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CodeMonkey Subscription Review

About CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is an award-winning coding program for kids that teaches them to code in real programming languages through games and project-based courses. CodeMonkey is suitable for preschool children, all the way up to grade 8 students. The program can also be used by teachers in a school setting, or at home with parents for virtual learning.

The brand has been celebrated in the news for their revolutionary technology on Common Sense Media, EdSurge, and Hosting Advice, and has won the following awards:

  • Parents’ Choice, Parents’ Choice Award Winner; 2017
  • Moms’ Choice Awards, Top Family-friendly Products; 2018
  • EdTech BREAKTHROUGH, Best Computer Coding Education Solution; 2018
  • SIIA CODIE, Best Computational Thinking Solution; 2019
  • Whatson4kids, Best Educational Online/Digital Program for Kids; 2019
  • EdTEch Review. Skill Development Company of the Year; 2020

This CodeMonkey subscription review will provide a comprehensive view of the program, how the membership works, customer experiences, plus more, to help you decide if this coding service is right for your children.

Code Monkey

Overview of CodeMonkey

In 2014, the company was developed after the founder of CodeMonkey, Jonathan Schor, saw the effectiveness of teaching children code when executed in the proper way.

CodeMonkey’s team of technology, gaming, and pedagogy experts set out to challenge the old ways of learning by designing products that focus on user engagement and experience to make learning fun.

The mission at CodeMonkey is plain and simple: Write Code, Catch Bananas, Save the World. Today, over 10M kids have solved over 50M lessons, with the help of over 75K teachers. If you’re looking for a bit of fun, check out the lyrics to Jonathan Coulton’s CodeMonkey song.

This CodeMonkey subscription review will now fill you in on a summary with key highlights of the brand.

Code Monkey


  • Award-winning courses
  • Taught in 20 different languages
  • Reasonable prices ranging from $5-20 per month
  • Web-based, no download required
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Up to 50% off for longer subscriptions
  • Bulk discounts for district subscriptions
  • Teachers are able to learn code alongside students

Code Monkey

How Does CodeMonkey Work?

The CodeMonkey subscription works for either in-school or at-home learning. The brand offers two different plans for teachers and parents. Both subscription plans can be purchased monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Your plan will auto-renew on your subscription date.

Signing up is easy! There are no products to be shipped, as the program is web-based. As soon as your payment is processed, your school is ready to set-up, or if you’re learning at home, your child can create a profile and get started right away. Since the program is web-based, it eliminates the hassle of downloading the programs.

To use the CodeMonkey app, you’ll first and foremost need access to a computer with a mouse and keyboard. Although their Dodo Does Math and Coding Adventure courses can be accessed on an iPad, the more advanced lessons do require a mouse and keyboard.

Other than that, you’ll need to make sure your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari) is up-to-date, and most importantly, that you have access to a reliable internet connection.

CodeMonkey teaches computational thinking, as well as universal coding concepts like objects, function calls, arguments, loops, variables, arrays, for loops, functional definitions, boolean conditions, until loops, if and if-else conditions, boolean operators, and keyboard and mouse events.

CodeMonkey will set your students, or kids, up for success, by teaching them real coding languages, in a fun setting. This CodeMonkey subscription review will now give you the details of their Teacher Plans and Parent Plans.

Code Monkey

CodeMonkey Teacher Plan Review

The CodeMonkey plan for teachers can be purchased as a Custom School Plan or Custom District Plan. Each plan has the ability to be tailored to the needs of the schools, and always include a Classroom Dashboard, Lesson plans, CodeMonkey Hour of Code Courses, Automatic Grading, Video Tutorials, Easy Roll-Out, Solutions for All exercises, Single Sign-On, and Online Support.

Kindergarten to Grade 8 Course Selections contain resources for students of various ages and skill levels. CodeMonkey coding for kids offers different types of coding based on grade levels:

  • Pre – K&K: Block-based coding
  • Grades 1 & 2: Block-based coding
  • Grades 2 – 4: Math & coding practice
  • Grades 3 – 5: Text-based coding
  • Grades 6 – 8: Game creation courses, Python & Chatbot courses

Depending on the grade you teach, and what your student’s coding experience level is, the CodeMonkey kids coding courses will vary. CodeMonkey recommends the following courses for the following grades and experience levels:

  1. Pre-school – 2nd Grade: If your students have no coding experience, and are just now learning to read and write in English, start with CodeMonkey Jr. or Beaver Achiever.
  2. 3rd – 5th Grade: If your students have no prior coding experience, and are fluent in reading and writing in English, use Coding Adventure, Dodo Does Math, and Game Builder.
  3. 6th – 8th Grade: If your students do have previous coding experience, use Banana Tales, and then Coding Chatbots. However, if your students do not have previous coding experience, start with Coding Adventure.

Code Monkey

Schools that choose the Standard Plan will not be able to transfer students’ individual licenses. For example, if your classroom has 30 students, and each student creates their own profile, those licenses are theirs completely, and cannot be reassigned to other students.

If your school chooses the Flex Plan, you’ll be able to reuse students’ licenses multiple times throughout your subscription period. With the Custom School Plan, an unlimited amount of teachers can create their own personal classroom profiles.

Each teacher will be able to create custom course selections and will have access to student usage reports, and standards alignment to help and guide their students. Teachers also have their own personal account manager and access to professional development courses, as well as custom rollout options.

The Custom District Plan provides access to an unlimited number of teachers, allows for custom course selection, access to student usage reports, and standards alignment. Teachers have their own personal account manager and custom rollout options.

