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KLM Airlines Review

Based in the Netherlands, KLM Airlines reviews state that it is the regional air carrier. Being merged with the other major air carrier in May 2004, together it is recognized as Air-France KLM Airlines. Passengers traveling from this airline have talked a lot about how their experiences have been inside the aircraft. They have also appreciated the boarding and check-in facilities here. The cleanliness kept by the operator was also one of the reasons why flyers chose this airline. The customers of KLM Airlines further elaborate that they found the ticket options to be budget-friendly. Fitting well in the budget, the quality of services has been finely identified by Air-France KLM flyers in their reviews.

KLM Reviews by Passengers Onboard

The passengers at KLM Airlines have commended that different ticket classes helped them to book their flights at reasonable costs. They have also shared the features of the seats allotted to them. The legroom offered to customers has also been found spacious in various Air-France KLM reviews. Visitors have additionally revealed that the staff of KLM Airlines helped them to board the aircraft with its online check-in availability.

Looking at all such reviews, let us get to know more about KLM Airlines in this post.

Ticketing and Classes

KLM Airlines offers three different ticket options for its customers worldwide. Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class options are available for passengers flying with KLM. Economy Class is further subdivided into Economy Comfort with more added features. The most cost-friendly ticket option for passengers has been the Economy Class. The customers found it to be the lowest priced with slim-designed seats and good amenities. The better version of this class has been Economy Comfort. Flyers have stated that the level of amenities has been far better in this class’ cabin. As per the KLM Business Class reviews, it has been said that the option of selecting the seats and modifying the tickets has been great in this cabin. The First Class option has been opted for by many travelers who wanted to get the best amenities on long-haul routes.

Air-France KLM Airlines Seats and Legroom Options

The seats in KLM Airlines have been well-equipped with leather-cushioned design for the physical ease of its passengers. The seats in all the cabins have been designed with ergonomic 1-2-1 patterns. Keeping several KLM seat reviews in mind, it is believed that these are made up of reverse herringbone structures. Passengers have said that the seats have been colored differently to distinguish between a headcover and the armrest. Many travelers who flew with Air-France KLM Airlines have revealed that it has 6-inches extra legroom space. Moreover, the seat reclines twice at KLM compared to other airlines. These qualities have been liked by many travelers of the airline.

KLM Airlines Allowance for Baggage

KLM Airlines reviews for carrying baggage express that the passengers have had no problems with its policy. The baggage policy of Air-France KLM allows its customers to bring bags as per their cabin classes. As shown in various reviews of KLM, it is to be noted that the Economy passengers could only take two luggage pieces inside the flight. The Business Class and First Class passengers could carry three luggage bags worth 32 kilograms. Certain travelers also stated that if they wanted to add extra luggage with them, then they had to pay additional fees. The travelers, overall, have been satisfied with the easy rules and regulations of the KLM baggage policy.

Flight Cancelation

Canceling flights has been easy and quick for KLM Airlines’ customers. The passengers traveling with KLM Airlines reported no issues upon canceling their tickets. However, it should be kept in mind that you would not get the total amount of the refund if you cancel the flight on an urgent basis. As per several KLM reviews of 2017, 2019, and the following years, it is described that the whole refund amount has been paid to passengers on canceling their tickets in advance. Even before 72 hours of cancelation, most travelers have been handed the entire amount of their refund. Thus, passengers were pleased because of the cancelation policy of KLM Airlines.

Experience while Onboarding

The boarding process of Air-France KLM Airlines took no time, as per the opinions of different travelers. The airline makes sure that the flights are on their scheduled time. Passengers flying with KLM said that there was no queue at the kiosks and utmost social distancing was followed. Also, as mentioned in a few Boeing 787-9 KLM reviews, the aircraft was spacious with many amenities for the convenience of its visitors. The flyers remarked that they were called out as per their seats and the whole boarding procedure was smooth.

