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Lifeboost Coffee Review – Worth To Buy?


Lifeboost is founded by Dr. Charles Livingston – a coffee lover that arouses his passion to build a gourmet brand of coffee. Lifeboost leaves its rivals standing by focusing on its unique quality. All coffee beans are harvested and processed in the best condition to retain the original flavor and caffeine content. You can immerse yourself in the coffee flavor and completely focus on recharging your batteries. Its premium quality in each sip urges you to keep drinking the coffee.

Lifeboost is a luxury coffee brand that provides various types of coffee beans ranging from classic flavor to perfect whole beans. In this article, we aim to give you all Lifeboost coffee reviews according to their most famous coffees.

Most loyal customers comment that they receive the best service and worthy products in return for spending quite much money on buying them. However, do not worry about the price. In some discount programs, the customer even can save up to 50% for the first order. The most outstanding features of this brand name are organic, original, and shade-grown. Moreover, the coffee is very low in acid, which is a great advantage for coffee lovers who have to face sensitive stomach symptoms regularly. In comparison with other coffee brands, Lifeboost is more competitive as it ensures the best condition of flavor and aromas. Not to mention, it is also the best choice for cold brewing.

Its only downside is that this brand name does not focus on the special stylish package. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is expected to release a new design soon. But you will be satisfied with these true flavors for both whole-beans and pre-ground packages.

Lifeboost Coffee


In the Lifeboost coffee reviews, it is obvious that all coffee beans are chosen from Nicaragua Mountains – the area of the center of America which has a tropical climate. The warm condition in these mountains helps to grow the best flavor of the coffee. From our Life boost coffee reviews you know that the company focuses on 100% premium Arabica beans that are grown under non-pesticide procedures.

The certified organic coffee beans are shade-grown. They are also approved by the sustainable Fair Trade certificate. There are no areas to harvest coffee beans but for Nicaragua, and thus customers can enjoy the best original flavor that they are unlikely to have with other competitors. This is to say Lifeboost gives the perfect aroma for Central American coffee lovers.

The founder of this company is a chiropractor; that is why all Lifeboost products concentrate on customers’ health. With this low-acid aspect, the coffee beans are gentle for customers who have stomach problems. Besides, Lifeboost provides a wide range of flavours including Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Caramel Macchiato that are classified into three categories: light, medium and dark roasts. Customers should buy a specific grinder because all of the products are whole coffee beans.


Are you curious about how Lifeboost can produce the best coffee flavor? In the Lifeboost coffee reviews, we will explain the whole procedure from processing the beans to product packing. We also analyze the main products of the gourmet brand name for your preference.

Firstly, you will be surprised to see that from the first stage of the expanded process, all coffee beans are weeded out from mycotoxins. As you may know, mycotoxins are metabolites that are produced by molds (fungi) and can be found in food under bad preservation. They can cause some health problems and serious diseases. According to some Life boost coffee reviews collected, all beans are washed in 100% pure spring water on the mountains. Next, all the coffee beans are protected from being fermented before being put to the wet process. Such a process is called ‘’forced demicuilage’’ by Lifeboost, meaning that fermentation is not allowed in the process.

After being washed, all coffee beans are crushed into fine coffee. Then they are dehydrated in the sun for many days after the coffee covering is removed. In this way, all toxins and mycotoxins are got rid of. The dehydration also offers the coffee a period of resting, enabling the flavours inside to be brought out.

The last final stage of the process is quality control in which Lifeboost manufacturer tests every shipment of coffee under the regulation of the Agriculture Department. Under strict governance, Lifeboost ensures all coffee is non-toxic, so you can roast the beans without worrying about safety.


In the Lifeboost coffee reviews, we have tested many different roasts to pick the favorite flavor.


If you are not a fan of mixed flavor or even you want to make your coffee as simple as possible, standard roasts are good choices. They are divided into three main categories: light, medium, and dark roast.

Light Roast

Light Roast

With light flavors, you can enjoy the tasty milk chocolate. From our Life boost coffee reviews, the light roast is produced under proper temperature to heat all beans completely. This process keeps the caffeine molecules that you can enjoy in each cup.

Medium Roast:

Medium Roast

Medium roast flavors are good for a morning balanced diet. The products are non-GMO and low acid. You also feel the sweet cocoa together with a unique woodsy aroma. This flavor is perfect for coffee lovers who like a rich cup of coffee.

All beans are rigorously selected by hand for the most purity. They are also hand-washed and sun-dried to extract all harmful factors.

Dark Roast:

Dark Roast:

The last main products are dark roast, which provides the deepest flavor. In comparison with other flavors, this type of roasted coffee offers the rich and savory aftertaste. This is our most enjoyable roast because it not only provides best qualities as Light and Medium Roast but also offers the feeling of deeper taste.

Dark Decaf:

From our Lifeboost coffee reviews, Darf Decaf is the robust flavors and perfect for full-bodied in the morning. Thanks to 100% Arabica raw materials, you can enjoy the perfect roasted coffee without the impacts of overwhelming caffeine.


From the list of products in our Lifeboost coffee reviews, you also have a wide range of special delicious roasts. All of them are roast or ground size, which is comfortable for your preference. Here are some Lifeboost coffee reviews under this category:

Midnight Roast Organic Coffee:

Midnight Roast Organic Coffee

From our list Lifeboost coffee reviews, this product line is the healthiest. All beans are processed under specific testing to control the best quality of your finished cup. This type of Lifeboost coffee is a specialty that you have to try.

