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Webcontinental Reviews

About webcontinental

Founded in 2007, webcontinental is grupo infoar’s e-commerce channel. With 3 distribution centers spread across the country, webcontinental was able to expand its areas of operation with products from different segments, such as home appliances, small appliances, furniture and decoration, smartphones and accessories.

We have a call center by telephone that assists in the clarification of doubts and can be used as an option to purchase our products. Thus, customers who have difficulty dealing with the online system or who want a personalized service can make the purchase in a practical and safe way.

Webcontinental Prodcuts

Air Conditioner LG DUAL Inverter Voice UV Nano

Your search for thermal comfort in your environments is over. LG thinks of every detail and brings you and your family an air conditioner with much more differential facilities that will bring much more comfort to your routine. The new LG Dual Inverter Voice UV NANO Nano is the perfect solution for those looking for high technology and connectivity in a single product.

Air Condicionado Split LG Voice 18000 BTUs

Lg does not stop innovating when it comes to air conditioning, we present to you the new split dual inverter voice air conditioner! Google assistant voice control , new air direction fin, dual filter, copper coil with anti-corrosion goldfin and much more.

Air Condicionado Split LG Dual Inverter Voice ARTCOOL

Your search for thermal comfort in your environments is over. LG thinks of every detail and brings you and your family an air conditioner with much more differential facilities that will bring much more comfort to your routine. The new LG Dual Inverter Voice ARTCOOL UV Nano is the perfect solution for those looking for high technology and connectivity in a single product.

Air Conditioning Split Inverter Philco 9000

Providing the best in thermal comfort for you, philco developed the new split air conditioner with inverter technology , functional and modern, it is the perfect option for those looking for comfort and practicality. With several functions designed to provide a great experience, the air conditioner has sleep, oscillate, timer and automatic operation mode. With the oscillate function, the fins work automatically , providing better air distribution to the environment.

Air Conditioner Split LG Dual Inverter Voice 24000

LG does not stop innovating when it comes to Air Conditioning, we present to you the new Split Dual Inverter Voice Air Conditioner! Google Assistant Voice Control , New Air Direction Fin, Dual Filter, Copper Coil with Anti-corrosion GoldFin and much more.

Refrigerator Electrolux French Door Inox Refrigerator 

The frost free multi door 579l electrolux refrigerator is one of those items that cannot be missed in the most elegant kitchens , as it has several features, high manufacturing standards and superior internal space.

The multi door refrigerator has a hortinatura drawer and fast adapt shelves , storing food in an intelligent and well-distributed way. It’s always healthier, because the food will be at the ideal temperature for its conservation .

That way, you don’t miss out on any of the best foods for your health. This product is totally versatile. Everything to be customized to fit what you prefer .

If you enjoy a drink at the perfect temperature, thedrink express leaves drinks cold and ready for consumption at any time of the day, at the door of the electrolux refrigerator.

And ice twister provides ice to keep your drink paired longer . Consumer, this product has a device that accumulates defrost water!

Washing Machine 13kg Electrolux Essential Care White LED13

We present the new electrolux essential care 13kg washing machine with stainless basket, exclusive jet&clean dispenser and ultra filter (led13). It was specially designed to make your routine at home easier, when taking care of your clothes. Clothes protect us in different situations and also show our personality, so they deserve all the care that the essential care line offers.

The new essential care electrolux washing machine line it was developed with essential functions and exclusive technologies that provide a great result of cleaning and care for clothes, helping with everyday tasks. In addition to enabling the reuse and saving of waterallowing reuse for other purposes, such as washing the floor, thanks to the water reuse function.

The fast cycles washing system, automatically optimizes the time of programs, makes them faster when necessary and maintains the same performance, promoting more care and less wear and tear on clothes . The stainless steel basket, which provides a more modern design and more care for clothes, combined with the self- cleaning function of the basket of the led washing machine13, prevents residues from other washes from accumulating in the basket, promoting a more efficient washing.

Hood Island Gallant Milano Rectangular Inox 90cm GCO90GT1A

Providing sophistication and performance , gallant designed the milano island coifa , with a high standard of design , it is the perfect option to make your kitchen much more charming and robust .

Prepare your favorite recipes without worrying about odors in the air , its high performance prevents odors emitted during food preparation from being spread around the house , keeping the environment pleasant and avoiding grease stains on the walls.

And it doesn’t stop there, the island coifa has a debugger or extractor function , so that it meets all your day-to-day needs.

Note: product developed for residential use.

Planetary Mixer Oster Black 750W Bowl Inox OBAT651

Oster is bringing you the evolution of your kitchen. The planetary bowl inox mixer is a complete equipment, with all the features you need in a planetary mixer.

Sew bowl inox has a capacity of 4 liters and is multifunctional, and can be used as a mold in the freezer and in the oven. It is super stable, as it has ultra-resistant suction cups that maintain stability even when preparing heavy dough. In addition, it has superior power to beat even these heaviest doughs.

Electric Barbecue Grill Infrared and Smokeless

The new Midea Smokeless Electric Barbecue will revolutionize the way you barbecue! With its smokeless technology it is possible to prepare meals indoors without worrying about smoke. It has the aid of infrared lamps that, through their reflectors, collaborate with the rapid cooking of food. Portable and practical, its tray and grill with non-stick coating are dishwasher safe. It has up to 1,660W of power for faster food preparation and two levels of intensity.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner WAP Power Speed ​​Black

Wap presents the power speed ​​2 in 1, the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner on the market with 2000w of power. Combining practicality and agility, this innovative vacuum cleaner offers more suction power with its cyclone technology, which prevents airflow obstruction, optimizing its performance.

It has a 3 liter dust container with dirt level indicator, easy to empty and has no bag. Designed to give you more mobility and reach when cleaning, the power speed ​​2 in 1 vacuum cleaner has a detachable extension handle and an extendable hose. Power plug.



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