KLM Airlines Meals on Flight

Air-France KLM Airlines has been known for serving one of the best meals in flight. Depending upon the route, the staff serves the menu. Concerning some opinions of the passengers, it has been depicted that the staff started serving appetizers on their welcome. Looking at many KLM Airlines food reviews, it has been found that a three-course meal had been served to its flyers. It consisted of the main dish followed by snacks, drinks, and a dessert. Unlimited wines and aerated drinks have been facilitated to passengers flying on Business Class and First Class. The response of the customers of KLM has been good regarding the overall food quality served to them.

Entertainment Onboard

Discussing the entertainment facilities on board, KLM Airlines provides many options for the passengers’ enjoyment during their journey. Flyers have mentioned that the airline gave them noise-canceling headphones on being seated. The seats have been built with 14-inch LED touchscreen monitors for Business Class and First Class passengers. Unlimited movie options have been there to watch in many different languages. As has been observed in several Air-France KLM Airlines reviews, magazines were also given for their entertainment. Flyers said that they could also ask for newspapers if they needed. No amenity kits have been provided, but on request, the flyers could ask for them. Passengers seem to be impressed with the Wi-Fi system at KLM. It has been said that the Wi-Fi has been super fast with better connectivity.

Traveler Safety

KLM Airlines’ supervision has been noted by many travelers flying on both domestic and international routes. Looking at different Air-France KLM Airlines reviews about safety, this carrier has been rated 7/7. It has been many decades till now and the Netherlands-based operator has faced no fatal accidents or casualties. The passengers felt utmost secure when flying with it. As it has been seen in various Air-France KLM Airlines international flight reviews, the flyers have faced no difficulties as per the safety of their health and the luggage too.

KLM Airlines Check-in and Boarding

For every type of customer, the check-in facilities at Air-France KLM have been set differently. Not only does the airline provide online and offline check-in but also many agents serve first-time travelers at the airport. The agents help the passengers to print their boarding passes and also assist them in the check-in process. The customers revealed in the Air-France KLM flight reviews that the staff was very helpful in guiding them for every step. The whole process till boarding the flight had been smooth for most travelers flying with KLM Airlines.

Passenger Satisfaction

Moving on to the customer satisfaction at KLM Airlines, it has to be admitted that this carrier initiated the best quality services to its flyers. From delicious meals to early check-in facilities, everything seemed fantastic. Few flyers, though, have said in Air-France KLM Airlines reviews about the entertainment options to have more features. Other than this, the policies of the airline seemed to create no inconvenience for the passengers.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Cleanliness has been as per the expectations of the flyers at Air-France KLM Airlines. The lavatory has been cleaned for safe usage by passengers. Upon every departure, the staff of this airline ensured to clean the whole aircraft and also disinfect it. The seats were wiped with sanitizers to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. KLM Business Class reviews of 2016, 2017, and subsequent years reported that the boarding kiosks were also maintained well.

KLM Airlines Reviews and Ratings

Air-France KLM Airlines has been ranked good for providing the best amenities to its customers. The flyers rated this airline 4 stars for providing affordable ticket options. Concerning the meals reviews, it has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5. Levels of cleanliness, according to the KLM Airlines reviews, have been given 4.7 stars. 4.3 stars are what the airline retains for safety.

In Essence

KLM Airlines is the best carrier for budget-friendly tickets with great modern amenities. If you are someone who is looking to travel internationally at reasonable prices, you can prefer going by it. We are hopeful that traveling by an airline like Air-France KLM would not disappoint you.

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Is KLM Airlines A Good Airline to fly with?

KLM is a certified 4-star airline by Skytrax for its service and quality of products, and the hospitality of cabin staff and ground staff. Also, it offers its customers good food and numerous beverages. Also, it is a certified 4-star covid-19 safe airline in January 2021 survey.

What is the rank of KLM Airlines?