This plan is available for use on multiple campuses, and you’ll receive a bulk discount and onsite professional development courses.

Code Monkey

CodeMonkey Parent Plan Review

There are two different types of plans for parents to use at home. Choose from the Individual Plan or the Family Plan to help introduce or expand their knowledge in the world of coding. These plans can be purchased as either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

Each plan provides access to block-based coding courses, game creation courses, hour of code courses, text-based coding courses, the Game builder, Future releases, Python courses, and the Challenge builder.

You’ll receive online support from CodeMonkey, as well as automatically generated hints and tips within the lessons. Students do not need to have any prior coding experience to begin. CodeMonkey coding games for kids teaches children from a foundational level within the Coding Adventure course.

The Individual Plan will give you access to one child account, alongside one parent account. You will be able to see your child’s progress with the Progress Tracking tool, as well as access to online support.

The Family Plan allows an account for up to three children and one parent. You’ll have access to the Progress Tracking tool for each child, and CodeMonkey’s online support.

Code Monkey

How Much is CodeMonkey?

All of the Teacher plans require a consultation with a CodeMonkey team member. To start this process, click on ‘Get a Quote’ and enter your contact information.

For the Parent Plan, you can choose between Individual or Family. Within those plans, pricing is based on subscription frequency:


  • Monthly $10
  • Quarterly $8
  • Yearly $5


  • Monthly $20
  • Quarterly $15
  • Yearly $10

Code Monkey

Is CodeMonkey Worth It?

CodeMonkey is a wonderful tool for kids to learn code in a fun, low-pressure way. It involves intuitive learning that is easy to understand and requires no previous knowledge of coding. With that said, CodeMonkey for home is only for certain households who have access to the right technology.

In today’s society, most households have a laptop or tablet, but it does not guarantee that the program will be able to operate properly. It’s important to note that it requires a relatively new device to be able to run the program. This particular aspect is the only issue this CodeMonkey subscription review has run into in terms of the program.

There is no question that CodeMonkey works for children, and teachers are able to learn code, too. But be warned, your students may surpass you and you’ll need to stay abreast of how to help them. CodeMonkey is available for a reasonable price and offers discounts for longer or bulk subscription plans.

This CodeMonkey subscription review believes their program is worth the buy for schools, and for households that are able to invest in the tools needed for their children to learn code.

Code Monkey

Sign up for CodeMonkey

Ready for your kids to start coding? Follow the steps below to sign up for CodeMonkey:

  • Visit Codemonkey.com
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner of the web page
  • Choose whether you are a Student, Parent, or Teacher
  • Enter your email, full name, and create a password
  • Agree to the Terms of Service
  • Click ‘Sign Up’

From there, CodeMonkey will provide you with details on how to start your 14-day free trial.

Code Monkey


What is CodeMonkey?

CodeMonkey is a fun, game-based learning platform that teaches children how to code. The app contains foundational level courses, which means that kids do not need to have any prior coding experience.

How do I use CodeMonkey?

To use CodeMonkey, you’ll first need to sign-up. Once you have followed the steps outlined in the Sign Up section, you’ll be given access to their app. You’ll need a computer with a keyboard and mouse, and a reliable internet connection.

What language does CodeMonkey use?

CodeMonkey is available in 20 different languages. To change your language, click on the ‘Languages’ option within your Menu and scroll down until you find your preferred language. This will set the language for your child(ren) or students when they access their CodeMonkey login.

CodeMonkey teaches text-based coding languages in CoffeeScript and Python. When your kids take the Coding Adventure class, the language used is CoffeeScript, which is a variation of JavaScript. JavaScript is easier to read and understand for beginners.

The coding language used in Coding Chatbot and Banada Tales is Python. This coding language brings kids closer to the real world of programming and developing things like websites, apps, and games (like CodeMonkey Unity games).

What is the difference between a Script Kiddie and a CodeMonkey?

This CodeMonkey subscription review found that a ‘Script Kiddie’ is someone who learns using existing computer scripts, or code, created by others in order to hack and damage computers. ‘CodeMonkeys’ are those who know basic computer programming and create programs as instructed by someone else.

How much does CodeMonkey cost?

You can try CodeMonkey free for 14 days. If you would like to continue your subscription, there are a few different options to choose from. Individual plans range from $5-10, and family plans range from $10-20. Discounted plans for schools and districts are provided upon request.

How do I cancel my CodeMonkey subscription?

CodeMonkey subscriptions auto-renew. To cancel your subscription, make sure you do so before your next subscription billing date. If you’re looking to only sign up for 1-month or 3 months, you can cancel your subscription right after you sign up. You’ll still receive access to the app until your next bill date.

To cancel your CodeMonkey subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the Menu icon
  3. Select ‘My Account’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Manage Subscriptions’
  5. If your Billing Plan says that it is ‘Recurring’, under ‘Actions’ click ‘Cancel Subscription’

This CodeMonkey subscription review notes that if you have a Parent Plan, you’ll need to be logged into your parent account. If you decide to cancel, your child’s progress will always be within your account.

If you decide to join again, your child can continue their progress from where they left off. However, if you delete your account, progress is erased.

Code Monkey

What is CodeMonkey’s Return Policy?

CodeMonkey fees are non-refundable. Once you sign up, you will have unlimited access to the app for the duration of your subscription period. This CodeMonkey subscription review notes that if you choose to cancel your subscription, you will still have access to the program until the end of your subscription period.


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