Espresso Organic Coffee:

Espresso Organic

If you are looking for a balanced finished cup of rounded coffee, espresso organic style is the succulent option. You can feel the undertone of chocolate and caramel together with a light flavor of fruit. Some Lifeboost coffee reviews show that this flavor has a slightly sweet and unique aroma with low acidity.

Biotics Cold Brew:

Biotics Cold Brew

The next special type in our Lifeboost coffee review is Biotics Cold Brew. The coffees are not only low acid but also rich in antioxidants to boost the immune systems that you cannot find in other drinks. You can enjoy the freshest flavor in each sip with additional creamer or sweetener.


The flavored roast is the specialty of Lifeboost Coffee that leaves other flavours standing. While competitors put lower-quality beans in the roasting process to decrease the expense, Lifeboost makes sure the coffee is kept in the best condition and has the highest quality by selecting single-sourced beans. In this way, all batches of roasting always keep the consistent flavor.

Here are some Lifeboost coffee reviews for the flavored roasts:

Caramel Macchiato:

Caramel Macchiato

If you are seeking a drink that comes without calories or sugar for your diet but remains the flavor of coffee, the Caramel Macchiato is the perfect flavored roast you should go for. This type of product is the combination of sweet caramel and vanilla in each premium original bean. Therefore, this is the traditional staple in the special version for coffee lovers.

Peppermint Mocha Coffee:

Peppermint Mocha Coffee:

The next flavor in our list of Lifeboost coffee reviews is the Peppermint Mocha Coffee. This special type provides a minty fresh taste in each sip. You also feel the fusion of creamy and chocolatey mocha.



It will be a pity if we do put Hazelnut flavor in our Lifeboost Coffee Reviews. The coffee beans of hazelnut with rich and creamy flavors are ideal for an afternoon treat.

French Vanilla:

French Vanilla

The last favored roast in our list of Lifeboost Coffee Reviews is French Vanilla. Thanks to the premium coffee beans, you can enjoy the authentic and sophisticated flavor for a long-lasting aftertaste. This premium coffee is not like other cheaper counterparts that always add artificial sweeteners.


You also have two ways to enjoy coffee after reading our Lifeboost Coffee Reviews as follows

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

To make a cup of hot coffee, we use the Chemex Coffee Maker – one of the high-quality brewers with an elegant design. We also grind the whole beans before brewing to make the good taste.

We have been surprised by the result. We immerse ourselves in the attractive aroma when we open the box. After brewing, the medium roast is fine. You can enjoy the rounded flavor right away.

What’s about the dark roast? If you love a chocolate flavor without bitterness, a little bit of Hazelnut coffee is a great combination to maintain the true flavor of the coffee.

One note from our Lifeboost Coffee Reviews: This coffee is the best option for those who are looking for a perfect flavor without creamer or sugar. The coffee itself is smooth and never bitter, so you don’t need to add sugar or other additional sweeteners.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Lifeboost never makes the fan of cold brew disappointed. You will be happy to know that the brewing process even decreases the acidity in the coffee and thus this type of coffee has a lower acid level than a regular flavor. As a result, it is an ideal coffee for your health.

We use our beloved cod brew coffee maker Ovalware RJ3 to brew the medium roast after grinding the beans. The cold brew coffee is ready for enjoying after 18 hours of processing. Finally, the finished product is lightly sweet and delicious.

The Packaging

Lifeboost has a good customer service of packaging and shipping. Coffee beans are well-roasted, packaged in bubble wrap and then delivered to the customers within a few days. In this way, the coffee beans are fully protected

One drawback of packaging is the bag design. This is not elegant and stylish. Sometimes, you can feel inconvenient because the bag does not have a resealable design. Moreover, the package doesn’t include tasting notes inside. Customers should get more information on Lifeboost website if needed.


You can ask for an old-fashioned burlap sack of coffee. One more interesting product of our Lifeboost coffee reviews is the Pacamara Limited Collection. This is the collection of the largest rare beans in the world. You can enjoy the special strong flavor.

The company offers a 30-day money-back warranty. Any problems with the order will be handled and refunded.



  • The coffee is savory and delicious
  • Customers can enjoy decaf coffee or full flavors
  • Less acidic coffee, which is good for those who suffer from acid problems.
  • Lifeboost is reputed for offering a mycotoxin-free coffee.
  • All coffee beans are grown and harvested in the Nicaraguan mountains for the true flavor.
  • Coffee beans are grown in pesticide-free and organic conditions.
  • Great customer service with a 30-day money-back warranty.
  • The coffee is perfect for brewing.


  • This brand name is quite expensive. However, customers will receive many discount offers.
  • The packaging is not very charming. But the manufacturer will release the new design soon
  • Lifeboost Coffee reviews from customers reflect that the coffee do not have many options of origins
  • The coffee bean flavor does not fit cream and sugar well.


By reading until the end of this article, we believe that now you can have an overview of our Lifeboost coffee reviews. We hereby summarize some key points for your preference. First of all, the coffee beans are sourced from tropical land. This brand name has got Fair Trade, organic, and shade-grown certification. You will enjoy the food flavor of low-acid coffee by keeping your health benefits together.

From the Lifeboost coffee reviews, the company is positioned as a gourmet brand, so it’s not for everyone. One more drawback is that the manufacturer does not focus on fashionable packing. You also cannot taste different types of coffee beans all over the world as this brand name just delivers the final products from certified areas.

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