Considering the value KLM Airlines holds due to the heritage of being the world’s oldest airline, KLM Airlines works hard to maintain its reputation and place intact in the aviation world. Let’s see what rank does KLM Airlines holds among the best airlines in the world-

  • As per the record, the JACDEC ranking has placed KLM Airlines in place of the world’s sixth-safest airline.
  • For the onboard products and staff services, and for the quality of its airports, KLM Airlines given a 4- star rating.
  • KLM Airlines is one of the two Dutch Airlines to beg a place in the list of the world’s best airlines. KLM Airlines has been in the list of top-notch airlines for the last three years.
  • Product rating of the airline includes ratings for the food & beverages, amenities, seats, cleanliness, etc. Staff rating covers both the ground and cabin staff.
  • So, keeping in mind the ranking and rating of KLM Airlines, it can concluded that it is quite a commendable airline.

How Safe Is KLM Airlines?

  • Since KLM Airlines ranked the sixth-safest airline worldwide, it can proudly proclaimed that you will be safe while flying with KLM Airlines.
  • KLM Airlines a history of 63 minor incidents, but no passenger injured by the incidents.
  • KLM Airlines has not seen any fatal accident since 1977, and it has improved and tried its best to maintain its current security status.
  • Onboard safety has been following strict safety measures during the pandemics, and no passenger has fallen prey to any disease under the supervision of the airline.
  • KLM Airlines has been maintaining and safeguarding its name even amidst some of the worst times in the history of this world.

Is KLM Airlines low-cost?

Although KLM Airlines the oldest airline in the world and offers some of the best aviation facilities to its customers, it can’t said that it a low-cost airline. So, the answer to the question: is KLM Airlines a low-cost airline would be no.

However, according to some of the KLM Airlines reviews given by a few customers, KLM Airlines seems to be a low-cost airline, but it has not officially given the status of a low-cost airline.

What kind of planes do KLM Airlines use?

KLM Airlines has been operating a fleet of more than a hundred aircraft. Let’s see what the main kind of aircraft have used by KLM Airlines

  • Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft comprise a narrow-body fleet.
  • For long-haul missions, Airbus A330, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner widebody are being used.
  • Featuring the 100th-anniversary markings of KLM Airlines, the first of 8 Boeing 787-10 aircraft of KLM Airlines delivered on 28 June 2019.

What are the different seats on KLM?

There are different kinds of seats offered by KLM Airlines for the comfortable journey of its passengers. KLM Airlines now allows you to book a seat in advance. Let’s see what seat option you get with KLM Airlines

  • Economy Comfort- Economy Comfort in KLM Airlines offers the same seat as in Economy, but you will get extra legroom, and seats would recline more. Economy Comfort seats are located in the first rows of the Economy seats. They are distinguished by a different color of headcover and a small divider between Economy and Economy Comfort seats.
  • Seat with extra legroom– These are just “for example” seats in the exit row. Due to the tray table, seats with extra legroom have reduced width. Some passengers traveling with an infant, baby, or disabled people not allowed to sit in the emergency row.
  • Preferred seat– These seats are in the first rows behind the Economy Comfort. The only benefit of Preferred seats is that they allow a quicker arrival or exit.

Is KLM a part of Star Alliance?

  • Although Star Alliance is now the world’s largest global airline alliance, KLM is not a part of Star Alliance. KLM has never been a part of Star Alliance.
  • KLM is a part of Air France KLM Group, and KLM is also a member of SkyTeam Airline Alliance.

Why should you choose KLM Airlines?

KLM Airlines is the world’s oldest airline. Hence it knows how to work towards making the air journey comfortable for the people.

  • Since it carries a legacy, it will avoid every chance of disappointing the customers.
  • It is the sixth safest airline in the world, so the passengers will be flying safely.
  • That is quite the information you need to know about KLM Airlines. Moreover, from the above discussion, the answer to the question KLM Airlines a good airline, could given in the affirmative.
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