters in the refrigerator and the other 166 in the freezer and is recommended for large family homes, with five people or more. If you like classic decor, you can bet on this white Brastemp refrigerator, the BRO80A. But if you have the most modern kitchen, the stainless steel option, BRE80AK, is the best.

Brastemp BRO80AK

This model of refrigerator has French Door Inverse doors, with the freezer on the bottom and the refrigerator with double doors, on top. It has some highlights, such as the extra-cold space and the quick-freeze compartment. To facilitate even more organization, this Brastemp Frost Free refrigerator also comes with a support for freezing cups and glasses, egg holder, fruit drawer, Turbo Freezer function and Automatic Ice Maker, which produces up to 12 ice trays without having to refill.

Features of the Brastemp BRO80A/BRO80AK refrigerator

  • Defrost: Frost Free
  • Door Type: French Door Inverse
  • Finish: BRO80A – white | BRO80AK – stainless steel
  • Total capacity: 540 liters
  • Refrigerator capacity: 374 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 166 liters
  • Features: vegetable and fruit drawers, extra-cold compartment, quick-freeze compartment, egg holder
  • Extras: Automatic Ice Maker, Turbo Freezer
  • Dimensions: 185.9 x 82.9 x 75 cm (H x W x D).

5. Brastemp BRE80AB/BRE80AK Refrigerator

Brastemp BRE80AB

Another Brastemp refrigerator option that can be white or stainless steel, the BRE80AB/BRE80AK model has a total capacity of 573 liters and is also suitable for large family homes. It has Inverse doors and is divided into 394 liters in the fridge, which is on top, and 179 in the freezer, which is below,

Brastemp BRE80AK

Anyone who likes to receive guests and have meetings at home will be pleased to know that this fridge has a Smart Bar function and serves to cool drinks faster. Another very interesting feature is the Turbo Ice, recommended to speed up ice production at any time of day. The electro also has a Turbo Freezer, a function that helps to freeze food faster. And the best thing is that you can control all this through the electronic touch panel located on the door.

Features of the Brastemp BRE80AB/BRE80AK refrigerator

  • Defrost: Frost Free
  • Port Type: Inverse
  • Finish: BRE80AB – white | BRE80AK – stainless steel
  • Total capacity: 573 liters
  • Refrigerator capacity: 394 liters
  • Freezer capacity: 179 liters
  • Features: chills glasses and cups, bottle holder, vegetable and fruit drawers, dairy compartment, removable shelf, ice maker
  • Extras: Turbo Ice, Turbo Freezer, Smart Bar Function
  • Dimensions: 188 x 84.5 x 75 cm (H x W x D).


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