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Is Ashford Legit or Scam?

Hi there, watch lovers. You might be here to read a good review on Ashford. You are right, you will get that in a second. But, I do have a secret to share.

Nothing beats a good luxury watch at discount.

If you know what that means, you know why I am saying this. Ashford is known to bring those amazing deals on the most well-known watches. But, there is always room for doubt.

Are they scam? Do they take all your money or provide you fake stuff? Or is it legit and you can go ahead with it? Let us get in-depth into this review to figure out how good Ashford really is. And whether you should trust them.

Ashford Review


If you wear watches on a daily this review will be a good one for you. This covers all the nitty-gritty about Ashford, and whether it is legit. It covers whether they are here to scam you or not. And the features it brings are also discussed in this review. The other details are added here for you to judge on your own. Let us dive right in, what say?

What is Ashford?

The first thing is first, Ashford is an online watch retailer. They sell watches for men and women at discounted prices. They bring in original, more pricey watches and sell them at cheaper prices.

It is a company based in the UK. These watches are luxury watches that they claim are authentic, and the reviews seem to be quite good. They are doing well based on overall ratings.

Is Ashford Legit

Let us get one thing out of the way; Ashford is not a scam. It is not worthwhile to call them a scam based on the reviews they have. And also how well they perform on their websites and other rating sites.

They are legit! They have quite a selection of branded and luxury watches. It is unlikely that they are retailers who are fake. That would take quite a bit of courage to be that scammy while they sell well-known brands. It’s easy to spot the difference.

Ashford Features

Shop by brands: This feature here makes it so you can shop by selecting from various brands. Some household names like Calvin Kleine, Michael Kors, Hamilton and more such luxury brands are on this list. You’ll love being able to see all of them just scrolling.

Women’s watches: The women’s collection is a heart throb of a selection to see. You’ll love the watches here, ladies. They’re elegant, sophisticated and all that a good watch lover enjoys.

Men’s watches: Men’s watches star some of the most renowned household names too. The best ones you’ll find are just waiting to be selected and added to the card. Gentlemen, have a look at these awesome selections of the smart, elegant watches.

  • Jewelry: In this section, you can find the women’s earrings, brooches, bracelets and more. They also have stuff like watch bracelets to match your favourite watch. They’re all really awesome additions to any of the looks you create using your watches.
  • Sunglasses: These sunglasses are also not made to joke. The brands include all really luxurious brands we have known to this day. The looks you can don with these amazing pairs of glasses are out of this world, to be honest. Nothing looks better than some quality shades to shield your eyes.
  • Holiday blowout: The blowout section here features all the discounted and sale items. They have something called the ‘doorbusters’ which are basically really the items which have been reduced price wise. Neat!
  • Clearance: There is no need to detail this. Clearance area is the best area to look at. They make sure the deals are low and affordable. The lowest it will drop! Sometimes you find the best gems in this section.

Ashford Website and Contact Information

The website has a festive, luxurious yet very elevated feel to it. Here is their Website –  They sport black and red color schemes to signify some really poised vibes on their website. The handle goes by The website makes things super easy to swerve through and identify. It is quite easy how to spot the navigation as well.

As you scroll down, you find all the contact information. Internationals can call this number, +1 646-205-1500. While you can reach their staff using these emails: [email protected] and [email protected]. Since they are an international brand, you can find country specific hot lines on their website.

Ashford Customer Satisfaction

Let us talk customer satisfaction. Because, of course it is necessary to know what the customers are thinking about when they make purchases. And also how they feel when they receive their package.

Some of the reviews of customers say quite mediocre remarks. Such as some have complained they didn’t get their shipment in time, neither did the products satisfy their needs as much. And some customers highly rate it and recommend it to other users because they bring authentic products.

The remarks and how customers feel are quite diverse. But, if I were to judge; there is nothing to find fishy about the company. They are doing their job and bringing luxury watches to people using discounts. It is not a breakthrough concept neither is it a bad one.

Ashford Ratings

To top it all off, I will show you the ratings Ashford has. Some of the sites I researched really went in depth with the ratings. Let us see how the sites rate this luxury watch retailer.

  • Trustpilot: On this site, they have a whipping 4 out of 5 stars. This means generally all customers love their services and products. Only a few rate it super low or something goes wrong with them. This is not usually the case. So, it is trustworthy to say Ashford does not disappoint. They are quite good and well recepted.
  • Sitejabber: On this site, they have a lower score of 3 stars out of 5. Here, this means customers have found some faults or have not always been pleased with the products. Or even service. That is only 189 reviews out of hundreds of other reviews written on other sites. So, chances are the company is not too bad. They do have a high score when it comes to Trustpilot.

That’s quite a difference between the two sites. But, the truth remains. The site is not scammy. They do deliver in good quality the stuff they want to sell. And in general, they are cheaper. But does not mean they are not legit.


You have made it to the end. Congrats, now you are one step closer to bagging that amazing luxury watch you have been eyeing. I know I have been, and using sites like Ashford makes things really easy and convenient.

What do you say, will you give this site a try? Or trust their products? I’m curious to know what you think about them. I hope you make a purchase and if you do, let me know what you get!

I am sure your wrist will glisten with the awesomeness that these watches bring. It will suit you just as much, as you deserve this luxury.


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